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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 10/12/15; What the top 1% own; Waleed slams Bolt on climate change as does Carl Meares whose graph Bolt always uses; Bolt you can argue for anything but do it with style a whinge is a whinge Andrew Bolt!! Keating asks us to step in Aboriginal Australia's shoos; Some Muslims may be radically active today but it's politics not Islam;




ISIS Showcases Massive Arsenal of American-Made Weapons 

Watch the parade



Richest 1% Now Own Half Of World’s Politicians

top 1 per cent
The wealthiest 1% of the population own as many politicians as the rest of the world combined, a new analysis has found.
The surprising study found that the concentration of ownership of politicians in the hands of an elite few is becoming more pronounced. In 2004 only 45% of politicians were owned by the top 1%.
Social analyst Ronald Denegrave said politicians were often handed down from generation to generation, further widening the gap between the haves and have-nots. “It’s very common to see a politician, or even a whole political party, remain the possession of a wealthy family over a long period of time,” he said. “Once they’re bought, they’re tightly held. It’s very rare that they become available to the general population again”.
He said it was becoming increasingly difficult for up-and-coming businesspeople to break into the politician market. “It’s that old saying, ‘you need money to make a politician and you need a politician to make money’”.
One billionaire said he planned to give away the vast bulk of his politicians before he died.





'Let me nip this in the bud'

Waleed Aly hits out at one of Australia's most prominent climate change sceptics, Andrew Bolt, over his repeated denial of global warming.

  Waleed Aly takes on Andrew Bolt over climate change science on The Project.




Trump Is Devouring The GOP, And Fox News Fed It To Him

 Murdoch Media: Bill Shorten: Tony Abbott is a 'very unusual man'  Is Abbott our Trump and News Corp our Fox News?

US Republican Candidates Divided Over Which Letter To Engrave Muslims With

republican debate muslims
The candidates running for the Republican Presidential nomination are bitterly split over the best way to brand local Muslims, with some insisting on a traditional ‘M’ symbol, while others have put forward more radical suggestions.
Frontrunner Donald Trump, for example, says he will implement a letter ‘A’ engraving system if he is elected President, to denote a Muslim’s alien status. Ben Carson has gone a step further, insisting the letters ‘NLU’ (Not Like Us) be branded clearly on a Muslim’s forehead. Mr Trump later changed his policy to a letter T, for terrorist.
More centrist candidates like Jeb Bush have baulked at the extreme ideas of their colleagues, saying there is no need for a branding system. Mr Bush said a small piece of coloured cloth attached to clothing should suffice.
While some Republican voters are supportive of the idea, others have voiced their opposition, labelling it fiscally irresponsible. “The costs of implementing this would be huge,” one voter said.
Late this morning (US time) debate shifted to whether Muslims should be permitted to attend Republican televised debates, in order to allow candidates to demonstrate their policies.





Bolt: You can disagree and remain civil 

Why is it that Bolt's arguments and in this case his argument about Chris Mitchell always sound like  an offended schoolboy lagging on one of the other boys?  Is he really justifying his reaction as only a personal sleight  and then firing off at the messenger Chris Mitchell and the Australian rather than any subject matter? Say it loudly or quietly Bolt or even in a mellow tone the best you can come up with is  a whinge Bolt. All style no effen meaning.

Journalist Andrew Bolt. 
Surely style is the illusion and tool of propagandists and  hidden persuaders. However without  content or  substance it's meaningless. You can say "this hurts me more than it hurts you" nicely when belting a child but it doesn't mean anything it's still abuse. You can say "I'll put it in a little bit if it hurts I'll take it out" nicely but it's rape nevertheless Andrew Bolt.  All Bolt seems to be arguing for is style and manners and not avoiding the issue of racism. In what world does saying "I blame your Culture" nicely deny the existence of systemic and cultural racism in Australia? That the Social Construction of Reality and the pyschological consequences for individuals is not democratic it colonialism that's gone on for 200++ years. Maybe Andrew Bolt should read Franz Fanon and then look for an appropriate Psychiatrist. What's amazing is the incarceration rates of indigenous people in this country for crimes that are best regarded as white. However Whites don't get jailed for.
Matthew Knott 8:29 PM   Conservative commentator Andrew Bolt says he hopes his participation in an upcoming ABC documentary on Indigenous constitutional recognition will show that people can disagree passionately on controversial issues without yelling or abuse.

Keating says something far more important than Andrew Bolt. Perception and the Australian History our narrative is far better seen and understood through Aboriginal eyes. We just might learn to be a better country for it. "Get your fucking  foot off my neck brother " How many interviews does an Aborigine need to go to before landing a job and on what payscale?
  Paul Keating 9:26 PM   Our identity cannot be separated from that of Aboriginal Australia.

Indigenous incarceration rates are a problem of poverty

In many rural and remote communities there is little opportunity for economic development because of restrictions that prevent people from starting private businesses on communal title land. Sara Hudson 6:17 PM   If we want to keep Indigenous people out of prisons, we must improve their education and employment opportunities.

How Islamic State makes radicals

David Brooks dinkus David Brooks 6:05 PM   Terror organisation doesn't have to meet its potential supporters, they can follow it online and participate remotely.

Murder & Terror are universal if committed by a Muslim however we blame Islam. Then we punish the victims of Murder & Terror refugees. List of assets owned by News Corp - Wikipedia, the free ...




Islam has been hijacked by a radical minority

<p><p/> Kuranda Seyit 12:00 AM   Abbott's comments on Islam are dangerous, more than he realises.

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