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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 10/6/16; Bolt's idea of recovery; Do a body count Bolt then run your argument


Make these politicians tell you the truth about their mad spending

The ultra cons of the past searching for the truth


Like Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey told the truth before their election to government the truth as only ultra -Cons can deliver it. Andrew Bolt how many lies and broken promises did the Abbott government deliver. The one thing we can expect from the main parties in this election is they will not be as bad as Abbott.

" I tried with Mark Latham last night to warn that all the big political parties were luring us over the cliff in this wickedly dishonest election campaign." Bolt makes no comparisons with the campaign Abbott put forward the lies the broken promises and the vilification of Gillard with Abbott standing before Juliar and Ditch the Bitch banners. That was gutter politics served to us by a gutter fighter. Bolt can't possibly make this election less Australian than that one was.. However Bolt and his Sky News crew intend to make this yet another 4 weeks of gross exaggeration and fear mongering just follow the headlines in the Herald Sun and ask yourself whenever has the front page of that paper actually presented anything but fear. Bolt's columns are about immanent threat.  Even when it's not politics it's Australia surrounded by sharks. 

However the man goes home and what drinks top shelf whiskey dreams of art and antique auctions and lives the life of Riley while recycling his dirty laundry of thoughts in a book of fear. It certainly a book not worth buying even at 0.40 cents.

Bolt blames Labor but Gor his reference in fact is referring to the Howard years when Howard had the opportunity to squirrel walnuts away for a rainy day like Norway but didn't. What was left over was spent by Labor by Wayne Swan because of  that rainy day called the GFC and yes Labor saved us from the severe pain the west is still reeling from today.

 "Canada is a useful comparison for Australia because of the reliance on commodity prices and the structure of its financial system. But Canada saved through the boom, Mr Gor argues, where Australia was "irresponsible". The only remedy is to import less stuff or pay-off debt, but that would hit growth."



Jane Garrett for Premier


Goes to show that Bolt merely barracks when there's something to gain for himself or when there a loss to others. He's doesn't care that Jane Garrett still happens to be a leftie she simply disagrees on an issue not an ideology. 

The Hypocrisy of Bolt is if she were Premier he'd be crying "ditch the bitch " No Bolt is just a smart arse calling out his faux support for the state's volunteers. When he however volunteers sweet FA. Even when he recycles old ideas and collates them into a book he doesn't do it freely it's for $$ man for $$. The man wouldn't help a blind woman cross the street. His idea of help is simply for self interest. "what's in it for me" is the culture he supports. So is Bolt about to put his body where his mouth is and join the CFA? He's the sort of personality that would light fires so he could grab some limelight.

How inspiring was Dan Andrews today, a real leader.

“Dying” reef actually growing


The finger nails and hair of dead men grow too Bolt it's not a sign of recovery. There is no Flannery or Aly or any scientist that that would say something as stupid as that Bolt. A melanoma appears as an isolated spot on the body as well only a Bolt would shrug his shoulders if science said it was dangerous and he needed to do something

Not a word on Bolt's selectivity of quoting in this article what was said however was.

 "The most bleaching is actually north of Port Douglas and those reefs will experience probably quite high mortality," 

 "If reefs are not disturbed by anything then they do recover and we have seen that in the southern parts of the GBR [Great Barrier Reef]."

However Bolt does expect, he even demands the reefs to be to be disturbed by the run off from mining sewage and commercial activity. 



A prize for blowing Jews to pieces

  "Another reason to treat the Nobel Peace Prize as a leper’s bell:"

The one thing Bolt never does is a body count of whose who in the zoo. The numbers tell you how many have been killed,  injured,administratively detained. How many of these being children. How many houses destroyed and people forced to live in ghetto conditions and land stolen. How many Israelis have been forced to live as second class citizens in their own country. Christians as well as Palestinians. Bolt supports Israel in stopping being a Democracy and becoming a Jewish state. Christian and Palestinian Israelis will officially become second class citizens


"In his letter, Tutu characterized Barghouti’s actions as fighting “for freedom and peace,” and - even more ironically - hailed the mass-murderer as “an active advocate and defender of democracy and human rights, include women’s rights, and of pluralism, both religious and political, in a region and a world that desperately needs such advocates.”

How would you characterize Netanhayu's or Libermans actions Andrew Bolt saints or sinners having destroyed 1000 Bedouin structures and $74 mill worth of Aid given by the rest of the world a pittance in terms of what Israel receives.Israelis and Palestinians Killed since 9/29/2000 - If Americans Knew


Your next government: no mandate and an even more stroppy Senate

Julia Gillard was able to negotiate 369 Bills through the a hostile Senate. The supreme negotiator Nope Nope Nope Tony Abbott some 100 Bills less 3 Bills short of John Gortons record for the least Bills passed. The problem with Conservatives like Bolt they can't see ruling in any terms but a one party state. Their idea of government is if we win the election we can do what we want for 3 years even rig the next one. Who raised these pricks in their non sharing ways?

Search for Sasha’s camp

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