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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 12/6/16 ; Bolt finds bovver boys funny they also come in suits; Is Bolt going to blame Muslim asylum seekers for this White CWestern Christian male ritual?; Declaration of war we are going to get effen control of the government at any cost; Put people on the dole under the bunsen burner but shush on the 1%ers; Cut the bastard down at any cost;


Tips for Monday, June 13

Rowan Dean is a low life who degrades a friend he asked for help to get him a job Jane Caro. Bolt regards this self interested careerist as his "mate" Spectator editor Rowan Dean rolls to the bottom of offensiveness ...

Bolt and Dean think they are funny ask either of them to tell a joke  to share.


Leak on those without humour


The first thing we know Bolt has often admitted he doesn't understand humor and is very bad at it as a consequence how on earth can he judge those that may? Do we know there is any record of Christ belly laughing? It seems to me Mohommed could well have been a Puritan.  Amish or a member of the Dutch Reform Church humor was purely allowed only in the adoration of god or possibly laughing at the devil. 

Free Speech was a blasphemous concept. Isn't it amazing just how much Bolt an agnostic calls for it though while declaring science to be a blasphemous art akin to religion anti man and the natural order. "Do read it all. And once again we are reminded that those without humor tend to be thugs." Bolt's little bigoted treatise taken from Leak amounts to showing us there is a difference between fundamentalist believers in the Koran and fundamentalists believing in the Bible. Unfortunately he's right those without humor are thugs. Bolt is without it just because he wears a suit doesn't preclude him from being a thug just as much as those raised in Western Christian Culture are seen to behaving today. Christian thugs fighting Christian thugs  no Muslims involved.Police: Approximately 20 dead inside Florida nightclub after mass shooting

Bolt's friends who aren't PC and just tap dance through life on peoples heads. Notice the similarity in the sense of humour along with those smiling soccer enthusiasts in Europe







 Russia and England Fans Clash Repeatedly at European Championships


 Let's see the twist Andrew Bolt puts on this white male christian youth festival. It's an event that can no longer be seen as abnormal.  It makes the incidents Bolt lists of Muslims behaving badly look a relief.  The result of 1 mill Muslim asylum seekers and immigrants welcoming. This is Europe rioting before the formation of the EU it's multiracial and it's now become normal. The scale today just happened to be larger. Is Bolt going to blame white christian macho culture or simply sport. We don't seem to be as nice as he keeps saying we are. Maybe it's his beloved 1%ers that he always holds up as the standard of equality and how we should behave. It seems cultural walls are needed to lock everybody" in "not just, nationally but city wise, suburb wise and every which way that will separate us. The Hunger Games  and it's hierarchy of districts seems to be Bolt's want while his 1%ers derive their fortunes from these Western events.EuroCup soccer fans clash with riot police in Marseille

The Liberals are not serious with their quack cure - or secret plans for cuts

Bolt's blog no! When it comes to work it's his troll's Peter BH. If there's work to be done Andrew has Bolted. Bolt is on Peter BH's teat. Go troll find the things to nit pick and bring Turnbull down  sic 'im. " Isn't Turnbull like Tony?

"But this means the Liberals are not asking for a mandate for changes, either, which will make them seem sneaky after the election - and will give a hostile Senate good reason to savage them." Bolt?

It doesn't take a savant to know the Delcon's plan to bring another PM down. Fascism doesn't just go way the unity of the IPA plan still needs to be achieved. Corporate government has just had a set back.

"True, Turnbull will count a win as a win, and power will be his ultimate reward. But I wonder how much he will enjoy the next three years, and how quickly his party will lose patience with him."

" In this scenario, Turnbull would be stuck in survival mode. His top priorities would be holding on to his job and keeping his party together. That’s not a recipe for a bold, innovative government – it’s a recipe for inertia. 

They do intend to F**k us over yet again the ultra-cons are prepared to bring down the house



Green loose with dole truth


Obviously being on the dole is relevant. Getting Corporate welfare is not and claiming $10,000 in cabcharges and calling it a national security issue to reveal their use is also not relevant. Getting $60,000 in a secret scholarship for which nobody competed is also irrelevant. Being on a teat and a tax payer teat is not where Bolt should really want to go. The 1% ers would much rather that source of milk be kept well hidden.

The Greens are right the Libs are in as much competition with the ALP as are Woolworths in competition Coles. They are a duopoly trying to lock out Aldi. Principles are out the window their preferences going to ALP. Parties both dependant on corporate donars who the claim they are  mortal enemies. Frydenberg and Husic Pine and Albo they are all mates in the one industry whose focus is no longer to do much other than keep their jobs.

 The ultra- conservatives  are advising their supporters to vote for independents rather than for a Liberals that supported Turnbull. The John Stone or IPA strategy of revenge  rather than a team vote is preferred. They want Turnbull to win by the smallest margin or lose in preference to a landslide. Andrew Bolt is their official clarion or crier their media announcer and supporter of the great double cross.

 Is the Coalition seriously the government we all want, no need? One that doesn't even looks like a team? Any wonder this country is being held back from any genuine progress.  How the Liberal Party and Labor Party steal from taxpayers and launder the money | Kangaroo Court of Australia





The real story of battler Turnbull’s hard-luck childhood

 Image result for Images of cutting tall poppies

When liars call liars liars what are we expected to believe? Turn on the lights for for heaven sake even Turnbull didn't write the ad. Remember the guy in red speedos always on a bike if that was the truth why did we vote for a jerk mimicking Putin?

" Bruce’s hotel business really hit its straps and by 1970, when Malcolm was in Year 10, he had bought a luxurious three-bedroom apartment in Point Piper —"

The man was 42 and Turnbull was 15 and yes his father was a "small business" man. What are these media scum attempting to do?? It's certainly not Australian and Tony Abbott learnt that style of reporting years ago when he worked for the Australian right and media extension of the IPA. Here we definitely see envy politics at play. Wealthwise Turnbull elder was successful in his later years however he was no corporate giant Peter B H the troll and Bolt make him out to be. You wont see this tall poppy put down on Sky.

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