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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 26/11/16; Vale Fidel Castro Cuba Libre; Archives suggest Donald Trump stole Adolf Hitler's slogan; Setting out to destroy a boy; inability to negotiate; Scapegoating in ones blood;



ABC cries for dictator Castro

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What does a dictator have to do to get respect from our ABC and its guests? Well, kill, jail, enslave and impoverish enough people and you, too, could get the coverage the thankfully dead tyrant Fidel Castro is now receiving.

Andrew Bolt is a microbe less than a parasite on this planet. He asks what Castro did. Bolt the university failure ,the drop kick  doesn't know. Castro  Liberated Cuba created a country that's  literate more so than Andrew Bolt. It's a country that provides free education so much so it's one of the most literate countries in the world.  Cuba produces and exports doctors to the rest of the world. Wherever there's  a crisis you will find Cuban medical professionals when shamefully you won't find Australians. During the Ebola scare it was Bolt defending Abbott for doing nothing. It's a country where Ventolin is 0.10cents unlike America where it's $110 why? Because big corporate Pharma controls the price in the USA and the government obliges. It's a country that exports education Cubans are teaching Indigenous Australians and  theyhaven't seen worse conditions anywhere than here. Prisons Bolt is so ignorant as to either not know or is hiding the fact that unlike Cuba it's the land of the free America that has a greater proportion of it's population in jail than Cuba.  It has  a far greater rate of gun violence and murder than Cuba.Yes Bolt is an ignorant. 80 million people in America are receiving welfare and that's increasing at the same time welfare is being cut. Nobody has to worry in Cuba. Bolt's truly is a mental midget if he believes Cubans are unhappy. Their poverty isn't because of Castro's Socialism but  the 50 year plus trade embargo placed on it because of America. Get a life Bolt get an education. "kill, jail, enslave and impoverish enough people and you, too, could get the coverage" Bolt Check the stats on kill, jail and impoverish Bolt and check out what we are doing to indigenous Australians. What did Howard accomplish when he sent us to Iraq?

Farewell Fidel Castro they wont be dancing in the streets in Cuba tonight and farewell Che.




Archived Article Shows That Donald Trump’s Slogan Is Straight From Adolf Hitler


Andrew Bolt demands we normalize Trump and "Make America Great Again" He even rails against those metaphors and similes that attempt to suggest a correlation of any sort can be made between the two. Reality on the other hand shows the opposite.  Bolt is trying to play Goebbles to Trump's Hitler in the Media narrative down under


Donald Trump’s well known for his “make America great again” slogan, but did you know Hitler was the one to get there first? Trump’s Hitler mimicry was discovered after the following article was found. It was part of a series on Modern Leaders of Men, and was syndicated in newspapers across the United States in 1934. According […]
Source: Archived Article Shows That Donald Trump’s Slogan Is Straight From Adolf Hitler

How could we raise children with no English?


I admire the determination of Carlton's newest recruit to better himself. But it shows how much identity politics has crippled Aboriginal children that he learned English only four years ago. 
26 Nov Talk about how to distort a story Bolt does it with racist and bigoted decision. My parents arrived iin Australia and learn't to speak English. Never mind they spoke 3-4 other languages. But English 3-4 years after their arrival was not yet their first language and it definitely wasn't at home. Bolt amplifies that and makes out it is some outrage that young Aborigines in remote and I mean remote areas speak their native language as their first and not English. It hardly seems abnormal to me given the trouble Bolt's ability to speak English gets him in. I for one certainly find that he has a glaring inability to communicate with most Australians. Case in point he goes around maintaining he is more indigenous than Petrevski-Seton. Than he has even greater ties to the land than he does.
Bolt's distortion that Sam couldn't speak English is as bigoted as somebody laughing at his parents because they had accents. Seton spoke English it just didn't happen to be Bolt English which by the way sounds Sth African and certainly not Australian. Rest assured there are plenty of areas in English when spoken Andrew Bolt would not have a clue what was being said.
" Sam Petrevski-Seton will tell you that one of his biggest challenges in moving to Perth three years ago was remembering to speak standard Australian English, rather than the Kriol he used back home in Halls Creek.Standing in the vast Kimberley landscape, watching the setting sun cast a red glow over all it touches, the words he chooses to reflect on home are closer to poetry.
“You’ve got to be proud of where you come from, feel that love inside that your home provides you with,” Petrevski-Seton, 17, said.
“We don’t have much like the people have in the city."
 His parents Angeline and Chris have both lived in Halls Creek nearly all their lives and admit there’s nowhere they’d rather have raised Cody, Sam, their brother CJ and sister Angel.
 “If you actually come here and get to know the people, it’s not a bad place.”
What Bolt prefers to do is make sure that remote Australia and places like Halls Creek have  more than a share of bad press  describing these Kimberley towns as simply lawless Australia.
Look for Bolt abusing Seton for being a boong as he did Adam Goodes.

Xenophon shows blackmailing Senate must go

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The Senate was meant to be a house of review. Now it's a house of blackmail. Senator Nick Xenophon now demands the Turnbull Government pay him off with green policies or else he'll destroy its workplace reforms.
  It its the case of the pot calling the kettle black. The fact is Julia Gillard was forces to deal with hostile Senates. Obama dealt with a hostile Congress they didn't whinge. The whinging started if full force when Abbott was elected PM. In fact Bolt almost had us believe Labor was governing the country. You mettle is in shutting up and getting on with the job Gillard did and Turnbull isn't whinging. Abbott's complaining is still ringing in my ears.
Bolt uses the term "percieved " to be African so often that he simply believes he must be right "some" of the time. When he is wrong you never hear a word from Bolt Remember the Toorak Jewellery store robbery. The bandits were so covered it was impossible for anybody to suggest who or what the robbers were yet Bolt was certain. On other occasions criminals have turned out to be New Zealanders doesn't matter to Bolt. They were black therefore Africans. Scapegoating comes natural to Andrew Bolt whose heritage is a long line of scapegoaters. Aalesmere Holland from where the Bolts originated whose still have strong ties socially culturally and one can assume psychologically is from where Andrew Bolt 2nd generation Australian derives much of his personality. Aalesmere is Holland's center of Nazi sympathy and Jewish hatred. Just because Andrew Bolt was born here doesn't excuse him from the racist attitudes culturally inherited. The Calvinist certainty of being one of the elect few chosen for paradise. How Muslim is that mind set? Peter Dutton reminded us just how 2 & 3rd generation Lebanese can't rid themselves of their cultural influences and Bolt agrees what makes him think he can shrug off his?
Bongiorno of Italian extraction is far more Catholic in his attitudes far more generous than Bolt ever shown himself to be. He understands crime is an individual matter and not a racist or ethnic one which throughout Australia's history people took advantage of.

Exposed: how David Marr falsely smeared George Pell

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No journalist has tried harder than David Marr to smear Cardinal George Pell as a liar who covered up for pedophile priests and even enabled their crimes. The evidence against Pell is actually melting away. Now Gerard Henderson exposes 13 of Marr's worst false claims, omissions and baseless smears. Please read it all.
26 Nov "No journalist has tried harder than David Marr to smear Cardinal George Pell as a liar who covered up for pedophile priests and even enabled their crimes. The evidence against Pell is actually melting away. "Bolt
Bolt is quite ready to smear the Lebanese, the South Sudanese and even Africans if black and he does smear these communities. He's a classic smearer of  individuals simply if he associates them with any group he's taken on board to stigmatize. Waleed Aly the apologist Muslim and even his wife have been maligned by Bolt in the worst of possible ways largely because they are Muslims not people. But priests have been hidden and protected by the Catholic church hierarchy for the worst of transgressions  the sexual molestation of children. Bolt hypocritically decries the same stereotyping and logic applied to Pell. He is a unique individula needs to be seen as such. Priestly sins are also to be seen as individual acts. There is nothing Catholic that enabled these horrors to go on. However Aly's acts need to be seen in terms  of their religion in fact who they are needs to be according to Bolt.  Sounds very much a contradiction to me. These opposites are a constant pattern in Bolt's perspective so how no earth can he suggest Marr can't do the same if that's what it is he's doing?

Gay activist must apologise for this lie

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First, this gay activist has lied about me. Second, only one of us is now likely to cost Victoria's main gay festival money and support by making defamatory claims. Seems to me it's not just Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras that's being captured by activists doing more harm than good.


This is outright false:
... News Corp journalists like Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine and Rita Panahi are on a crusade to destroy transgender kids... Bolt
"That is a disgusting slur. Indeed, I am a friend and supporter of perhaps the most well-known transgender Australian, Catherine McGregor, who been a most welcome guest on my show." 1 doubt they have a deep and personal friendship but more a political alliance. I doubt McGregor has been invited to Bolt's home. Here Bolt even sounds like Donald Trump would it be Bolt doing the suing or would he be asking Newscorp to foot the bill on his behalf? I can't see Bolt spending his money on such a risk especially given what he's boldly and loudly said against the Safe School programs. Bolt denies and vociferously declares the danger to good heterosexual children of any such programs. He simply turns his back on the current psychological damage done to transgender children in  the  cultural environment he defends so stridently.
From the outside looking in there appears to be a lot of Trump like huffing and puffing going on here.
I would like a public and prompt apology. This is most certainly not how the gay marriage movement wins friends or arguments, and it is a further disgrace that on the basis of this smear Michael Barnett is demanding the MidSumma Festival turn down the sponsorship of News Corp. Gays must now suffer for Barnett's intolerance and smears?"Bolt

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