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Andrew Bolt's Blog,17/6/16; Bolt and bias; Solar Valley in China is pulling the carpet out from our coal industries future; Whyalla's decline is a global change not local; Andrew Bolt's projectile vomit;

Turnbull snubbed Catholics to hold Ramadan meal

Turnbull Hates Mexicans too because his picture wasn't there either


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Oh My just how victimised is Bolt by Malcolm Turnbull  any one would think Turnbull was Mordecai Bromberg.

 Our Gold Logie winner, the biased Waleed Aly, used to have Andrew Bolt on his show. What really happened he's not  there anymore ? Steve Price hasn't spat the dummy.



Labour MP assassinated


I wonder why Bolt so moderate in his judgements in this case was so quick off the mark with conclusions about Man Horan Monis which now at the coroners inquiry are proving him wrong. He Bolted out of the gate with his explanations of Omar Mateen and those speculations also started to crumble and yet stays unchanged each day. However Bolt is going to silently walk away without any mention of his mistakes because more and more evidence comes to light to deny any religious or radical Islamist motivation.  The CIA and the FBI have concluded there was no direct link betwee Mateen and ISIS. 

It's different here with the case of the murdered MP in the UK because the explanations proffered suggest racist, anti immigration and Nationalist ideology had lit the wick that lead to this murder. There was a direct link between British First and the assassination.   However  Bolt says we wouldn't want to assume Mair was a right wing racist would we? Best keep it quiet Why? Because it's not the image Bolt wants to project. He is an apologist for the UK's Nazi brigade and he's caught up and joined his Dutch forefathers of Aslesmeer and Utrecht

Andrew Bolt preaches just that he supports Reclaim Australia the UPF are the Australia First here and openly vilify asylum seekers , Islam and the Left for any sympathy shown them. In other words Bolt pours fuel on the type of bigotry associated with this murder of Jo Cox. So no, no no, we must be moderate in our judgements and can't jump t conclusions like the ones Bolt jumps to against Islam.  Welcome to Weimar Britain

British Trumpism? Anti-Immigrant “Britain First” White Terrorist kills Member of Parliament

 CIA Director: No "Direct Link" Between Omar Mateen and ISIS | Democracy Now!

 The Shortest and Most Powerful Explanation of the Orlando Shooter I Have Ever Seen






Green attacks Liberal Minister

Excuse me where in Bolt's reference does it mention the protestor was a member of the Greens? Notice that's Bolt's highlight. It's a paywall if you do pay you might find the protestor probably had no Party affiliations as there was already a Party member on stage. However Bolt figures it's a good story as far as he's concerned to call him a Green.



How can politicians allow students to be persecuted for saying segregation is wrong?


Flipping the legal coin and calling positive discrimination reverse racism. How is it that Andrew Bolt actively supported positive discrimination in getting his son James a job with the IPA. Was that job widely advertised? Not in the least. When power and intimidation is brought to bear in such an obvious manner positive segregation is called for . Bolt doesn't believe in safe primary schools either he believes the bullies will be discriminated against. 




Former deputy Liberal leader says he can’t urge a Liberal win

It's what we have all being saying for a long time and even Miranda Divine said there is a total desire by the Del-Cons to sink the LNP simply to regain control of the Party. If Abbott comes back and nobody has any doubt that he's not going to try that we aren't going to see a more fascist government than we even had before. We will see the unity of government and corporate power completed.




Death and cowardice


Some stats that take this determined anti-Islam farce and hit's it out of the ball park. In the US in the past 2.5 years there have been 998 mass shootings where more than 4 people not the killer have been shot. 5000 people have been shot or injured since the Sandy Point massacre and not by Muslims. Last year 569 homosexuals were murdered in 25 different countries and not by the 7 Muslim countries Bolt loves to crow about. There hasn't been a gay death in Saudi for 14 years. Since 2008 the have been 1650 transgender homicides in 61 countries again not in Islamic regions Bolt seems to label as the most dangerous on the planet. So somebody and it's not me is effen about with the politics of myth and fear. 

The reality is the US contains 4.4% of the worlds population but has 42% of the privately owned guns. It's death rate per million people by guns is 29.9 compared with Germany 1.9. yet Bolt and his Trolls want to tell us that 10 countries with the most severe laws are  Muslim  and that's where the deaths  have occurred but that insinuation connecting laws and deaths is a lie. I repeat it's been 14 years since the Saudis enacted their law but a trnsgender people has been killed every 2 days and not in Islamic countries

Here Bolt is promoting that lie when the majority of deaths have nothing to do with Islam. He even accuses the LGBTI's of being piss weak for not making a political stand against Muslims.

"Incredible. Baird even neglects to add that every one of those 10 countries is Muslim. In fact, the only cleric she attacks in her piece is a Baptist. The only political figure she savages is Christian." 

Did the FBI Tell Orlando Shooter’s ex-Wife Not to reveal He Was Gay to Media?





What the media ignores: 200 children aborted alive in just one state


It seems Bolt is adopting each and every Tea Party Policy.  Women have no rights to abortion. While Bolt is against Cultural Diversity he's totally for diversity in politics. He is for fragmenting culture and beliefs because it takes the attention away from the main game the economic division of Australians into 2 classes Capital and Labor. That division is becoming patently obvious with the growing income and wealth gaps. Here is a man telling women what they can and can't do with their own bodies after complaining about Imams doing the same thing." I am astonished that this clear wrong is ignored by people who are afraid the reality will interfere with their ideological convenience." The reality Bolt's afraid of is that women in the workforce get paid 20% less than men and generally even less if they are single mothers. Heaven help the status quo should they unionize and actually fight for the equality of rights men have. Here is Bolt spitting orders like some general wanting to be the arbiter "I’d want figures on why these abortions were undertaken." He sound like an Imam



Turnbull dines with pet Muslims. UPDATE: Plus a breast-hanging anti-gay sheikh


Andrew Bolt today has shown he is the ugliest of Right Wing Australian fire brand preachers . Rupert Murdoch has given him the pulpit from which to preach and the IPA members  are their biggest lobbyists and donors. Here we have Andrew Bolt  projectile vomiting over 3% of  Muslim Australians in a total frothing frenzy. It's worse than any UPF supporter masked in the Australian flag can do because he has been blessed by the church of Murdoch. Just look at the front page of the Herald Sun on any day of the week and their trash is more than civilized Australians should be made to bear. Bolt is  copy catting in print what Alan Jones did on 2GB radio during the Cronulla riots. He is mimicking a Hitleresque rant against Islam once aimed at Jews during WW2.

Bolt's claim to be agnostic in no way hides his  Dutch , Reformist Christian and homophobic heritage. Simply ask LGBTIs today and they will tell you they have heard it all before from Ministers Rabbis Imams Hindu Priests and bigots like Bolt. All Bolt is trying to do is grab the hero's halo for a second to tell us that  LGBTIs are his best friends . Simply ask any LGBTI what Andrew Bolt stands  for and represents  and it's not them. Has anybody seen him at a Mardi Gras? Is he pro same sex marriage or safe schools? No Bolt climbing over the bodies of gays to get at Muslims He hasn't forgotten them.

To pour his shit over this table of Australians below on Ramadan is no better than what Hitler and Goebbels did on Krystal Nacht media wise.  It's the same as pissing on passover  or the cross for the selective  of  jackboot reasons in politics to divide and distract the nation. Let's not forget News Corp is Tony Abbott's media office and Andrew Bolt's  his voice. When Bolt and Abbott dined the front page of the Herald Sun could well have  read PM dined with a convicted vilifier of Australia's first peoples, a trasher of their culture. The Imams Bolt refers to haven't been convicted of anything. Turn the clock back to the 1950s and 60s and close your eyes you will hear Bolt's voice ranting about the Jews There was an Andrew Bolt in all the WASP clubs of Australia back doing  just what he is doing here.Despite Terrorism fears, 59% of Americans Welcome Syrian, Iraqi Refugees




John Hewson out for the grants he championed on the ABC




Remember Tony Abbott "I promise there will be no cuts to the ABC if elected" and "$200 mill is not a cut or broken promise"

"And how often the ABC reports Hewson’s views on renewable energy without declaring his vested interest in both green power and the government targets and subsidies needed to prop it up:"

But Tony Abbott removed those subsidies and closed the Climate Council only to see it pop up independently of government funds as the Climate Commission. Someone's  a liar and it doesn't appear to be John Hewson. The IPA and the MCA lobbyists for mining are against renewables. They are massive donors to the LNP via the IPA and how many other indirect ways such as News Corp. Abbott's Corporate government became the most secretive this country has ever known and we are only just learning with  the Parakeelia scam.

As for dispassionate experts well that only comes with diversity of  opinion and allowing that diversity to be aired. The ABC does that with full integrity unlike profit based News Corp  whose CEO is also an honored  member of the IPA. It's great to see that Hewson has every right to voice his opinions on the ABC as much as John Roskam does and who has a weekly spot. It's why 84% of Australia trust the ABC and only 40 % trust News Corp. I believe that's even getting worse if stock purchases is any indication of support for renewables the industry is booming.

 Remember the Clean Energy Finance Corporation it was making a profit and Tony Abbott wanted it shut down but couldn't "

"The Government has announced its intention to abolish the CEFC. Legislation to abolish the CEFC and transfer the CEFC’s existing assets and liabilities to the Commonwealth was before Parliament at the time of writing. The CEFC is not supported by the Coalition Government. Then Opposition Leader Tony Abbott wrote to Jillian Broadbent, chair of CEFC on 5 August 2013 asking it to stop making new loans and to cease assessing new projects.[2] Mr Abbott and then Assistant Treasurer Senator Arthur Sinodinos confirmed the Government would scrap the CEFC.
On Thursday, 5 December 2013, CEFC Chairperson Jillian Broadbent complained to ABC Radio National, begging the government to "break an election promise" and keep the CEFC in operation citing a 7% profit. Senator Sinodinos said that if it's making a profit, it should survive without the government and essentially confirmed the government will shut the corporation down.[3] In July 2015, Tony Abbott announced he would ban the corporation from investing in wind power[4] and rooftop solar.[5] On 13 July 2015, the CEFC said it was taking advice in relation to the draft Mandate. [1]
In December 2015, Fairfax media reported that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had lifted the ban on CEFC investment in wind power, in his first major break from the former regime's environmental policy. [2]. The Guardian reported later in December 2015 that the CEFC had been directed to focus on innovative and emerging technologies, reversing a mandate by the former prime minister Tony Abbott that would have specifically blocked funding for windfarms and small-scale solar projects. "

Cutting a profit making finance corporation down was simply reinforcing subsidies being made to a globally failing fossil fuel industry even China is reducing it's use of coal by 8% per year and making huge investments in it's Solar Valley.



Labour MP assassinated

What a surprise Bolt hasn't said it was ISIS inspired. However watch this space. for his no line eulogy to a Labor MP




Earth to Greens. Can’t save Whyalla without coal

Hello the stock market is divesting in coal as is the world market that's what is closing  Whyalla not the Greens. Bolt hasn't any of his money invested in it but seems to want our taxes to subsidize it. It seems their lobbyist  the MCA have their hats in hand wanting greater subsidies or the the shut down of the 21rst Century renewables. Like the motor industry they are begging for a subsidies despite being a terminal case. Arrium isn't guaranteed to go under because it's a steel works it needs a 21rst Century energy source and coal isn't it anymore.  Bolt has no money invested in coal. It's a pity that there are stockpiles of steel everywhere around the world and China has more than enough Arriunm has a problem wishing won't fix.



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