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Turnbull to put the Greens last


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" Good - because politics in the end must be about the contest of ideas, and a sense of which are too reckless or immoral to give oxygen:"Bolt

So Bolt's preferences go to Islamophobia, Racism , Genderism, Anti -Science, war etc all ideas he believes need oxygen. 





Shorten promises yet more borrowed billions - but finally backs off that fake Gillard promise


Remember when Tony Abbott promised "No Health Cuts"  to the nation before his election. That was a cute move as far as Bolt is concerned but it's one we can't talk about. He spent the money on Flags, Uniforms, Monuments, Wars , Detention, National Security, Submarines, Pollution, a Frankenstein patchwork NBN etc. Then he proceeded to cut Health , Education, Social Services and the ABC all of which were broken promises. Labor has clearly said it intended to yes fix the economy over a longer period of time than the LNP in order not to cause as much pain. Unlike the LNP that wants to gouge cut and amputate rather than heal the economy. The world runs in economic cycles and so do governments there is no deadline ending or Armageddon that the Conservatives threaten unless of course your in a rush and need to make people pay. The US bankrolled the banks who caused the GFC and made to average American pay now 40% are on or below the poverty line worse off than they were last century.



Labor losing

Obviously Bolt is scratching for ratings and advertising "
Peta Credlin will be one of my guests on The Bolt Report on Sky News Live tomorrow at 7pm." Will I be watching" nope nope nope"

 So Labor is losing then so are the Conservatives Fiona Scott is beating ex Liberal Conservative turned Independent "what's his name" the  preferred  Bolt and Abbott candidate. How's Sophie doing?

So if the Liberals win " As I’ve said for a couple of weeks, the Liberals will win - but without a mandate for change or a Senate they control." That's no election I've ever heard of. The winner is the loser and the mandate will stay with who, Abbott of course. Nothing to do with Turnbull being shackled with the weight of Abbott's policies that have been holding him down.

 As for the Senate the Coalition keep blaming the Senate for it's inability to pass Bills and rule the country. Yet Gillard broke records in passing Bills almost 100 more than Abbott in the same 2 year period. He almost broke John Gorton's record for the least passed. He was pipped by 3. What this actually shows is Abbott wasn't aand still isn't a negotiator he ruled by threat and took the economy to the edge when he actually declared it was repaired. He was simply playing chicken and trying to force the Senate to capitulate. That was his preferred style and his tool fear bordering on the fascism learned from Bob Santa Maria over 22 years of mentoring, remember" nope nope nope."The facets of Australian fascism: the Abbott Government experiment (Part 10) – » The Australian Independent Media Network

 The facets of Australian fascism: the Abbott Government experiment (Part 6) – » The Australian Independent Media Network


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