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Andrew Bolt's Blog 28/10/15; It's just so hard defending the indefesible; Bolt accuses Fairfax of poor spelling; Stones and glass houses; Bolt reestablishes his love of the church of science; Universities; Fighting in a free world; Invasion panic from the man calling for the invasion of Iraq; Abbott was a liar according to Bolt; Pell for Pope;





The media Abbott haters unleash again

When Andrew Bolt has no logical or reasoned argument he turns to emotional and irrational rants for  an explanations as a foundation for his argument that other than Cory Bernardi's praise Abbott's Margret Thatcher address fell flat.

Yes Tony Abbott gave an underwhelming speech with just a few of the audience politely clapping when it ended. By and large it was regarded as an inappropriate place and time to give it as it was in the main little more than an obvious self ingratiating speech. Abbott was shirt fronting the conservatives of Europe and they weren't impressed.

For anyone to suggest that reporting  two Catholic Priests criticized Abbott's speech is not journalism but hate motivated is ludicrous. Any professional journalist worth his salt would have reported it.

"It’s incredible. Tony Abbott gives an important speech on the asylum seeker crisis engulfing Europe and the media Left go into paroxysms of scorn and hatred.

Very little of the reaction goes to the substance of his speech, which suggests the hatred exists before cause is given."  Obviously quotes from the bible contradicting Abbott's argument is of little consequence to Bolt.

" Just Abbott giving a speech in London drives one Age contributor mad with malice:"

Any paroxysms of scorn and hatred are simply evident in Bolt's reaction. When the issue of double dipping has been discussed  so much recently Bolt now  declares MPs are entitled to seek  extra sources if  they want. Obviously the job of a back bencher is really that serious.

" What a joke of an argument Bolt put's forward without any evidence. All malice and no substance."

Bolt's evidence being "I talked to Tony" That going on the speech circuit is of benefit to the country. That it's not double dipping because staying on the back bench he's sacrificed  his income and  his electorate whether happy or not aren't losing out by him not being there. All this sounds like Bolt is making up excuses for a situation that has been questioned. 

However it's not just Fairfax and the ABC that have been critical of Abbott but News Corp as well and Bolt backs off declaring them as Abbott haters. They are just using him for click bait. However how is it they are using the negative aspects and not the positive? If they are only Churnalising that is reporting what other media have to say why is it all negative?

Bolt seems to be back exhausting himself in trying to make Tony Abbott look what he isn't, believable.


Dalls Scott on his brother

Funny how Bolt can accuse Fairfax of poor proof reading but not himself. Yet another case of poor spelling on Bolt's part which is a regular feature of this professional's work.

By the way Church guided social welfare can also get things wrong Andrew Bolt particularly in cases of systemic poverty which has a tendency to blame those being serviced but being given service. The powerful have no trouble in justifying their actions and even writing history in a want to shine a positive light on themselves. It's why the expression "the pen is mightier than the sword" has such bearing. It's why right wingers can make themselves seem bigger than they are.


A curious omission

Bolt's glass house stone throwing

ABC rewards vandal

Bolt nonsense


Chief Scientist: fracking is safe. But will politicians listen?

" New Chief Scientist Alan Finkel says fracking is safe. Now will the politicians finally listen to the science, or will they keep pandering to populist fears?" The science of Global Warming is according to Bolt a Religion practiced by or in the temples of the IPCC, NASA and NOAA. It's strange when science is actually a method  of enqiry, explanation and information gathering. How can it be two totally different approaches to discovery when faith and science are total opposites. On whose side is Bolt on as no principle seems to be involved.

" We can’t have more of the fear-mongering that causes such panic and stress" Bolt

There seems to be some major act of hypocrisy here when 97% of scientists accept global warming.




Want a “safe space”? Then stay at home. Don’t turn your uni into a nursery

" A university is not a ‘safe space’.  If you need a safe space, leave, go home, hug your teddy & suck your thumb until ready for university."

How is it Andrew Bolt supports this in universities but not in the wider community it just seems it depends on which side your on at the time. British academics announce Israeli universities boycott








These few bombs won’t defeat the Islamic State

" TONY Abbott has warned that special forces soldiers may need to be sent into combat in Syria and Iraq, with an escalation of strategic and tactical air strikes, if the terrorist armies of ISIS are to be defeated…"

The verdict about Abbott's speech to a meeting of Conservatives in the UK was greeted with polite clapping. It was as unimpressive response to an unimpressive performance protecting a legacy that was totally underwhelming to Europeans.Thank god Abbott's not our PM he'd would  be for sending us back to yet another Iraq invasion. Whose sons would he have conscripted to do the job? When push comes to shove Bolt simply refuses to acknowledge that we along with the USA created Islamic State, armed Islamic State and  gave them their reason for being in Iraq in the first place. As they are disenfranchised Sunnis. Having done that we the coalition then assisted them in Syria. Currently we have declared the Syrian government and IS  both our enemies even though they are fighting each other. Bolt shows a significant lack of IQ when  despite the Middle East yes it is a witches brew of complexity where we really have no reliable friends. Our ground intel is extremely limited yet Bolt says  escalation is necessary.Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Yemen Is Bombed by U.S.-Backed Coalition

“Yet as Margaret Thatcher so clearly understood over the Falklands, those that won’t use decisive force, where needed, end up being dictated to by those who will.”

The situation is entirely different to the Falklands It was a war against a clearly identifiable enemy.  Bolt doesn't really acknowledge that or the fact were  wanted in the Falklands. Bolt  offers no strategy other than send in the troops simply because Obama wont and conservatives oppose everything he does. The man is truly a moron because along with increasing the bombing and sending in ground troops he also wants the fleeing Syrian refugees stopped and pushed out of Europe. In the meantime he's also looking for stronger action domestically as well. Policing seems to be his solution to everything.





Of course not

If war was the central media issue of the day you'd see headlines showing police dealing with conscientious objectors, Anti war protests battling patriots in the streets. When long hair first became a fashion people were beaten for having long hair and homophobia was rife. When Islam has recently been declared a world wide threat all sorts of people have crawled out of the wood work. On each of these occasions there'd be a Bolt somewhere in the media disparaging the left for trying to create events that inspired a national division. So course  this man was an Islamist and of course the left leaning authorities are irresponsible for not calling him out as a Muslim. In other words neutrality is too left wing..




Most invasions don’t end peacefully

" The Dutch Freedom Party has also soared to the top of the polls; its leader, Geert Wilders, decries “an invasion threatening our prosperity, our security, our culture and identity”."

" Politicians are mad if they think they can allow their countries to be invaded by hundreds of thousands of people from a very different culture without some of their citizens fighting back - and viciously. They are playing with fire." 

If these statements by Bolt don't exemplify how a threat can be manufactured by a minority for political gain and how that in turn can generate a violent backlash to an event incorrectly described as  "invasion of Europe" then heaven help humanity. Switzerland's panic is that 1.9% of refugees constitutes an 'invasion' that needs defending. Bolt totally understands and is sympathetic to those neo nazis who were caught preparing for war. Bolt's  loving it because he wants violence so he can say "I told you so". However it's coming from the extreme right. When have we seen the Right offer anything to the debate other than a threats.

Tony Abbott is over there also demanding stricter moves and controls and it it results in violence then so be it. He never one to back away from a fight even if he has to start it.




Hoping Turnbull will use his power for good. Hope away

Bolt really is fishing for Turnbull haters but he really has difficulty finding a crowd. What he has found are those that want to legislate hate speech in a society claiming it to be a right and a freedom in any civil society. That hate speech enhances the mental cohesion of our social fabric.



Now he’s a believer

' The ingredients are now in place. They begin with Turnbull’s credentials as a climate change believer, unlike the sceptical Abbott.'

Abbott may have once been a sceptic on Climate change but he certainly wasn't in Government he always said that Climate Change was a legitimate issue but it could be addressed bu Direct Action. So what we have here is Bolt distorting Abbott's position simply to contrast it with Abbott's. In doing that he believes he has a licence to bull shit. Because without emphasizing a difference he has no argument and in truth he has no argument.

The  last line he reveals his hoax which to any reasonable person is obvious. He's calling Abbott a liar. Who out of political necessity hid his scepticism. The ingredients are now in place. They begin with Turnbull’s credentials as a climate change believer, unlike the sceptical Abbott. This Could Be the Worst Climate Crisis in the World Right Now | Mother Jones



Confronting the green Pope

This is little more than an ad for the promotion of an IPA sponsored promotion of coal "The Encylical Letter of Pope Francis Laudato Si “care for our common home” was influenced by atheists, communists and green activists."

Like most conservatives there was once a cry that the reds were under our beds it justified our support of  the brutal slaughter of 1 million Indonesians and our participation in the war in Vietnam. That's a history that remains rarely taught in our schools. That mind set remains with us and provides the justification today of interfering in the Middle East and crying out for an escalation of that war. Why is Tony Blair saying sorry? Bolt really ignores the apology.

 The notion of 3rd world remaining poor because of the demand for coal dropping is as ludicrous as telling us the money spent on war is necessary to protect the poor bad guys and that's more important than feeding them. If the money we spent on war was directed to renewables and food there wouldn't be this need for a manufactured problem or even the need for this book.

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