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Andrew Bolt's Blog,13/6/16; Government + Corporate Power = Fascism; SEX and what Bolt thinks needs government control. Straight Terrorism and Muslim fear is Andrew Bolt's pot of opportunistic gold , Bolt prefers the total privatisation of the Arts looking backwards; Trainers as opposed to problem solvers; Bolt does decide and uses his access to a megaphone to tell us; Humour when you've run out of Argument; When did Christ belly laugh? Leak is a Leak from yesterday repeated; Bolt's jock mock of a woman when he's stumped;


On air tonight - the truth about the Islamist slaughter of 50 gay men


The sick banner of a sick individual representing a sick media corporation and a sick political point of view. The union of the IPA trying to mate with a conservative government, all of which Mussolini defined as Fascism now termed corporate government.




Islamic State supporter slaughters 50 gays

Donald Trump "This is just the beginning" a prediction that's just politically opportunistic and Bolt and the right wing thrive on the prediction of threat.




Muslims are only an abstraction to Bolt a  stereotype built for a political advantage as are LGBITIs they aren't complex individual Australians like you an I , oops no I'm just a leftie and a 1%er. Bolt is either ignorant or just what we have always said he was a paid spokesman for the IPA and a Conservative town crier who ignores  the fact that the young are strongly influenced by how they perceive the world thinks of them. Aristotle said give me a child until 7 and I'll show you the man. Bolt was  very much a Dutch mother's boy in an alien country who never really felt Australian and he isn't. I came here when I was 3 and I know I'm an Australian  of Euro heritage. Bolt needs to read Erving Goffman and possibly the Chicago school of of Social Psychology but we can predict he won't because he'd possibly learn too much about himself.

How predictable is Andrew Bolt. He believes and supports any ISIS statements over an above those from  the FBI who knew Omar Matten the shooter and who have stated they have no reason to believe Matten had any connection with ISIS but are investigating the circumstances.  His parents merely said they didn't believe he was radicalized but was homophobic. What we do know is Bolt is crowing like Donald Trump to prove he's the 'greatest' of predictors. They are the epitome of media and political opportunism wrapped in one. If you predict that there will be a mass shooting in America in the next 6 months what are the odds of being  right given the country's gun laws. If you predict a Muslim will be involved your odds are lengthened. If nothing happens nothing is lost however if something does happen you've hit pay dirt and that is the pure and simple logic that Trump, Bolt and others like Fox News use, apply and why they are opportunistic bottom feeders.

What we do know we've witnessed  'Straight Hate' and Straight Terrorism' Every  LGBTI around the globe feels terrorized by this event and it's the way they have been made to feel for 1000s of years .Straight terrorism . Does Bolt sympathize with them, not in the least. He doesn't even bother to see if the world media provided them with space to comment as loudly as he does. We also know American and Australian Muslims feel more existentially threatened than white Americans and Australians  in circumstances like this. Straights and white Christians far more easily disengage from a crime like this. When comitted by their " kind " because they don't live in a hetro sexual-phobic  environment nor are the blamed as a class as are Muslims.  This wasn't however always the case back in the 50s and 60s Catholics and Jews were certainly singled out and again by the conservatives. 

The WASPs  aren't confronted by the homophobic Bolt's of this world  who are ready to make political mileage of  moments like this.When is a mass shooting more than a mass shooting? 

If Bolt did a body count  of collateral damage done to Muslim families by Western terror the difference would be in the millions the numbers dead and injured since 2003. . But it's not Bolt's job to draw attention to those facts and that reality but to deflect attention away from those numbers and that analysis. It's why he and Trump are turning this event into a celebration of themselves and the easy odds of "I told you so".

Bolt accuses LGBTIs  who were  attacked of being politically inadequate and piss weak. He has never minded kicking  victims in their most tragic moments. He does the same to Muslims. It's Bolt's eulogy to the dead which sounds more like good riddance  you deserved it than good god. There is no mourning on his part or mention that one LGBTI has been murdered every 2 days since 2008. In fact does he even know that's a fact  not really he doesn't care. 

Bolt takes the Fox News line of don't blame it on lack of gun control in the USA.  The guy would have found another path to mayhem and blown the place up. The man was a born American who worked for G4S the same company we employ to keep us and our money Abbott safe. It's one of the globes largest security firms that vets all it's staff and supposedly trains them stringently. It protects our government. What Bolt ignores is the media attention he and conservative media so loudly give to anti- Safe schools, anti- Same sex marriage, anti- multiculturalism have on the psyche's of the mentally ill. The atmosphere of fear  and disaster invented for their political advantage in the MSM can have unintended consequences but they are the very consequences ISIS hope for. Bolt is an ISIS little helper. Who also is crying for the legislation of hate- speech.

  Orlando shooting: Donald Trump says he was right about 'radical Islamic terrorism' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

  Omar Mateen: Orlando gay night club gunman worked for global security firm G4S 

 U.S. Official: No Evidence Of Direct Islamic State Link To Orlando Shooting

 Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen was known to FBI, agent says 

 Propaganda and Islam: What you're not Being Told



The broke barbarians


Is Bolt doing anywork? The man is repeating blogs he posted when George Brandis took over the purse strings of the Art Council of Australia. When they and I'm including Bolt, Blair and Brandis all believed they were the art experts of Australia and here Bolt is again telling us that art is not an experimental activity that's there to challenge us. It's the tried and true form proved in the commercial arena of the secondary market. That's where art is tried tested and judged. All art is according to Bolt pedestrian until tested in front of $$$. Consequently any art grants are unnecessary because the money might just flow to people Bolt simply doesn't like. So Bolt is our superior in morals, art ideology just simply superior.



Column - How warming extremists rule our universities

How Bolt is incapable of using the term Scientists whose discipline is based on strict peer-review and who in their field there is 97% agreement that the research done shows man made Climate Change is a fact.  That the 3% that disagree tend to be the tail trying to wag the dog. Bolt has to call them "warming extremists" However the term might have relevance if they weren't the world majority of  scientists. It's akin to calling all Christians extremists all Muslims extremists  and simply making the term irrelevant. Sorry Bolt rational thought rules our universities. Unlike you the over riding thought in ou universities is if you give a man fish you will have fed him for a day but teach him to fish and he's fed for life. Universities only teach one thing and that is to learn how to learn and the core of that is to question and evaluate everything and that's a rule far too dangerous for you to accept. It's try you failed.




Don’t let others decide what you may not hear

Get a louder voice like mine says Bolt

So Bolt is anti- censorship and parenting. Should we call Social Welfare and steal his children. He has said it's necessary as far as the indigenous are concerned because children should not be socialized in a poor culture. They should be allowed to decide what they want. When Is a child no longer a child Bolt and be as free as you seem to think we are all entitled to be.  A man without limits is a barbarian and it seems Bolt approves.




Leak on those without humour

Bolt loves work he could watch it all day. This blog is a  repeat of yesterday  it apparently takes Bolt a long time to work out what a joke is.

Leak on those without humour


The first thing we have always known that Bolt has often admitted he doesn't understand humor. He is very bad at it as a consequence how on earth can he judge those that can? Has he any record of Christ belly laughing more than Mohommed? It seems to me Mohommed could well have been a Puritan, Amish or a member of the Dutch Reform Church, Christians alike who thought humor was purely allowed only in the adoration of god, or maybe laughing at the devil. 

Free Speech was a blasphemous concept to that lot and you had to be carefull of what you said. Isn't it amazing just how much Bolt the self proclaimed agnostic calls for it while  declaring Climate Science to be a blasphemous art akin to any other religion.   "Do read it all. And once again we are reminded that those without humor tend to be thugs." I agree with him and Bolt's little bigoted treatise taken from Leak amounts to showing us there is little difference between extreme fundamentalist believers in the Koran and extreme fundamentalists believing in the Bible. He's right those without humor are thugs. Bolt is without it just because he wears a suit doesn't preclude him from being a thug suits are  just camouflage as much as is Western Christian Culture and the English and Russian thugs we saw in Eurpope on the weekend. Christian thugs were fighting Christian thugs  no Muslims involved in this melee.

Bolt's friends the UPF and Reclaim Australia  aren't PC. They just tap dance through life but on peoples heads. Notice the similarity in their sense of humour along with those smiling soccer enthusiasts in Europe



 Russia and England Fans Clash Repeatedly at European Championships


 Let's see the twist Andrew Bolt puts on this white male christian youth festival. It's an event that can no longer be seen as abnormal.  It makes the incidents Bolt lists of Muslims behaving badly look a relief.  The result of 1 mill Muslim asylum seekers and immigrants welcoming. This is Europe rioting before the formation of the EU it's multiracial and it's now become normal. The scale today just happened to be larger. Is Bolt going to blame white christian macho culture or simply sport. We don't seem to be as nice as he keeps saying we are. Maybe it's his beloved 1%ers that he always holds up as the standard of equality and how we should behave. It seems cultural walls are needed to lock everybody" in "not just, nationally but city wise, suburb wise and every which way that will separate us. The Hunger Games  and it's hierarchy of districts seems to be Bolt's want while his 1%ers derive their fortunes from these Western events.EuroCup soccer fans clash with riot police in Marseille


The Queen, the Pope and John Hewson walk into a bar

 Image result for Images mocking

Elizebeth Farrley's is worth reading if this is all Bolt can come up with

When Bolt needs  to mock because he really has run out of rational arguments because he to has really no accredited or renowned  scientific authorities himself to quote and he's even run out of some 180 world leaders to quote. He does however turn every now and then to Abbott's $4mill dollar man Lomborg who even the fossil fuel barons the Koch bros have dumped. Bolt however turns to him not because of the fact he too is not a scientist but because he was treated with little respect by the scientific community. Most scientists Bolt has recently tried to quote said he was wrong and was misquoting them or he was just too simple minded to understand what was being said. However he had an opportunity to attack Elizebeth Farrley here and couldn't let the chance slip to attack a fright-bat. He's scared of Miranda Devine he might get arrested for what he wants to do to the bitch




Slippery slope

Sex with a painting


Is Bolt's slippery slope up or down it appears he doesn't know the direction. Somehow Bolt seems to consider Bernardi as some sort of savant for his prediction of what sex is or isn't and the government warden  of our privacy. It seems Bolt is all for bigger government control over all our personal and private predilections. For a conservative who claims he a supporter of less government isn't he arguing the opposite here? Is he for or against Canada or Germany. The Germans threw out a legal challenge to the status quo and Canada did the same. It's not against the law to have your dog tongue kiss you or for you to be found kissing fish and letting the go. What exactly does Bolt not want any  to be found doing in the closet with an ass? I'll bet his PC history is filled with porn

What Bolt doesn't seem to understand is loneliness cuts across classes the wealthy leave their inheritance to pets in preference to people is he asking for the 1%ers relationship to animals to be investigated? I definitely would given the number trophy rooms exist and stuffed animals kept. Nor does he understand the love between the homeless and their pets often the only friends they have that pay attention to them. Who should be investigated first St Francis of Assisi or some bankrupt NZ ex sheep farmer? Maybe Bolt and his Dutch dog.



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