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Andrew Bolt's Blog,28/6/16; Bolt rails against the challenge to White Male Privilege' Brexit and Bolt's doing the silly talk; Bolt's boring book and bulletin with words like Labornomics; Cyber Bully in action; Cyber Bully protecting a real bully;


Why won’t Turnbull save these students from this race-based persecution?

Greasy Pole



"This is not just a disgusting attempt to punish free speech. This is not just evidence of the appalling rise of a new racism that sets Australians against each other." Bolt . Bolt doesn't seem to have the balls to declare this to be his often declared "reverse"racism" which even he knows does not exist. To maintain his argument he uses the vague and foggy "new racism" . For somebody that fights to tell us Australia is not racist at all he's seems to have lost a battle. Never let Bolt declare that he doesn't believe this is a racist country.

 "Why has the Turnbull Government refused to indemnify these students? Has its commitment to free speech died under Malcolm Turnbull?" Bolt You have to belly laugh don't you it was Tony Abbott who broke his promise to repeal Section 18C. He lost his appetite for it when he realized what he'd started with Team Australia and the road to  Islamophobia he put us on. Bolt was let down. Here we have Bolt blaming Turnbull when the fickle finger of fate wrote don't do it, Tony don't do it screw Bolt. Bolt simply doesn't believe in positive discrimination in any form only what exists now white male privilege. How else can elitist bullies maintain their station in life. The greasy pole is less greasy at the top and should not be made more difficult. Maybe this is why Bolt loves Brexit because it's screwed the British kids who will find it harder to be socially and upwardly mobile


It seems to be a common practice of people working for Rupert Murdoch to say I have all this information I need to give you but can't because it's confidential so I won't give it to you . Bolt does it and what do you know Chris Kenny has to. It fills lines in a paragraph but says nothing other than they are two of a kind. Bolt's promised so many scoops that he has another book to fill. He's a real gunna and it seems so is Kenny.




Brexit a blow to the authoritarian Left

Bolt is now doing the silly talk.  Pushing an an agenda that's so anti- Australian it's hard to fathom.  Hate, hate, hate, stop the world I want to get off. Well why doesn't he. He won't be missed. The real Bolt isn't the smarmy Bolt on Sky news the real Bolt is the vicious Bolt venting his spleen when he writes his blogs like the one about a real Australian Waleed Aly. That's when you find the real and rabid Bolt blind and frenzied in need of intensive care.

 Cover of The New Yorker magazine issue 04/07/2016

Bolt really didn't know what to do with Brexit the past two days. He wanted to attack the left but couldn't. He tried "cosmopolitan elite" But that was just too Johnson and Gove too opportunist. He didn't want to mention the stuff up Cameron made in putting it to a vote in the first place and creating a nightmare for the wealthy. He can't blame the media because the Murdoch papers threw out the Brexit gauntlet as well lying in their effort decreeing it a royal order. All the well laid economic  plans of the right wingers and wealthy around the world have been dashed their bank balances leaking. Bolt's been applauding along with Russia and Iran. Does anyone believe he realized it. Even Rowan Dean can't save the embarrassment of this almighty fuck up.

One thing is fact Economic growth and Australia's prosperity is very tied to the Asia Pacific region a global growth zone. It's highly populated zone of Hindus Muslims and Buddhists. However what we have is Australia's largest print media organization News Corp promoting Islamophobia and a Western Europhile attitudes reminiscent of South Africa. Andrew Bolt  is one of the loudest and vociferous Islam hate preachers  who  seem to have no faith in Australia being an Asian Pacific nation. His  voice alone  threatens our relationships and our economy not just for the short term. Because their racism , their hierarchical ethnic and cultural attitudes will be remembered for a long time. Well done Bolt.

The man who thought it was just too easy

Daily Mirror Saturday 25th June 2016




Spend more, tax more, borrow more. Which Labor genius thought this would work?

Broken record that just doesn't stop delivering. What he fails to say is Labor is prepared to tackle the deficit and promise less pain. Bolt the Bully is hoping to have Abbott back and deliver the agonizing revenge. In the meantime Bolt is in a rush to squirrel away some nuts by repeating he has a stale book to sell. Imagine the thrill of boredom when Bolt invents words like "Labornomics" which I doubt he can't get his tongue around. Try Laboromics Bolt it might be a little easier if you need to say it out loud.


Windsor accused of being a bully


Yes Bolt and Mother Theresa was a child molester. 1966  was still an era when corporal punishment was regarded as legitimate practice by the whole of Australians boarding schools were no exception. The memories of 11 year olds made Luna Park feel and sound enormous. I remember corporal punishment at boarding school very well and yes in today's terms it did seem brutal but it was the norm back then and it was handed out quite regularly right or wrong. 

What Bolt has done as he always does takes on the mantle  of a cyber bully an opportunist who will drag up anything place it out of context for the sole purpose of trying to demean somebody. Yes if Bolt was a school boy, he has the mentality of one with a PC he'd be regarded as little more than a cyber bully. Look at his attack of Waleed Aly yesterday no intellectual content just bile. Today he went out of his way to use somebody else as his hammer.

There is not an attractive character trait in the man if he smiles laughs  you can take it as little more than the performance of somebody trying to laugh away his own embarrassment.

 Image result for Images of media bullies

Image result for Images of media bullies


So  what we have is here is Andrew Bolt  cyber bully coming to the defense of a political thug Tony Abbott coupled with the implied threat that payback will  be inevitable.  Firstly lets list some of Abbott's credentials as a Right wing thug. Being brought to court for public damage and molesting women. Pauline Hanson jailed, Peter Slipper destroyed and the ditch the bitch campaign. It's all been documented and even more. Now what did Turnbull say of Abbott " he wouldn't have won this election" The Party room believed he wouldn't have won this election it's why he's not PM.

" Turnbull whiteanted Abbott and got the leadership." Bolt's lie. Abbott was warned shape up or ship out youve got 6 months. He was the walking dead in the polls so the Party sacked him.
"Abbott refuses to whiteant Turnbull and gets this trash talking." Abbott needs to be as sly as Rudd and he simply let's others do the whiteanting carping and whinging for him. His team is located at NewsCorp, 2GB and the IPA. However he has publicly declared he is the leader of the conservatives in the Liberal Party and the Party does not represent conservative values and Bolt tells us that's dignified speak for I'm loyal. Abbott's threat comes out of the mouth of a cyber bully Bolt "Turnbull lacks character, and will pay." and it's in the form of a threat that the boy in the corner pretending to be wearing a halo is gunning for you and the time is not far off. Abbott didn't declare himself as party leader before the election because he knew if he did it would be all over. He needs Turnbull to win. He's a Golum and Bolt's a tool.




A second Bolt Bulletin next week

Desparation of a stale book seller promising give aways.

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