Thursday, 23 June 2016

Andrew Bolt's Blog,23/6/16; Tips: How to buy Bolt's book apparently take a brown paper bag as well;

Tips for Friday, June 24

How to buy Bolt's Book


If Bolt wants to sell his book maybe he should have book signings on the street in front of of the book stores. Again so his ideological sensitivities aren't offended by the staff forced to sell his book. Basically I heard the staff weren't ideologically offended but they felt responsible for selling something of value and not just rehashed stale ideas that today aren't applicable.The book is as hollow as an Easter egg and they actually want clients to come back. Bolt should be pleased because they are thinking and  acting as he advocates freely. It's not a lesson that Bolt needs to give however they are doing it with others in mind 'we' instead of  just 'me'.

So given the book is being heavily discounted already to IPA members and other peoples Andrew Bolt actually knows the price offered to the public validates the feeling of a scam. Bolt's right you will need a brown paper bag to be worn as burka to read it.



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