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Andrew Bolt's Blog,26/6/16; Bolt and a global silence; Bolt is a screaming bundle of contradictions on Brexit;UPF Bolt's team players Austrlia's shame; World Intellects are all queuing to read Bolt Bull; Lies lies and more lies.


Coldest June day on record. But there’s no scaremongering, though


Bolt has no idea of the meaning of global or science it's one area he'd be only happy to see shut down. Yes it was a cold day in Melbourne. Remember when Bolt told us day after day the planet  has been cooling for 19 years. He seems to have just shut up on that a global silence was heard. This is the quality of his knowledge of the data in his book.



How to beat the bookseller ban

" Some booksellers - not the good ones - have hidden my book at the back of the store" Bolt

Bolt is worried about "bad book sellers" for not selling his books. They remain unnamed of course. Are they obliged to and why is he making out he's a victim in all this? Is  he trying to force people to sell his crap they are entitled to their choice.

 At first it was the case of book store staff now it's the case of bad store owners. Make up your mind Bolt! Is Readings selling his book are they good or bad sellers? As for fan Maurice Bolt's Reader he didn't it seem buy the book he just vandalized the shop's display. Isn't that a criminal offense Bolt is encouraging?
"I should add that many booksellers are not not at all ashamed to stock a conservative book, and I thank them for leaving the choice to the customers." Bolt

Apparently only customers have choices according to Bolt sellers don't. Anyway it seems Bolt is sensationalizing this issue  for all it's worth why? In order to sell his crappy book you simply can't believe a word he says. Remember the book is a lazy Susan of stale ideas. The  however money is fresh and straight into Bolt's pocket.






The public speaks, the elite now crumbles


Bolt is such a contradiction of principles.  It reveals itself in his celebration of Brexit. The division of the UK that has occurred and the anti-globalization consequences the shrinkage of the UK economy and the shackling of Corporations seems a Labor celebration by Bolt yet he claims to represent the opposite. This move in fact represents a rejection of TTPIs, the rejection of the growth of and protection of corporate power. 

 Bolt has been trapped himself by  contradictions. His economic principles have been sacrificed for his one obsessive anti- Muslim, anti- asylum, anti- refugee, anti- multicultural, and racist  message. Which  in his case of the UK totally distorts the reality. Bolt claims Brexit was due to the invasion of Britain by refugees as is the case  of the boats have in the EU which is just bullshit.  Nett  immigration into the UK has been 330,000 or 0.5% We in Australia have 1%. It's not even made up by refugees but by EU citizens and in the main they are Christians. The unemployment rate in the UK is 5.1 % far less than ours. So there is a major myth a disjunction of information that Bolt promotes a  myth  that he applauds that drove the working class of Britain to vote for Brexit. 

However Brexit has actually fractured the country so much so the UK might not prevail. Rather than providing Australia with any economic opportunity it shut what was our door way into Europe nothing about this move seems logical or for the good of the country. Ireland, Scotland and London certainly don't approve and want to stay in the EU and so does the younger generation whose opportunities have just been diminished and Bolt is applauding.The Stolen Generation of the UK were actually Kidnapped

Britain's Brexit just killed globalisation as we know it






By their methods will you know their hearts

When Australian Flags are used as symbols of hate, racism, division and exclusion of other Australians they no longer represent the unity of this country and  they deserve to be burned . The flag bearers message to other Australians is clear and on their placards. Yes you know what's in their hearts. Those that oppose that message are fighting for something quite different and that's inclusion not division.

We are not a European Country We are an Asian Pacific Nation in denial proving we are as racist as South Africa was. It's even written into our constitution. Bolt and News Corp  however prefer to profile indigenous Australians as racist see the photo below. There is something ironic in Bolt and his bastardization of truth with selective use of photos..


The Bolt connection with the UPF is real as is his warped support of Abbott's divisive Team Australia. The UPF like Bolt are not afraid to hate the innocent. Bolt protects their methods in the name of free speech and  calls for the legislation of hate speech with the dismantling of Section 18C and right to express that hate  publicly. However he doesn't support the same right at the such peaceful events as the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.


Far-right protesters held racist placards. (AAP)Far-right protesters held racist placards. (AAP)Far-right protesters held racist placards. (AAP)




Anti-Abbott poll is bull

" This poll measures a damaged Abbott of the past, rather than one who would have campaigned today." Bolt

Lest we forget!! People haven't forgotten!!


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tony Abbott, President of the USA ...

 Abbott's Legacy of Team Australia

Just how many times did we hear Bolt say Abbott has a problem and he must change. Then Abbott has apologized and he's changed. Then again Abbott must change. In the end Bolt went silent on the pros of Tony Abbott and started to focus on Bill Shorten. Abbott became a basket case even in Bolt's view. Yet once again Bolt expects us to believe Abbott has changed. Why did ever need to change if he's as good as Bolt says he is. Are we to forget the litany of lies gaffes  that had him crowned the West's worst leader. He was rated close to being the worlds worst leader. The man showed himself to be a total idiot recently with his Alfalfa Club stunt. Who was to blame for that one? Wait for the deafening silence from Andrew Bolt on that.

1 Bolt is no stranger to using  hypotheticals to make his points often they are totally irrelevant.

2 Look at the above video which went global and tell me it's a case of white-anting. it seems very much the case of a man out of his depth as PM

3 A better campaigner? All we can now recall was a grubby campaign based on lies and  "ditch the bitch. Now that's class.

4 He'd certainly sharpen the contest and remind the electorate what an pillock he was. War in the Middle East deployed in the UAE the very country Bolt wants us to break diplomatic ties with.  War against Russia to deploy troops in the Ukraine. Abbott was a leader like no other to take us down the road to Fascism. Increasing the lack of government transparency increasing the surveillance of Australians. He was a PM of threats, flags uniforms symbols and ceremony. A monarchist and Pacific pillock  that did nothing ingratiate himself within the region we live. He helped take us in the direction South Africa once was and Israel is today. Creating the ABF who had the authority to stop anyone in the streets and check their IDs.

5 Some Liberals aren't Liberals having lost the spill have merely ensured there was a divided Party. It's been a case of the tail wagging the dog and Abbott even declaring he was their leader. Bolt keeps talking of a conservative party within a party it seems they intend to destroy the Liberal Party and re-brand it destroying Democracy in Australia as well.

This poll doesn't manage a damaged Abbott it is a measure of the damage done by him. He was the leader of the least effective government since John Gorton almost breaking the record for the least number of bills passed. This is no bull.




Invasion of Europe continues: 1000 a day


"The invasion that drove Britain from Europe continues:"

Andrew Bolt has never shy with facts because he doesn't bother about them . UK's nett immigration has been 330,000 or 0.5% Australia's is 220,000 and roughly 1%. UK has not been invaded by refugees as Bolt implies so all he's doing is feeding a myth. The proof is he references boats in the Mediterranean as if these are the UK's problem. The man is simply a liar or he's severely mentally challenged.


"Professor Ian Plimer says he’s had that - and worse - with his international bestseller Heaven and Earth, rigorously questioning the global warming scare:" Bolt
 Andrew Bolt claims to be in the company of an author of an International Best Seller. Or may be Professor Pilmer should be humbled because he's in the company of Andrew Bolt who failed to get any academic qualifications on the wide range of subjects he discuses, yet thinks he's an expert. Maybe Bolt could write a tome explaining his ideas on astrophysics for us. I'm sure professor Hawkings  would be only to eager to read it. Andrew Bolt who has been convicted under Section 18C and has been judged ' loose with facts' on a number of occasions such as when he claimed to be 'the minder of a belly dancer' must have a problem weighing his book down as it has a tendency to float.

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