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Andrew Bolt's Blog,21/6/16; Fake Beggars and book sellers; Lumby is so right on each of her points; Poor Marcus victimized by the prisoners of luxury; Why the ABC is so dangerous we might learn something;


Professor Lumby teaches journalism students how to be terrible


Europe migrant crisis ship photo is actually of 1991 Albanian refugees

Andrew Bolt tries to make out  mass immigration has never been known on the scale we have seen in the past year. In particular what he calls the current Muslim invasion was a first of it's kind event. What Bolt fails to tell us was that in 1991 some 200,000 Albanian refugees came to Europe along with x4 as many Bosnians arriving in 1996. Professor Lumby and Judge Mordecai Bromberg were perfectly  correct in describing Andrew Bolt as loose with and without care for facts.  Andrew Bolt is not a journalist's in any form or shape.

"About 400,000 out of some 1.2 million Bosnian refugees at the beginning of 1996 have already found durable solutions, whether by repatriating, being granted a more permanent status in host countries, starting the process of acquiring citizenship, or actually obtaining citizenship. That leaves a little over 815,000 still seeking solutions, of whom the greatest number are located in Germany (315,000), the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (253,000) and Croatia (160,000). In addition, some 750,000 remain displaced within Bosnia and Herzegovina, of whom roughly 450,000 are in the Federation and 300,000 in Republika Srpska (RS Entity). And a further 48,000 Croatian Serbs have settled in the RS Entity."Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1997

Below is just 1 ship carrying 20,000 Albanians to Bari Italy








Jonathan Green might take his own advice on hate-preaching

American cultural represenative


Unlike Bolt Jonathan Green is not vilifying any race, ethnic minority or group defined by gender. It's why Jonathon Green isn't or wasn't regarded as a vilifier under Section 18 of the RDA. Donald Trump has specifically attacked Mexicans, African Americans, Gays, Muslims and others that Andrew Bolt also targets. Bolt seemingly agrees with Green only to falsely claim he doesn't practice what he preaches. Bolt's logic is non existent. We might hate Abbott and Bolt for their ideas ,attitudes and lies. However they don't constitute a minority group even though their ideology defines them. However some of their kind have snapped but not because of any media encouragement but simply because of their extreme but representative  conservative ideology which justifies their violence the UPF being a specific example of such a group. One which again Andrew Bolt is reluctant to criticize as is Donald Trump who is reluctant to criticize the KKK.  Bolt's logic is what it is Bolt logic I'm afraid. If Bolt believes Green has crossed the line he's entitled to test his complaint with the appropriate authorities.

" One lone crazy assassinates a British Labor MP, doing the bidding of not a single politician or priest. This leads the ABC’s Jonathan Green to fulminate and exploit:"

Britain First , Neo- Nazi Party in UK, Bolt simply fails to mention that but Thomas Mair doesn't. 





Reef scaremongers risk 10,000 jobs


Bolt prefers Australia to be a country of scammers invite tourists to a reef that's in trouble. It's a bit like India's tiger parks where there aren't any tigers. Unless he expects international news to shut down how will this silence be maintained. The US Fossil Fuel Industry wants science criminalized for publishing what it calls false information. In other words Newton and Einstien could be jailed. So given Bolt applauds the GOP case in the supreme court of America it  seems  he's selective about his ideas on free speech. Silencing, logic, clear thinking and science are much more important policies of  the tobacco and coal industries. Bolt encourages little more than confusion in understanding what it is he actually means. Will he attack say the AFL for preventing coaches for speaking up against umpires?  Surely it's more responsible in the long term than the short term to save the reef and jobs by seeking the truth rather than just spouting a cliche that's as meaningful as a fart in public? If not short term rationalisation could simply become  the excuse to ensure it's destruction. Care and maintenance of the reef hardly seems the reason for any job reduction.


Neither of the above

Another hard working Blog from Troll Peter BH  Just a paste of someone else's work. Two Bolts one for each Turnbull and Shorten. No mention what a preferred leader Turnbull is in the preferred leader stakes though. Couldn't have the Conservatives saying anything nice. If they smiled they'd crack their faces.


Liars and cowards will lead us over a cliff

Bolt the Author or Fake Beggar


 Troll Peter BH feeds Phil Coorey's ideas to Andrew Bolt who then calls it his own blog What a job. I could write and call it a book and tell everyone I work 70 hours a week. Wow who'd believe it. The beggar and buskers on the streets of Melbourne offer us more.

Bolt  no,  Peter BH just shot  another Bolt at Turnbull





Professor Lumby teaches journalism students how to be terrible




1. Follow your prejudices, not the evidence.
Andrew Bolt does just this what he says is simply an expression of his attitude with out relevance or information provided for by external data. It's why he readily calls Science a religion and it should have no special place in our lives especialy in education.
          2. Avoid even basic research.
          Andrew Bolt he has openly declared real journalism with it's demands for verification        bored him. Reporting was for bean counters. He has as a consequence been accused with being loose with facts and been found guilty in a number of court cases

3. Pander to Leftist stereotypes
Andrew Bolt simply calls anyone who disagrees with him a Leftie. He says it so much it has no meaning anymore and hes reduced it to an avowal or simply an attitude of his own. It comes close to reducing him to an isolate a babbling loner
4. Avoid logic
Andrew Bolt doesn't believe in the necessity of Math or Science and it merely should optional when education is concerned as it might lead to clear thinking which if ever required in his job would put him out of work. It's the very reason he hates Science Real Journalism and the rigidity of academic analysis and scrutiny.
5. Disparage free speech.
Andrew Bolt has turned the notion of  Free Speech in to an avowal as well it's his expression of an attitude rather than a communication of any meaning. If actions speak louder than words Bolt applauds the actions taken against those that were to participate in the Festival of Dangerous Minds but disparages what will be said in Safe Schools programs. So basically he's reduced his call for free speech to little more that a meaningless gesture a bit more than a fart because we understand it to be an attitude. Bolt applauds the current legal action by GOP and the Fossil Fuel industry in the USA to prevent Science to reveal it's findings publicly.
So on all counts Andrew Bolt is the perfect example of a journalistic nightmare and in a lot of instances a philosophical Solypsist spouting ideas that he only knows too well but have no relevance in the real world.


Lefti hiding from the truth on Nauru

Prisoners in Venezuala


Chris Kenny called it a holiday camp, Caroline Marcus  said it all below

"But it also revealed the fully-equipped demountable units which house the majority of refugees… Refugees are provided a television, microwave, airconditioning units and refrigerator at taxpayer expense; according to the Nauruan government, they’re paid $90 a week per person and child by the Australian government if they’re out in the community — $45 for those in the centres, who are given three meals a day; they don’t have to pay rent or utilities and many have good jobs in the local community."

What she is saying is we treat our prisoners well this could be a description of a NT prison filled with indigenous youth look how well we treat them. Marcus seems to be the victim of those dreadful people who inhabit the place but aren't allowed to leave. Prisons are prisons try locking yourself and kids in your home for an indefinite number of years. Then let Caroline in and tell you what lovely conditions you are living under or tell Chris Kenny to tell you how lucky you are. Is it any wonder people explode when morons invade their space to later tell others how badly they were treated. Sounds exactly what Bolt would do. Ask somebody suffering a mental illness how difficult it is to be surrounded by fools who don't understand. Who are offended and suddenly become the victims when faced with a moment of truth said in frustration. Absurd Sensationalism over and above news  to gather ratings not information 

That's more like it.



Turnbull calls out Jones


Yes Andrew Bolt believes politicians or debators talking heads should never let interviewers or moderators be present for other than window dressing. Don't even let them get a question in no matter what it is. It's always about standing your ground because that's the image the audience is left with why? Because information is the last thing that media is about image is everything. Media is about controlling the platform speaking loudly incessantly and staying off topic never ever do a Hewson.  It's Muhammed Ali, Donald Trump showmanship that will always win the day.

 Repeat repeat repeat yourself all you need is one single point or image because the electorate has already been dumbed down. It's why Sky News always runs editorials in the first 5 minutes by then the viewers have switched off and panels can do and say whatever they want the message has been delivered. It's why that Aussie  bloke Paul Murry runs rings over Bolt who sounds an Afrikaner preacher waving his hand about behind a poncy desk. The difference between the ABC and SKY the ABC wants to deliver information to the public and not just a message and it's why Turnbull just wants to deliver an image. Scott Morrison, Matthias Corman have rehearsed it to a tee and have never said anything. Tony Abbott just couldn't be trained the best attention he commanded was 28 seconds of dumb silence. So he never went on the ABC it was just too risky for him to do a real interview.

The most obvious PR job and non interview seen recently on the box was Andrew Bolt and George Pell. The build up Andrew Bolt on the streets of Rome trying to look like a reporter waiting for an exclusive. It truly was the theatre of the absurd. What was Bolt really doing wining,dining and going to galleries.

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