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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 16/6/16 ; Why it's clear Andrew Bolt needs to be stopped now!!; Andrew Bolt justifies to us why his whole family are as guilty as he is; Bolt Ignores the real issue of Constitutional recognition is to get rid of the racist clauses


Turnbull dines with pet Muslims


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Have you ever seen the greatest expression of sour grapes from any one? Are you surprised however that it's coming from Andrew Bolt and directed at the Prime Minister and Australia's gold Logie winner Waleed Aly. Could you find a more un-Australian personality than Andrew Bolt.  I fully understand why you will never run into Andrew Bolt in public without security. Why he always appears somewhat uncomfortable. However I really don't understand the foundation on which his lack of personality is built. 

"This seating arrangement is designed not to present Islam as it really is in Australia but as Turnbull would like us to believe. And it is designed above all to add lustre to Turnbull himself." Bolt

This seating arrangement is what Islam in Australia really is it's not by any means the arrangement Andrew Bolt would have us believe it is. No it's not meant to add lustre to Turnbull it is meant to add lustre and remind us what Australia isn't a bigoted and Xenophobic nation that has no underlying respect for it's neighbors and lives in a permanent state of isolated fear. With each day passing Bolt tells us  and proves to us what it is we should never become.

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 June 16

" Turnbull after the election will be in trouble, but not from Abbott."Bolt

Apparently the revenge voting strategy of IPA senior member John Stone and promoted by Bolt on behalf of the Del-Cons whose leader is Tony Abbott is  a bundle   of enthusiastic support for Malcolm Turnbull.


“Capital punishment for homosexuals.” Why is this sheikh still preaching here?

If Bolt believes in Free Speech why is Bolt advocating that a legal precedent needs to be set to remove this Australian, this scholar from Australia? Bolt is a dual citizen that's actually been convicted of under the RDA. Convicted not for a civil matter but a criminal one why is Bolt still here and why has he still got a job in media? The Sheik is teaching the Koran. There are Christians preaching the bible and there are non Christians teaching it.  They would come to the same conclusions as the Sheik in doing so. Fundamentalist Rabbis would draw the same conclusion from the Old Testament which is regarded as much a Holy book as the Koran  that Bolt out of his own convenience ignores. There are many teachers of theology in many contexts as there are teachers of Marx, Mao, and Mein Kumph. The difference is when Bolt finds anyone teaching what he disagrees with he demands them sacked and not just debated. Bolt is fundamentally a closed minded book burner more than he is a free speech and ideas man.

 So why is  Bolt whose guilty of Racial Vilification allowed to stay here?  He no doubt has a Dutch passport. Christians, and Jews all if teaching their bibles were as  as closely watched as anti- Muslimist  Bolt  demands then most us Australians would according to Bolt need be asked to leave the country.  Bolt is an advocate of the dobbers box on every corner. The problem is his name would raise the most complaints.This man is Australia's great divider , the ugly Australian who in less conservative times without the support of News Corp and the slag rag passed off as news would find he hasn't a voice.  Even now he is a voice searching  for a minority of frightened Aussies who believe they have a need to vote for those who will take us to war. Why because they believe they are born to rule with a rod. Fortunately they remain a minority but with a loud and paid for voice.




Column - Shorten proves reconciliation movement a con


When do you ever hear Bolt addressing the blatant racist clauses in our Constitution? When has he ever really made mention of them? They are currently supporting Aparthied laws  

" Section 51(xxvi) of the Australian Constitution, commonly called 'the race power', is the subsection of Section 51 of the Australian Constitution granting the Australian Commonwealth, the power to make special laws for people of any race."

" In a report delivered to the Australian prime minister on 19 January 2012, it was recommended that a referendum be held for the repeal of s 51(xxvi), to be replaced by s 51A (which empowers the Commonwealth to make laws for Indigenous Australians, but also recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as Australia's first peoples) and s 116A (which prohibits racially discriminatory legislation or the making of laws under s51A that are not for the benefit of Indigenous peoples).[3] The report also proposed the insertion of a new s 51A which would permit the Parliament to make laws "with respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples".

What's never really discussed is the Constitution and Treaties aren't mutually exclusive the Constitution is a document that should protect and recognize our laws . Treaties are legal documents and agreements protected by the Constitution. So constitutional recognition is really a waste of time and both Aborigines and Bolt agree. However what Bolt shuts up about are the real changes required to even reach his goals and it's those changes he simply ignores.

Australia remains the only settler nation that still has 1) a racist Constitution and 2 ) no Treaty between it's first peoples.  That's two points Bolt fails to mention when he claims we should be all treated equally yet he's currently banging his drum to rid the nation of the Saudi ambassador for basically reasons of his countries laws. 

What Bolt doesn't want is a Constitution that protects treaties




What is the difference between a radical feminist and an Islamist?



How formulaic can one get any form of radicalism that demands social change rather than meer social engineering that can be turned into an anti- conservative rant is useful for political noise. Bolt has only one  fundamental "ism" to protect and that's Capitalism backed by Conservatism of thought and social structures that must be politically defended at all costs. Any other "isms" that threaten the status quo need to be stopped in their tracks or used as an excuse to defend Capitalism and the drive to Corporate government.

 So Feminism needs to be resisted because by it's very nature it demands equality. Equality fundamentally changes the social structures that enabled Capitalism to thrive and exist today.  Private property and inheritance are threatened by any radical change to our social and even sexual relationships.  Heaven help Bolt his wife could leave him and take half his Capital but not only that his job as well. Women as free agents not dependent and equal players in the market place currently dominated by men would be a real threat. She would be a true competitor on an equal playing field of the petite bourgeoisie.  In Bolt's case it's that self deluding class who believe they are something more than they are because they have a Tiffany lamp on their desks.

Bolt's anti- Islamic bent is largely a political smoke screen to divide Australia using 3% of the population to divide, distract the other 97%. It also draws attention away from the fact that what most Australians have in common their working class position and the concommitant widening inequality gap. Bolt's demeaning and degrading of Islam the religion of 1.6 billion people is an attention grabbing distortion. If there were no Muslims in Australia Bolt would simply find another Australian minority to use  as a divisive political tool. Feminism, Unionism etc

  So Bolt seems to highly approve of images of scantily dressed women all over our city. It seems to please him. If 50% of our population males approve why not. If it helps young girls in early development be more self conscious of their body image then that's not importatnt. It forces women to buy product that they feel men would like  Our social and psychological well being is is a priority over and above just that of men Mr Bolt and you don't seem to care to listen to the voice of women. Like you don't listen to the voices of anyone other than yourself and the minority of like minded  conservatives you support. This has been something that's been debated in Australia far longer than 2003 when extreme Islam came to the fore. In the 80s and 90s we didn't make as much of an issue as Bolt is making of it now but Feminism and women's self -image was.

"The London Mayor echoed these sentiments. He said in a statement: “As the father of two teenage girls, I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies. It is high time it came to an end.” Sadiq Khan

That is the practical voice of a father talking not just a Muslim.  The voice of a man listening to all women not just Muslims.  Andrew Bolt  and Paul his reference simply seem to be the tin earred gang bangers, the  Bevis and Buttheads wanting women  everywhere to be public Playboy images. Maybe these two need to find out what women think for a change and maybe ask why they seem extremely dissatisfied in their personal relationships with the women they do or don't live with.  


The first priority is what’s in their heads, not their hands


"In response to the Orlando murders, the Left would rather talk gun control than Islamism - and that means they’re just whistling in the wind:" Bolt
There has been nearly 1000 mass-shootings in the US in the past 2.5 years a multiracial and multicultural society. Only when Muslims are involved does Andrew Bolt pose this question. A very stupid one because he never waits for the investigation to even begin before he knows the answers. The fact is in a multiracial and multicultural country crime and even mass shootings of 4 or more victims can be expected to be both multiracial and multicultural. What is unique is 42% of the  worlds guns are in the hands of 4.4% ot he worlds population and conservatives want to ignore that when 5000 people have been killed or injured in 2.5 years. " the US had 29.7 firearm homicides per 1 million people in 2012, whereas Switzerland had 7.7, Canada had 5.1, and Germany had 1.9.
Why is Bolt a plagiarist and not a thinker? Conservatives are if anything predictable " When a mass shooting happens, conservatives viciously attack the left for calling for more gun control."
" Barely a few hours after the Orlando massacre, conservative website Red State put out an article which snidely began with “It never fails. The collective stupidity of the left is never more apparent than when there is some kind of violent tragedy that takes place on US soil, particularly when it involves guns.”
Here is Bolt mimicking the same old same old.  He then draws attention to the fact that France also multiracial and cultural has had 12 attacks in 4 years and hundreds murdered compared to the US which has 5 times the population and has had 1000 attacks in 2.5 years and 1000s murdered.  There is more difference than anything common between Orlando an France and Bolt prefers to ignore it. That's "straight hate"brought on by American Culture. Does Bolt as conservative as he is want to encourage suicide contagion in our community. It would seem he does providing Mateen with all the publicity he can give him for all the wrong reasons.

Column - Kick out these Ambassadors to send a signal on Orlando


Bolt is little more than a tent preacher dressed in a suit. He's a right wing fire brand suffering tunnel vision. No matter how often he wags is finger possibly like his father teacher to make his point he's little more than a mix of Donald Trump and Elmer Gantry. Both were con men. Both preach messages of Armageddon. In groups these men are little more than the KKK or the Australian UPF .

The fact is there have been 998 mass shootings in the US in 912 days 1,105 murders and 3,929 injuries "These numbers come from the Gun Violence Archive, an online database that has been tracking this data since 2013, marking each time four or more people (not counting the shooter) were shot at the same time and location. These astronomically high numbers may actually be too low, " These were not all committed by Muslims. Guess what Bolt crime in a multiracial and ethnic country is multiracial and ethnic too.  Some  LBGTIs have been killed according to the UNHRC 569 only last year in 65 different countries not just the 7 Islamic countries Bolt loves to point out. None in Suadi Arabia in the past 14 years.  Top 7 ways to tell if Someone is lying about being a ‘Salafi Jihadi’


" The United States possesses 42% of the entire world’s civilian-owned guns even though we only comprise around 4.4% of the world’s population."

 These facts alone prove the idiocy and the politics fear that conservatives use in their selective explanations of violent death or crime in our community. The determination to drive and divide us politically by the use of Islamophobia was posed by Scott Morrison to the Cronulla branch of the Liberal party after he saw how effective the Right -Wing media 2GB was in inciting not only the riots in Cronulla but the political divide that favored the Liberals. Andrew Bolt has just picked up that baton and run with it ever since when it was said it was too much for the Liberal Party to do so openly. However when all said and done it's been used since John Howard stole Pauline Hanson's thunder and it was aggressive to the point Tony Abbott had her thrown in jail.



So not quite a lone wolf

So can Bolt's whole family be blamed and attacked for his insanity? It seems Andrew Bolt thinks so.

Orlando shooting: Was gunman Omar Mateen a political extremist or repressed gay man?

Why Bolt misses the point by a country mile

 Top 7 ways to tell if Someone is lying about being a ‘Salafi Jihadi’

What Bolt ignores is Mass shootings in the US in the last 2-5 years

 Pulse Nightclub Massacre Marks Nearly 1,000 Mass Shootings since Sandy Hook



Bolt is not a commentator and he's worse than a vigilante simply vigilante's are more private in their bigoted and directed attacks. They prefer anonymity. Bolt  will never admit to being off the mark in his attack on Islam because of Man Haron Monis. Currently in a coroners hearing what's coming to light is the fact that Monis was psychiatrically ill and simply wanted fame. He wasn't the ISIS driven terrorist nor extreme Muslim Andrew Bolt made him out to be. In fact Bolt's constant publicizing of anti- Islam rhetoric draws attention to those wanting to make personal statements with little or no knowledge of what they are claiming to be. Haron Man Monis wasn't even carrying the correct ISIS flag. Bolt however used him and you will never hear an admission that he was wrong.

The same tactic of this anti -Islam propagandist is now being applied to Omar Mateen. Mateen had been attending Pulse for 3 years Bolt claims he was "scouting" the club out. He didn't need to "scout it out. He was a frequent user of gay dating apps and everyone that knew him saw him as a very conflicted person with serious issues of anger management and self identity. Bolt knows that it's in his paper the Herald Sun. However like Man Haron Monis none of this suits Bolt's political and anti-Islam agenda. Bolt the propagandist and would be vigilante chooses to ignore 90% of the evidence that points to Mateen being a very disturbed loner and self hating gay and once again pushes his Islamophobic rhetoric simply for political advantage.  Mateen wasn't religious he was violent and yes he ran off at the mouth. The FBI regarded as the gold standard of policing in the US saw him as little more than Man Haron Monis. Bolt in fact promotes and encourages the violent, mentally disturbed and suicidal to perform death by cop. He is a champion of an uncivilized world.


The 50 controls Daniel Andrews has given a hard-Left union over CFA volunteers

Do Not Professionalize the CFA is the Political Cry of Conservatives. When you Don't need to Pay Dad's Army. The CFA are the States biggest Fire Lighters . What reasons are there not to move forward with a better CFA?  Does Bolt want the Boy Scouts to be raised to the rank of Reservists? Now that Hastie has been sacked?



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