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Let’s start looking at alternatives


Bolt is pushing the John Stone revenge card. If you are a conservative and want to send Malcolm a message follow John Stone. But Bolt has liberated John Stones ideas and calling them his own. Expect to find a lot of unacknowledged ideas in most of Bolt's writings. Ideas taken from around the world. Pity we don't have the software that might show just how unoriginal Andrew Bolt is. He's easily caught out by those that have a math and science background.


The softest interview Shorten ever got. From his wife


Bolt the whinger just can't get Turnbull or Shorten on his show. The hater of people claiming to be victims cries victim himself. However he believes his inability to be relevant in anybody's mind will in fact prove his relevance and his ratings will soar. Off a small base of course.



Column - I admit it: Turnbull is better than Shorten. But let’s look long-term

I wouldn't buy his book no just because it has a cover does not justify calling it a book. It's a lazy susan of the ideas of others cobbled together as an anthology with Bolt's name attached. It's being heavily discounted to IPA club members who wish to use it as the ugly witch used the mirror in Snow White telling them who is the the coolest Australians. Bolt will it seems be selling the chapters individually given by his advertising below. If I won't buy the book what makes him think I'd buy the Herald Sun? Apparently what we are seeing here could be the precursor to telling us we should expect to see the rise of Abbott and the Corporate takeover of Australia soon.




Thanks, Malcolm, but my family would rather decide this for ourselves


Yes Conservatives are in the business of dumbing down the electorate. Bolt's anti - Science and anti - Math. Both subjects that demand both logic and the systematic collection of impirical data. a permanent state of skepticism is a core of science and logic a core of math and problem solving. All skills Bolt has avoided. As he has said he found his niche in commentary not the verification needs of reporting. It seems Bolt's family hasn't been allowed to "decide for themselves" or else they'd have seen through the charlatan convicted of being loose with the facts. 




McGuire makes bad splash


" It makes me think McGuire strikes political attitudes for their fashion value, without truly understanding or subscribing to the moral content."Bolt

Bolt writes and doesn't seem to understand that with every tap of the key board what a fool he makes of himself. After Orlando Bolt made out he was the great defender of LGBTIs against the Muslim hordes. However at the same time he's against same sex marriage,  against the Safe Schools Program and for the right of anti LGBTIs to refuse service to them if they so wish. Given his homophobic stance it would appear Andrew Bolt in his defence of LGBTIs against Muslims "strikes political attitudes for their fashion value, without truly understanding or subscribing to the moral content." He's basically a hypocrite who at most time is berating LGBTIs for not being anti-Islam like he is. As for Christians not advocating the death of gays you won't hear Bolt say anything against gay hater Tony Perkins "Perkins’ record of bigoted anti-gay remarks includes calling pedophilia a “homosexual problem,” claiming that gay men “recruit” children into homosexuality, and endorsing a Uganda law that would have imposed the death penalty for gay sex." He's invited regularly on Fox News to speak his mind and Bolt knows of him."mainstream media outlets have regularly failed to identify FRC as an anti-LGBT hate group, instead allowing it to pass as a serious policy organization. Outlets have treated Perkins as a credible and legitimate conservative commentator, regularly inviting him to speak on behalf of Christians without identifying him as a hate monger." Compared to Bolt Eddy is a saint.

The fashionista hypocrites like Bolt all raised their heads after Orlando pretending to be in the fore front of  LGBTI defense against radical Islam which by the Bolt declares not to be an unrepresentative form Islam.  Bolt's  hypocritical brotherhood  NRA’s Anti-LGBT Spokesmen Discuss Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting On Sunday Shows





The ground is being prepared for the rise of a new conservative party

The visions of the IPA


It's what we have always said. It's what Miranda Devine has said but it will be called the Liberal Party. Whatever happens Abbott will try to come back and he's riding on the shoulders of the finances of the IPA, Corporate Power and the propaganda of News Corp. Proof is there that national governments are owned and in the hands of Corporations are racing for global control of resources, finance and arms. The world's 62 richest people are as wealthy as half the world's population. 10% own 87% of the worlds wealth. Of course they are Conservative and dangerous.




Labor’s launch - secrets to Labor’s failure

Can we have expected more from Bolt than a little nit picking no!!

Bolt doesn't believe in Democracy because it's too easily destroyed when Corporate power buys a party and employs media to ensure Mussolini's dream.

" A welcome to country speech. When will we end this divisive ceremony, a ritual more suitable for an apartheid regime?"Bolt

Bolt doesn't believe in symbolism but misses the dozens of flags and uniforms that accompanied Abbott. The Knights and Dames may have been a mistake but they'd make a grand statement for the rise of the fantasized Conservative Party.

" I am sympathetic to Labor’s desire to seem community-focused. People first. But the stage and backdrop make the event seem a bit low-rent, as if Shorten is running for mayor of some inner-city council."

Bolt has a desk like this with a Tiffany Lamp does that mean he will wind up like Mussolini too?






Savva, Tingle, Kenny: submitting to the hate-preachers

But Bolt says he's not like them... he doesn't hide!!




Bolt is on a rampage to bring down everybody who is making him look the the fool he is. Below it was the ABC, Epstein and Waleed Aly. In truth he and his referenced support  explain Orlando as an Islamist act of terror. By doing so the victimized Andrew Bolt reveals himself  to be an intellectual dead beat. Here he's throwing his symbolic rocks at the Insiders who don't even mention Bolt. Is that what he's upset about not being a reference? After all he's trying everything to sell his book to the already converted IPA and discounting heavily. It's a scam with prizes and free give a ways as well.

The only clarity  here is Bolt's rant 1 ) that there is no such thing as an "unrepresentative Muslim" because 2) Islam is "sick" and 3) so therefore are Islamists. It's Hitlers take on you can't  be a little bit Jewish. Given Judaism and Islam are unstructured religions unlike the Catholic Church Bolt's hard pressed not to be regarded as an idiot. Islam is as much a mix of interpretation as Judaism is a mix of people following the interpretations of the many scholars called Rabbis.  Imams there are many not all have followers. So while there is no such thing as an unrepresenative Catholic  there  are by definition unrepresentative Jews and Muslims.

I'm the son of a second marriage of a Jewish father and Christian mother raised a Catholic who was constantly preached the fact that the children of divorced parents could never find heaven only a place called limbo. So it appears I'am told I'm unsavable and have to hang out with all those unchristened babies. I was to be punished because my parents were adulterers. The 10 commandments said I was to worship one god. However that became a trinity then saints and a multitude of people to pray to in particular  a Semitic and Jewish Christ who was put to the cross. Stoning, Burning, Slaying and Strangulation are well documented and are in the Torah punishment for sins. Bolt should test it out among strict Jews.

Punishment by Sekila (stoning)

  • Intercourse between a man and his mother.
  • Intercourse between a man and his father's wife (not necessarily his mother).
  • Intercourse between a man and his daughter in law.
  • Intercourse with another man's wife from the first stage of marriage.
  • Intercourse between two men.
  • Bestiality.
  • Cursing the name of God in God's name.
  • Idol Worship.
  • Giving one's progeny to Molech (child sacrifice).
  • Necromantic Sorcery.
  • Pythonic Sorcery.
  • Attempting to convince another to worship idols.
  • Instigating a community to worship idols.
  • Witchcraft.
  • Violating the Sabbath.
  • Cursing one's own parent.
  • A stubborn and rebellious son.

Punishment by Serefah (burning)

  • The daughter of a priest who completed the second stage of marriage commits adultery.
  • Intercourse between a man and his daughter.
  • Intercourse between a man and his daughter's daughter.
  • Intercourse between a man and his son's daughter.
  • Intercourse between a man and his wife's daughter (not necessarily his own daughter).
  • Intercourse between a man and his wife's daughter's daughter.
  • Intercourse between a man and his wife's son's daughter.
  • Intercourse between a man and his mother in law.
  • Intercourse between a man and his mother in law's mother.
  • Intercourse between a man and his father in law's mother.

Punishment by Hereg (beheading)

  • Unlawful premeditated murder.
  • Being a member of a city that has gone astray.

Punishment by Chenek (strangulation)

  • Committing adultery with another man's wife, where it doesn't fall under the above criteria.
  • Wounding one's own parent.
  • Kidnapping another member of Israel.
  • Prophesizing falsely.
  • Prophesizing in the name of other deities.
  • A sage who is guilty of insubordination in front of the grand court in the Chamber of the Hewn Stone.

 What Bolt fails to tell you like most Jews today most Muslims accept  want  prefer  and do live in Secular states where neither Rabbinical Law nor Sharia Law are practiced. So while there are some extremely strict Jewish Rabbis who preach what they don't and can't practice there are some Imams that do the same. They also recognize they are bound to practice their religion within the bounds of secular states and prefer to do so. 1. 3billion of them that Bolt calls a represenative threat are not the firebrands that Bolt is. Yet he is supporter of all Jews I dare him to openly break the Sabbath in a frum area of Jerusalem and see if he's not stoned. Drive his car through one and test out his theories  that there is no Jewish terrorism.Facebook, Twitter, Google Sued for Allegedly Facilitating ISIS ...

Here we have a Christian proposing death is the appropriate punishment for gays. He's even given space on News Corp. Have you ever heard this from Bolt? How Media Should Interview A Hate Group Leader


Bolt facilitates hatred on a daily basis.  There are no unrepresentative Christians according to Andrew Bolt because real Australians  have been gifted with Judeo Christian Culture infused from birth with a forgiving morality like his. The man  has the intelligence and the emotional intellect of a brick.

 Sky News editorials from people like Paul Murry and Andrew Bolt ignore 998 mass shootings in the USA in the last 2.5 years to focus on some half dozen that have involved Muslim perpetrators as proof that Islam is a sickness. The US is a multicultural nation in which crime is multicultural. They ignore the the nations best investigations by the CIA  the FBI and the police who who in the case of Orlando conclude this was not religious or terrorist based. These  employed commentators appear more like conspirators in their  common denial of the most stringent  professional investigations. It shows them to be little more than the equivalent of  faith healers, flat-earthers, secular preachers spitting bile for a cause.  Their panels look like a conclave of brethren. It's not difficult to ask the simple question  brethren of what?  Not investigation or critical analysis but just headlines meant to sell snake oil.

Truth about the Brethren True Blue Aussie non homophobic donors of the Conservative Party. Liberal donors deny they are anti-gay, even though it mistreats gay members and has launched campaigns against rights of LGBTI people. Australia's female-free zones Bolt loves laughing at these fright bats. Sky News advertorials ignore 998 mass shootings why? They ignore the investigations of the CIA, FBI and police why? How is it these Murdoch opinionators are  the only Australians with this clarity of vision? Bolt tells us what we have known all along  The ground is being prepared for the rise of a new conservative party

 Right-Wing ‘Doomsday Prepper’ Guns Down Three Neighbors with AR-15 — Then Brags on Facebook





Waleed Aly once more excuses Islam for an Islamist slaughter 


 Bolt who hates those who call themselves victims calls himself victim a victim of the ABC no less
"ABC presenter Raphael Epstein misrepresented my argument to accused me of licensing racism." Bolt

Bolt seems to overlook the fact he was charged and  convicted of Racism so applying his rule which he himself applied to Zacky Mallah and Duncan Storrah convictions last for ever Bolt is a Racist and Epstein is right.

There Bolt is such a victim he's even flaying Christian ministers as he once did the Pope.

 "That intellectually dishonest and dangerous evasion continues even after the Orlando massacre, with Aly once more aided by disciple Stephens and your taxpayer-funded ABC." Bolt

So not only are Aly and the Minister heretics but the CIA, FBI,Orlando Police  gay people who knew Mateen who he approached over the years, his ex wife and current wife  his family and shrink are too. What Smith and Bolt want to do is turn Mateen into their Islmic Kafkaesque cockroach for us. When they can't Bolt is screaming victimized. Remember when he tried to do the same with Adam Goodes and failed he cried misunderstood victim then too.

I'm sorry Bolt you need to read those lying bastards at the CIA,FBI,and Police again before you spin off down hate road that one way street you trawl on. Epstein is right. If the US 4.4% of the world's pop has 42% of the world's private armory and protects the license to hate as much as Bolt wants here and calls it freedom. then it shouldn't be a surprise that there has been 998 mass shootings in the US in the past 2.5 years. What's surprising is if you listened to Bolt they have all been Islam inspired. Now that's the sign of an intellectual giant. 

NewsCorp has many Nuts & Bolts



Andrews the arsonist


Fact  the CFA has started fires.  Whether by simply not communicating with the SEC when on patrol, by mistaken back burning and by deliberate arsonists  they have started fires that went out of control one last summer near Lancefield is a case in point . All of which spells to them not being as professional as they ought and it's now 2016. 

James Campbell is the Herald Sun senior hit man, the "reporter who puts words to the trashiest front pages we see  day after day pretending to be news but are little more than IPA advertorials.. James Campbell like Bolt is hired to spit in the face of all Victorians.

" Really? This board, which had only been in place six hours, was able to select and interview a new chief executive within three hours of the exit of the old one?" James Campbell.

 The same process  seems to have been  applied when hiring James Bolt for a job at the IPA. Was that widely advertised and interviewed? That was unfair of me to ask.

"Andrews is a deceitful bully prepared even to destroy the CFA to pay off union mates. His colleagues shoud be ashamed to go along with this."Campbell.

 What's that  we say about sticks and stones it seems Andrews has done nothing wrong other than been a target of News Corp abuse passed off as reporting.

Here is a story about dads army a friend had a house in Lara in 1969 when the bush fires occurred he wasn't a CFA member but was on the trucks fighting those fires with them for all the days they burned. When he called out for help because his house was at immediate risk Dads Army chose to ignore him drove to protect a mates house belonging to one of their own. It was under less threat leaving my friends to burn. Fighting side by side they ignored his request for help. Yep that was Dad's army at work when professional choices were needed to be made personal ones came to the fore. 18 people died in Lara  due to  that fire that started as a grass fire. A grass that shouldn't have been allowed to be fuel. Some say was due to a barbie fire not extinguished properly.

However for the sake of conservative politics professionalizing the CFA is being called disrespect. If somebody had the balls to tell Churchill he was a fool and shown some disrespect Gallipoli would not have happened.




Devine Delcon: the prodigal returns

I doubt if Miranda Devine feels blessed by Bolt just as she wasn't concerned by being attacked by those who later she called Delcons. Bolt won't let go of his night time fantasies that easily.  When Bolt says" These are merely “suspicions”?" he's sending  the message  that Miranda is far from forgotten while still pandering to Team Delcon.





Another three unrepresentive Muslims charged


Remember when Bolt spent all his energies telling us the 1.5 million refugees being let into Europe were going to cause Muslim terror and mayhem throughout the EU. It didn't happen. In fact there was was more violence done against Muslims by right wing Christians than the other way round. There was more organized insults and spitting done by Christians than Muslims. Remember when Bolt forgot to comment on the organized violence on the streets of France. Violence between is beloved British and  Russian soccer fans.  No because he didn't comment . He intentionally ignored it. Violence with weapons so organized and brutal the police had no control over it. Violence conducted by patriots, louts, nationalists right wing yobbos the likes of Australia's UPF.  Groups of young men who gather here, cover their faces with the Australian, flag spouting Muslim hate are widely becoming known as Bolt's Boys. These young men are also seen on our streets carrying flag poles to be used as weapons. The similarities are too close for Bolt to mention them.

All those riots are meant to pale in the face of three men being charged with suspected intent to commit terror. Belgian Nationals not refugees who happen to be Muslim. If a special security force is set up  to look for suspected Muslim terrorists and needs  to be accounted, for show they are doing their job, they aren't going raid  Buddhist Temples are they. Australia's National Security at airports don't stop Christians Hindus or Buddhists when traveling to Bali they do however stop Muslims. They get a pat on the back from the Bolts of Australia for doing their job of harassing a particular group of Australians. If they get angry the Bolts will always say "see I told you so" They applaud the raiding of Muslim homes and the charging of Muslims as suspects but never really say anything when they are allowed to fly or are released but like all bullies  they loudly ask why there should be any reason for anger.  Well they miss their flights, are subjected to armed raids on their homes and are publicly humiliated and then are told by Bolt and his Bolt Boys they aren't wanted even though they were born here schooled here unemployed here forced to change there names from Abdul to john here but are still called rag heads here. It seems to me it's Bolt who is the unrepresentative terrorist The holier than any other Australian who is the trigger for push back don't you.

It's interesting Face Book are being sued for lending material support to terrorist groups I believe The Herald Sun in it's propaganda through Andrew Bolt is doing the same.



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