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Andrew Bolt's Blog,24/6/16; Brexit; Bolt lost for words you bet!!; When White privilige breaks down;


Labor surges


Bolt says" I am hearing that there has been a surge to Labor, so bad that Malcolm Turnbull could be left with a majority of just two seats - a disaster that could finish him. Control of the Senate will be lost for a generation or more." The man whose proven not to be able to lie straight in bed he gives no support for his "source". It must be"the base "

He also says that Turnbull

" infuriated his base by saying Australia was “invaded” and by hosting an end of Ramadan meal with Waleed Aly and Muslim representatives, some of whom believe in stoning adulterers and vilifying gays." "This is Turnbull’s strategy of taking the base for granted taken to ludicrous extremes."

That base being like a pyramid turned upside down those who believe Tony Abbott is still the preferred PM. How base is that? Turnbull has fallen to Abbott's best ever rating as preferred PM




That is your taxes at grubby work at the ABC

Bolt asks" The ABC’s cultural standards are going down the toilet.  Why are we subsidizing the trashing of our culture?" I agree it has a history of employing him. However I'm surprised Gerard Henderson knows what a blow job is. By the way Chasers were joking. Tony Abbott wasn't.

Bolt asks "Why are we subsidizing this?" 

If one actually considers that News Corp print media have been running at a loss and are a part of News Corp. If one considers Andrew Bolt is an expense in accruing that loss which in fact is a deductible from the whole then isn't he a negative gear? As such a 30% saving in the dollar of Company Tax for Murdoch. Why are we subsidizing you?





Britain leaves Europe


What Bolt doesn't say Scotland voted 62% to stay in the EU as did Nth Ireland to stay. Somehow Bolt the blowhard makes Brexit 52:48% sound like a huge margin which it isn't. However it does indicate a significant difference in beliefs. Nevertheless Bolt is celebrating like Rumpelstiltskin  the possible break up of the United Kingdom should Scotland push for another referendum on Independence and Nth Ireland to do the same.  As for Bolt saying it's a vote against multiculturalism that is  his is  blinkered and thoughtless intellect speaking.

 The UK was the most multicultural nation in Europe before the EU during the EU and will remain so after the EU. The majority of immigrants to the UK are and were  always  from outside the EU and will continue to be. Nett EU immigration has only been 186,000 or 0.3% however now it will increase over the new transition period. The UK still remains a Commonwealth country and it's majority of immigrants will remain from outside the EU. "It has voted against multiculturalism and the lie that all cultures are equal and equally deserving of respect."Bolt nonsense!! 

Bolt has merely transposed his apartheid bigotry on to a nation the UK that surrendered it's  Hitleresque ideas and beliefs  of being a superior culture at the end of it's colonial era. Implicit in Bolt's statement  is his belief that not everyone is born equal and that's obviously the way he was brought up. As for his exaggeration that the UK is a uniform culture he ignores the fact the history of the United Kingdom hasn't always been that united it's and a diverse range of cultures and languages to boot. Which is the superior Mr Bolt?

As for "mass immigration " that has never been  a problem for  the island nation. Bolt is such a bullshit artist and Shengen was no longer in effect in the EU anyway as for  Bolt's statement"It has voted for the right to insist on who comes into their country and the circumstances in which they come." the UK has always maintained that right and still does now. I guess Bolt must have a grievance against all those Christians  invading the country Italians, French,Spanish Poles that came not just for work but to start businesses in Britain which helped the Country boom. He must hate the notion of the Greek professionals relocating to the UK doctors, engineers, dentists etc, etc. He was dancing to a different beat when Greece threatened to leave the EU.  Despite all of this the foreign born pop in the UK both EU and non EU residents that for Bolt constitutes as a flood or uncontrolled invasion is 7.5% . In Australia it's 25% Bolt is simply a scaremonger above anything else.




James Mathison takes it up to Andrew Bolt  The Australian Independent Media Network| The Editorial Bolt didn’t Blog

  Bolt's meager IQ on show

Andrew Bolt thought he'd have it easy. Young Media Man Mathison running as an Independant in Warringah showed an Intelligence above  and beyond Bolt but more so above and beyond Tony Abbott




Who said this and why?

 "The punishment must fit the crime. This means that it is wrong to over-punish someone merely to send a message to others. We must defend proportional punishment in all cases, not just in those with sympathetic defendants."IPA: Curtis prison sentence needless and wasteful


" Sydney investment banker Oliver Curtis was sentenced today in the New South Wales Supreme Court to serve between 1 and 2 years in prison. He had earlier been convicted of insider trading offences dating from 2008-9." ""Sending nonviolent offenders like Curtis to prison is a waste of resources that could be better used elsewhere." "it is wrong to over-punish someone merely to send a message to others. We must defend proportional punishment in all cases, not just in those with sympathetic defendants." IPA

So what we have is the IPA is stirred by the fact that that a man of white privilege has been incarcerated for an opportunistic white collar crime. No mention of the violence done in committing crimes of fraud in stock manipulation. No mention that these are not victim-less crimes shareholders aren't simply punters in a corrupt market. They can be severly damaged by the actions of the Oliver Curtises of this world. The costs in terms of confidence to the market place has an untold ripple effect that the IPA prefers to ignore. Yet they get agitated when one of their own is incarcerated. Is the cost of Corporate fraud ever factored into the budgetrory costs to Australia? Who in the long run pays we the tax payers do.

However if the IPA wants to vigorously defend Oliver Curtis why doesn't it's attention and research turn to the 27% of Indigenous Australians incarcerated in our jails for crimes really born out of poverty crimes for which Oliver Curtis would never be imprisoned for in turn how many of the 27% of Indigenous Australians have been busted for insider trading and real damage. Often the crimes Indigenous Australians are jailed for are victim- less.

"The IPA supports alternative punishments like home detention and fines for nonviolent low-risk offenders from whatever background," said Mr Bushnell."IPA. These words are cold comfort when they said purely on the behalf of a particular privileged group

" Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners accounted for just over a quarter (27% or 9,885 prisoners) of the total Australian prisoner population."

 "The Northern Territory had the highest imprisonment rate (885 prisoners per 100,000 adult population) whilst Tasmania had the lowest imprisonment rate (130 prisoners per 100,000 adult population). (Table 16)"

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