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Andrew Bolt's Blog,20/6/16; When Hypocrisy is your second name; Sky News Is tax abuse; Called "extremist" by who ?; Criminalizing "free speech" and Science; Poll 50/50;


McGuire makes bad splash

Bolt started being a faux defender of women when in fact he and his News Corp mate Bevis Tim Blair are consistent misogynists who fail to even be comedic or light hearted in their disparagement of the targets they choose. McGuire may work and operate in a chauvinist world however he's not a consistent bigot. So Bolt has no need to defend his apology. What we have is a media rush for attention and Bolt is just another also ran. However you can be certain that he and Blair will continue to disparage women however not in the same way as Eddie. Anyway has Bolt bothered to ask Wilson what she thought? 

" It makes me think McGuire strikes political attitudes for their fashion value, without truly understanding or subscribing to the moral content."Bolt

Bolt blogs but doesn't seem to realize that with every tap of the key board what a fool he makes of himself. After Orlando Bolt made out he was the great defender of LGBTIs against the Muslim hordes. However at the same time he's totally against same sex marriage,  against the Safe Schools Program and for the right of anti- LGBTIs to refuse service  if they so wish. Given this homophobic stance it would appear Andrew Bolt's  defence of LGBTIs against Muslims "strikes political attitudes for their fashion value, without truly understanding or subscribing to the moral content."Bolt is basically a hypocrite who at most times is berating LGBTIs for not being anti-Islam like he is.

 As for Christians not advocating the death of gays you won't hear Bolt say anything against gay hater Tony Perkins  a Fox News favorite"Perkins’ record of bigoted anti-gay remarks includes calling pedophilia a “homosexual problem,” claiming that gay men “recruit” children into homosexuality, and endorses a Ugandan law that would have imposed the death penalty for gay sex." "mainstream media outlets have regularly failed to identify FRC as an anti-LGBT hate group, instead allowing it to pass as a serious policy organization. Outlets have treated Perkins as a credible and legitimate conservative commentator, regularly inviting him to speak on behalf of Christians without identifying him as a hate monger." So compared to Bolt Eddy is a saint who doesn't need his fashionable defense.



Sky News: better than the ABC, and without a cent of your taxes


Sky News is top hat and silver tail delivering unfettered trash. It's Orwellian garbage fed us with a silver spoon. Andrew Bolt with little or nothing to do is  Paul Murry's shadow with a varnished desk. 

Orlando is a perfect example of propaganda delivered to us in a Bentley. Forget the CIA,FBI,Police they are little more than leftist conspirators. Forget that Mateen the Orlando assassin was a repressed gay who had attended Pulse Night Club  for 3 years and was well known to the venue and  it's members  some of whom he approached romantically. Forget what his friends had to say that he was a heavy drinker  with a short and unpredictable temper a wife beater trained in the use of weapons. Forget that US Culture is homophobic and Mateen was a born American whose ambition was always to be a cop a true blue cultural defender.  Forget that he got angry for being called a Muslim not because he was one . He wasn't religious in any way. 

Forget that 998 mass-shootings had occurred in the US in the past 2.5 years a very multicultural country and those shootings reflected all those aspects of it's social fabric including crime. So forget being Muslim in the inquiry by  the best resourced investigative services in the world found religious terrorism was not a factor . 

 Forgetting all of the above Sky News took it upon itself to present in Rolls Royce fashion the direct opposite with panels filled with conservatives delivering their usual fear filled  Anti -Islam message and  not news. Without the Australian flag donned as masks the message delivered was  purely to advance the political interests of the silver tailed conservatives, their associated organization the IPA and Corporate lobbyists. Yes it was delivered with our taxes Andrew Bolt another lie on your part because every cent spent in that delivery was tax deductible and delivered for and by the biggest tax avoiders, welfare recipients minimizers and late payers in Australia. Corporations that invest in the totally non productive tax avoidance industry and get tax deductions for doing so. If there were any group that has held back the true revenue due Australia it's been Corporate interests protecting their bottom line over and above their responsibility to Australia. One of which is Sky News. So the truth is the tax payers of Australia pay heavily for Sky News  and in the scheme of things the ABC is cheap.


Flannery drowning in hype


What we see in two blogs below  is Bolt, who likes to believe he's a great debator is in fact little more than a great perennial  smearer. It's why Bolt rejects Turnbull's drive for Math and  Science to be an essential part of our educational curriculum  but only a choice. You see logic ,data collection , verification and skepticism raises our social intelligence where as social media dumbs it down.  Intelligence is the least required quality or resource Conservatives want the electorate or work force to have. Bolt simply doesn't have the ammunition to smear everyone intelligent enough to care.


Dr Tim Flannery has been a target of Bolt's and Abbott's for years he has been consistent in his ideas on Climate Change  and they haven't been able to rid themselves of him.  Abbott tried by bringing in Bjorn Lomborg and failed to spend his $4mill. Bolt's been an outright denier of Science calling it a religion and at the same time being a user of all it's benefits. He's been a denier of the Science of Climate Change. He's been an acceptor of Climate  Change but a skeptic questioning the results. He's zigged and he's zagged like a performing monkey dancing to the tune of his fossil fuel organ grinder bankers in order to make us doubt that Climate Change is a problem. Here he is after some time losing the battle returning to his failed theatrics trying to smear Flannery using a hypothetical no less.

From Bolt the voice of the advocate of "Free Speech " we get this warning" The Left has far more to fear from demands to criminalize dud claims about global warming:"  This is an attempt by the most reactionary lawyers financed by the most reactionary party in the most powerful country in the world  to shut away the right to publish any peer reviewed scientific results. It's a bit like our Border Protection Law and the right to publish facts. So with this hypothetical   Bolt begins to smear Flannery sayin he been wrong all along and I have a big stick to prove it Fee Fie Fo Fum

However doesn't this as stated "cut both ways " isn't any publication by Bolt's  of the denial of Climate Change  criminal. I guess Bolt would be happy to be silent and not look the fool any longer.  Remember like Don Quixote Bolt is attacking a windmill using a dream. Imagine just how desperate the fossil fuel industry is to run a supreme court action challenging the First Amendment of the USA. How much money do the Koch bros actually along with others spend to protect their dirty interests.

Don't be distracted when you vote




On the Labor candidate who thought Hizb ut Tahrir wasn’t “extremist”




Bullying and name calling from the cradle to the grave. Busting peoples chops is the province of Conservatives who have no argument other than power.  Revolution is push back.

Why is it in the history of Australia it's always the Conservatives that have taken us to war? Since WW2 they have taken us to wars we have in fact lost. They have taken us to wars on false pretenses Weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist the Domino Theory on which there was no evidence. We have assisted regimes in killing millions of their own and have never looked in the mirror. 

 Why was it that Tony Abbott was so eager to take us to the Ukraine not to just bring bodies back but to show the world we needed to fight and create bodies. He wanted troops on the ground in the Middle East and wanted us to fight in Africa. Yet when it came to helping fight Ebola when bullets and bombs weren't applicable he refused to act. Why is Cuba a nation trade blocked and punished by us for 52 years ready to do more to help the poorest nations of the world than we are. They even send educators here to help our indigenous people only to be appalled at the conditions in which they find them. Who are  unrepresentative "extremists" of this nations people?

Bolt says he practices free speech but in fact he cowers before it. He claims to provide information to enlighten us but in fact withholds information in order to dumb us down. He demands  people silenced in his land of free speech. In fact he demanded has echoed the silencing of  The Festival of Dangerous Ideas, the sacking of various media personalities, academics, all with the expressed protection of News Corp. He's cost News Corp millions in defamation suits and has been convicted under Section 18C of the RDA and he accuses others of extremism. What is Bolt doing here he  flaying like retard  frothing at the mouth  in a florid frenzy naming Muslims, Christian Kunde, Hizb  ut-Tahir, Uthman Badar, Sheik Wah Wah, Wassim Doureihi, Scott Stephens the ALP, Malcom Turnbull and the ABC all extremists. Yet Bolt  among all of his accused "extremist" speakers is the only one ever been found guilty of defamation and vilification despite the enormous corporate protection he has. 


Rowan Dean the unmade bed, a better performer than Andrew Bolt and gifted with a faster mind  verbally flips Bolt's imagined cleverness and long winded concept that there are no Unrepresentative radical Muslims with a verbal 180 degree half pirouette leaving Bolt looking sluggish. Dean in smart fashion makes Bolt look a little pedestrian. Of course there are radical Muslims. They are the genuine reformers who really want to change the religion in a positive and Christian and Australian way creating an Islamic Judeo Christian Culture. Bolt's a bit slow and doesn't even bother to ask Dean to name them. He was having a Homer Simpson moment I think.








Newspoll: it is 50/50

There is only one Poll in 2 weeks and then there is America

 Trump's polls sinks through floor

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