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Let's get physical is a song. Let's get material! Materialism is the fundamental basis for an analysis that cuts through Bolt's identity politics that demands we all think on the same cultural plane. Truth is it's the last thin he wants if it were the case the material divide would be so much more obvious. We are culturally diverse society and that's great. So is China however we are economically divided and that's becoming more evident not as much as it is in the US but dangerous nevertheless and less well managed than China. We are not any longer sharing the benefits of economic success and are now asking who should pay for the down turn.
 We are becoming more Indigenous but are in denial of it. What do I mean? We are all living in an increasing world of multigenerational families but no longer just from want choice or culture but out of need and we don't know how to handle it.  Renting a 2 bedroom house or sharing between 2 families also is on the rise. Is it trying to take the pressure off or on? Housing, health, education, employment, income and wealth metrics are changing for the country that Wayne Swann helped dodge the GFC and made us on top of the world. Is it a cultural and personal problem or is it the increasing failure of a system?
Why is it such a threat to compare ourselves to  the history Cuba. Why is it such an urgency  to turn Cuba in our own image? Why is China a threat? It saved people by changing a system in 1949 not just "some" people and both have been a systems under management despite hostile opposition from outside. However like us they too admit they aren't perfect either China is a multicultural country  but in progress Cuba also but much smaller. Bolt prefers  regress rather than progress . It puzzles me because cultural diversity helps  hide the economic division between capital and Labor.  Emphasizing identity politics disguises the increasing material division. In America Trump is a consequence not a god send  of a system in strife. Even Rupert Murdoch forewarned the increasing income and wealth gaps needed to be addressed and that required a different form of management.  Bolt had a tin ear.



More blackouts in South Australia. Where's the wind?

South Australia gets disconnected from the national electricity grid, meaning it must rely on its own electricity - including all that expensive wind power it boasts about.   Result: yet another blackout, this one affecting 200,000 people.

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" The separation of South Australia was due to an issue on the Victorian transmission network, impacting the flow electricity via the Heywood Interconnector to South Australia but the root cause is still under investigation."

What Bolt fails to say is that it was yes a Victorian problem and some outages lasted all of 15minutes. Andrew Bolt loves to make politics out of innuendo so he can say I never said that. Right or Wrong mean nothing to a bullshitter it's the message that counts. The wind is all Bolt's



Andrews was right about Sudanese crime. Where are the apologies?

The truth about Sudanese refugees is now so obvious that even the ABC admitted to the danger this week. So where are the sorries to Kevin Andrews from the journalists, Labor politicians and senior police who slimed him as a racist?

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 Did Andrew apologize to Dr Haneef and the damage done to a real person not just maligning a community of people?

Bolt really is a klutz omitting facts as he pleases. Australian history can be presented in terms of it's gangs some simply between Protestants and Catholics when Catholics were deemed the most criminal and "deplorable " here.  Had Bolt been the spruiker he is today he would have thrown Abbott to the wolves. At no point of time have things been so socially disruptive as requiring wider and in particular the elite  to panic. After all Jews were banned from their clubs.

 However there was always an intense focus  by the MSM of some groups if and when political advantage might be gained. To Australia's and Labor's shame we created  The White Australia Policy. Never really forgotten by the world. We also had our bout of the McCarthy style witch hunt  of communists by Menzies. They really never ended until after the withdrawal from Vietnam in the 70s. Since Howard we have seen the demonization of asylum seekers and it  has grown from just  attacking those deemed illegal to refugees and even immigrants in general. Never mind that the majority 99% have integrated and been a positive force  Australia's economic growth and it's cultural diversity. It has made our cities rank the best in the world in which to live yet Bolt somehow manages to do a Trump and tell us we are in the worst state ever. How is such a division of perspective even possible?

Bolt prefers a significantly different narrative  the myth of widespread terrorism and crime reeking havoc throughout the country and the lack of wider and stronger  government control. In fact it's his definition of a totalitarian mindset that is needed not one associated with cultural diversity but rather uniform cultural identity masking the underlying diverse economic conditions. It's really a state of total control

Kevin Andrews well he got booted from his position as Minister of Immigration not because of his slurring of Dandenong but the International mess he'd made of the Haneef affair and his pig headedness to Dr Haneef who Andrews kept in detention because "he had information" he couldn't divulge.  The government had to pay millions  in compensation to the good Muslim Doctor. Bolt turns to moments in history simply to support his argument of the day whether or not they are in context is of no matter because he doesn't actually do a historic analysis of anything. Facts are selected as tools not as information to study that might point to a totally different story. As far as Kevin Andrew is concerned there is no apology required as there was none ever given by him. He's gone on to trip up again and again  as often as Peter Dutton has. Neither of them have had memorable careers before during and wont have after being MPs. They will however be remembered for their blunders.

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Christensen strips for Fairfax. Cracking pic

George Christensen is fast announcing himself as a real force in politics. This picture won't hurt the Nationals MP,  either, although I'm yet to hear an explanation for the most interesting thing about it.

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Say No More he must be Bolt's Australian

Christensen strips for Fairfax. Cracking pic




Tim Minchin has a Trump moment. No outrage?

Tim Minchin first vilified George Pell, on evidence now falling apart. To top it off, he tells Waleed Aly how he would physically and sexually assault a politician. But hang on. Isn't this the kind of "joke" Aly damned when it came from Donald Trump?
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Why is Waleed Aly and obsession with Andrew Bolt always in his cross hairs? Waleed's wife  doesn't escape Andrew Bolt's attacks either whenever there is a window of opportunity. Bolt comes across as a a stalker a jealos lover not paid the attention he thinks he deserves from Aly. because Waleed Aly pays Andrew Bolt little or no attention. Listen to Aly's editorials and listen to Andrew Bolt's  who is the most theatrical stilted and over performed? Whose is the most natural relaxed and who actually seems the most relaxed presenting his subject matter? Who seems on top of his game and less of a marionette school mater. I don't need to tell you it's the one who has the Aly doll at home embedded with nails.

Tim Minchin is a world respected comedian actor etc etc etc. Who has publicly said his friends who who are professional comedians in the business of making people laugh ran out of material when Donald Trump became President elect. Even Andrew  Bolt  deemed the thought horrifying on October the 12th. Bolt has changed his mind entirely and is now making every effort to normalize Trump as is Newscorp. Minchin and Aly have always been consistent in their views you can't say the same for Andrew Bolt. Other than he's no comedian and he's passionate about Waleed

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Bolt is stalking I mean talking from the perspective of being indigenous himself and if he found himself in a legal bind he'd refuse a specialist legal service to help him why? Because he's the standout indigenous Australian protected by Newscorp's fleet of lawyers.
Bolt forever tries to remind us that our Constitution is based on a raceless  society and shouldn't be changed. But it's not there are clauses that allow for laws to be made differentiating us by race so it's strange Bolt isn't advocate for having them removed. 
Bolt uses the term "whatever" so loosely as if he's trying to hide something. Maybe it's because he was applauding the wholesale removal of rebellious juvenile criminals to adult prisons while identifying the ringleaders as Africans, black as it turns out those juveniles left in adult prisons are Bolt's whatever Africans, Islanders NZers and Aussies. It seems Bolt's biggest complaint is our constitution that allows for people to be differentiated by race and the Aboriginal legal service fullfills that role. So what we are actually witnessing is Bolt demanding constitutional change the change he he's against. Bolt is against any positive discrimination if shines a light on discrimination than may need positive action that might mean he or anyone of his class lose privileges. It's why Bolt cries Reverse Racism, Reverse Sexism, all of which ignore  the fact discrimination exists and has been historic and systemic and solutions to current issues deemed social problems need to take that into account.. The kids left behind in adult jails reflect the lack of attention paid to the diversity of juvenile  crime in all segments of Australian society. Bolt really doesn't want to focus on it too much because last week he wanted to push the point that the majority of juveniles were African it seems there not and that actually shines a light on his ethnocentric bigotry.

Tips for Thursday, December 1

Tell us the news here. And my editorial on The Bolt Report - those totalitarian protesters who stopped Parliament, and racism made official in Victoria.

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 Andrew Bolt's Conservative Christian Patriots ( without their suits on)
Andrew Bolt has a weird perception of the meaning of Totalitarian. It's not according to him . "relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state." It's not the increased surveillance of each and everyone of our phone calls and emails by the state introduced by Tony Abbott.  It's not the creation of internment camps to which people are disappeared and Australian citizens aren't entitled to any information on. It's not about whistle blower laws that threaten people with jail should they release information deemed secret by the state . It's not about the ABF that can stop you in the streets and ask for your ID. 
For Bolt Totalitarians are citizens protesting demanding the return to a more democratic form of government when they feel their government is not listening.  Protest is fine as long as it's by Reclaim Australia, The UPF, the good conservative christian europhiles if not it defines you as  Totalitarian a menace to Australian society because you can't accept the Greens. Who Bolt tells you are speaking on you behalf. It a strange the level of listening power Bolt has been gifted with when he says I don't know what your on about "whatever" but I don't care. He certainly is the creator and enabler of pushback.

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