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Andrew Bolt's Blog,26/10/15; Rowan Dean Spinning Israeli Fiction; Invasinion of Europe is not what Bolt predicted; Bolt has a Grand Mal Seizure; Party donations; Modern China is the nightmare the Right fear;





Some singing is fine by Shia, so why not our anthem, too?

How small minded how petty is Andrew Bolt when he prides himself of having Dutch roots do I have to remind him he's not Dutch but Australian. He has no more  connection to Van Gogh than any other Australian however we allow him his belief because we are Australians. . So why does he need to belittle some primary school just because pays respect to and recognizes the faith of some of it's children. Bolt doesn't deserve to be called an Australian. As an agnostic why doesn't he practice what he preaches and leave religious ceremonies. Why does he allow his children to attend them and why does he bow his head? His hypocrisy isn't that he does these thins it's that he criticizes others for doing them.


Meet the sweet jihadists

Obviously the "sweet jihadists" to Bolt are the right wing Israeli frum Jews who claim the rights to Palestine as god given.  With that predestination and predetermined destiny comes their god given right to kill and colonize lands the rest of the world says they are doing illegally. Bolt & Dean try to persuade us that that's fine because now they're  doing it more slowly than they used to.

Rowan Dean is worse tha Andrew Bolt because he spins his lie with trained intent that the Palestinians and Israelis have been killed in equal numbers. That's at all true.  Dean  tells  us it's the uniformed, cool and balanced action of the Israeli army that's only killing Palestinians in defence of Jews . There's no mention of the frenzied mob that killed an innocent African refugee in a frezied vigilante attack with the call to "get him" and  then beating him to death.  No Dean avoids telling how settlers are taking time out to kill kid then planting evidence to justify murder. That doesn't fit well with his narrative which takes the politics of the situation. Dean is doing it for Israel turning it into a religious war when it's not and never has been. It's so that Dean  can convert the narrative and spin it into the rabid actions of the fictional equivalent of the movie the War Zone. In the War Zone the enemy of Israel were the walking dead. In Dean's rip off the dead  are now the brainwashed kids,  mentally deranged by the zealots of Islam.

 One needs to remember Rowan Dean's professional training and skills. He is one  of  Vance Packard Hidden Persuaders. He's an ad man a snake oil salesman  that spins a yarn to deflect and distort the truth so as to make you not care that people no Palestinian children are being killed and jailed like there's no tomorrow.and Israel is creating laws to justify their right of repression in the name of god. However it's  really only in the interests of  the extreme right wing  who at the moment hold power in the very un-united state of Israel. Dean is  editor of the very right wing conservative mag The Spectator which is a voice far removed from reason as one can possibly get.Analysis: Why Israel wants a religious war over Al-Aqsa 

 Israel ‘using excessive force’ on Palestinian children

 Did Israel plant a knife on a dead Palestinian? –






The invasion of Europe steps up

A few weeks back Bolt forecast refugee numbers to reach 1.5 million the are less than half that forecast. Yet he claims he's not scaremongering. No he's not fools are incapable of doing that as they are recognized for what they are simply fools paid for the privilege.






Column - Chairman Mal marches the Liberals to the Left

Tony Abbott had a  Grand- Mal Seizure after his first budget and what did he do he jumped, no leaped, to the left declaring the deficit disaster done and dusted. It wasn't Malcolm Turnbull who made the move. Turnbull found Abbott moving toward him and it was fine. However the polls didn't reflect Abbott's move to steal the small l Liberal ground. His problem was nobody believed anything he had to say anymore because he won power on calling this country a basket case when nobody believed him. Abbott has a history of stealing political ground and he learned it from Howard.

When Bolt tries to sell  a pig in a poke it's never with facts or numbers because he's simply so poor at it.

" Some conservative Liberal MPs were already worried enough last week to send Turnbull public warnings, and their fears would have been confirmed by his extraordinary interview at the weekend with the Sydney Morning Herald."

"Some" in this case is 3-4 which Bolt likes to refer to as "the party"  He is such a wanker trying to make out he's still somebody of influence. However nobody is listening to him because they know he's on the back-foot a media marshmallow. However the LNP  watch the polls and they have never stopped Abbott made promises that he failed to deliver and Bolt refuses to accept that. Malcolm Turnbull versus the Coalition’s social conservatives 

What Bolt fails to reveal.

 A literacy deficit – Background Briefing





On banning the Greens’ donors

When Liberal MPs fell on their swords and were forced to resign Tony Abbott said it wasn't a case of corruption but the case of a bad law. Had it been the ALP faced with this same dilemma the same comment would not have been heard. In fact the current Royal Commission into the trade unions is an example of  of simple self interest. Libertarians  whether left or right simply don't believe in any form of government interference however do you hear them scotching the commission?  However not everything is private nor should it be when money can buy influence and simply redefine the public interest.






Malcolm Fears neither Debt nor the Conservatives.

Bevis & Butthead, Blair and Bolt head the male rat pack that make up News Corp's team . Neither seem to have any understanding of modern history or it's impact on the world around them. China today has achieved by any human measure the most significant modern miracle of our time. It saved some 800,million people from starvation. Yes whatever number Blair Bolt and Sheridan might come up with more than 45 million would have died if  Mao Zedong not taken the Long March. To suggest otherwise is simply ignorance. So how many of that 45 million would have inevitably died if nothing had happened?

  Just because Turnbull has a  hope and that

"Most profoundly, he wants to change the culture; the culture of government, the culture of politics, the culture of business. Even the way Australia presents itself to the world."

is what leaders do. What was Tony Abbott's dream we will never know other than wanting to shut down any progress. While Australia is no China with over 1 billion people no longer facing a human catastrophe Turnbull's statement is reasonable given  Abbott lead the country into the dark and sucked the enthusiasm out of the place. He changed our culture wherever he could  and even how we presented ourselves to the world.  We sucked! Australia showed a meaner, crueler, less welcoming face to the world and thank heavens Turnbull wants to reverse that. Let's congratulate him.

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