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I'm a  White male with Christian values. I have a high income to enjoy the trappings of the affluent middle class but not as high as I'd like. I'm a suit, and white collar employee and a small time capitalist with big time capitalist dreams. I'm Andrew Bolt

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" Look, I can’t help myself and must just say this: All this would be avoided - legal action, too - if we simply treated each other as individuals, race irrelevant. Bizarrely, though, to argue for non-racism is now denounced as racist. "

Bolt hates victims Aboriginals Muslims Women but poor Andrew is claiming just that. He is a victim even though he holds a broadcasters trumpet and white middle class privilege. He claims people should be treated equally but that's what the disadvantage are asking for too. However that doesn't preclude a need for positive discrimination when the reality is people aren't treated equally and Bolt says he's evidence of that. However there is no such thing as reverse racism.

However as has been argued time and time again Money is made available for Indigenous youth but why is it so badly managed generally by non Aboriginal people by people that are incompetent financial managers and  who attract scammers like ants to honey. Those scammers aren't in the main indigenous managers

 Dallas Scott  Bolt's favourite black blogger was admired and supported by Bolt only this month when he described Aboriginal industry as it applied to Lake Tyers. The only people to profit were those holding the purse strings. Who in the case of Lake Tyers weren't indigenous. Bolt in that blog totally agreed with Dallas Scott.  Now Bolt has done a 180 degree turn and is the claiming the  reverse of what Scott said. Bolt's notion of equality makes no room for equal opportunity.



The difference between Abbott and Labor is two years … and counting


 " Why portray Abbott then as stupid, panicky and ruel, but hail Labor now as responsible?"


Abbott and Hockey said "We have fixed the Economy "and then continued spending. None of that is mentioned here. Why Bolt asks didn't we trust Abbott who the moment he became PM revealed he was a liar. No cuts to Education, No cuts to the ABC ,No Cuts to Health suddenly became cuts cuts and cuts. Why should a country trust a man that lied so outrageously. When he lost power he said sorry to his party and to us but was known to be lying. Yes he was sorry for screwing it up and is sorry now but only for himself. We all know he's scheming now as much as he did then it's his nature schooled in the mold of another wrecker and fascist Bob Santa Maria.

Abbott simply went on a spending spree and it's what he intended to do. Take us to the edge in order to punish and save us at the same time. Why else did he raise the debt ceiling to $500 bill because he was going to be cautious? He even recently said sorry for that too.  He was simply trying to force the opposition to do what then wasn't necessary. He wouldn't negotiate he wanted a forced surrender. Abbott went to the election with  chicken little slogans of doom and didn't want to say he was lying. In the end what was it he said "we have fixed the economy"

"Once again, we see that the difference between a conservative and the Left is time. Two years, in this case. But meanwhile Abbott is punished for having been right too soon - or, rather, for being right too late, but still not as late as Labor and the media pack."

The difference in reality was that under Julia Gillard all most 100 Bills were passed more than Abbott who almost broke the record for the least passed  by John Gorton. Abbott with his nope nope nope negotiation style was an f*wit and he proved it.

So to repeat Abbott admitted to lying before the election and said sorry. After his first budget he and Hockey said there was no economic crisis and the budget was fixed. So Bolt's lying when asking " " Why portray Abbott then as stupid, panicky and ruel, but hail Labor now as responsible?" because he knows that's exactly what he was a stupid panicky liar.



Scott scorned

Can we expect more from ultra- cons. Bolt thinks these independents running are a standard joke that merely hamper the political process except when they follow the John Stone strategy. Hypocrisy runs strong among the ultra-con  media class and used car sales men. I actually believe used car salesmen are far more trusted.


Who let them in?


Bolt searches for crime in a multiracial country and is shocked to find it's multiracial . Drunk and disorderly is multiracial it's not because of race. Police are intelligent to treat it as such as do Bolt's political class. 

However Bolt runs his private ultra-racist and anti- migrant list trying to suggest that being African, Muslim or refugee increases the probability of crime.

What doesn't appear on his list are the crimes of white christian Australians who are pure of heart and spirit. If only the where a moratorium on migration crime in Australia would be reduced

Crimes that don't make Bolt's multiracial  list

Wild brothers committed to trial on charges of raping 14-year-old in Geelong

   Indigenous woman hit with baseball bat in 'cowardly' attack | Australia news | The Guardian


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