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Trump farewells Castro: "brutal dictator"

 Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista visits Washington DC in November 1938. Harris & Ewing / Libary of Congress

What an idiot Andrew Bolt is The graph fails to show the 50 year trade embargo placed on Cuba by America and it's allies. Of course Cuba became poorer  with the fall of the Soviet Union and the Cold War. America didn't change it's embargo on  trade. T Yes folks it's the way Bolt likes to argue with selected facts only he fails to even begin to ask what Cuba was like before the revolution. No comparative metrics here on housing, health education and social welfare of the Cuban people. Nothing on infant mortality the extension of life that would be revealing too much. Unlike America there is no under class of Cubans thrown in jail for poverty. However tax evasion is a crime in Cuba more so than a duty in America and Australia. Cuba Before the Revolution | Jacobin

The easiest thing to do is criticize countries like Cuba and China  in earlier times. However  Bolt really is incapable of producing on going criticism purely out of very selective facts. " Cuba slipped down the world income distribution. Current levels of income per capita appear below their pre-revolutionary peaks.". Of course it did the Western world embargo crippled it.

Bolt typically omits the modern day miracle and the rise of China from a nation of starving people to one with the fastest growing middle class on the planet. he doesn't mention the wealth and income gaps that existed he specifically turns to figures that omit that and the corruption that existed in the Batista regime. Cuba hasn't been the Castro's private fuedal domain. They didn't  become wealthy on the backs of fellow Cubans. But Bolt turns to Florida for his proof of Cuban Revolution failure. He doesn't mentions the Rust belt Americans who now go there as tourists and come back amazed to find a country of happy people where doctors get paid less than taxi drivers and aren't trying to escape or seek asylum from their country. Of course some, a minority are seduced by the consumer bling they see tourists wearing. Bolt's consumed by wanting more as well and he's 1%er in Australia that's the shame because unlike Cubans he does walk on the bodies of fellow Australians to get it. We are fast becoming a nation where the biggest crime is citizens being arrested for being poor. That doesn't happen in Cuba.


"Pope Francis  called this kind of journalism based on rumors “terrorism”. What would journalism based on lies with the deliberate aim to discredit the revolutionary government be called? There’s no name for this."


Trump farewells Castro: "brutal dictator"

 Image result for Images of Fidel Castro

27 Nov A one eyed view from Andrew Bolt from his land of "me" about Cuba a land of "we". Who does he quote none other then Donald Trump. Bolt makes no mention of the higher rate of literacy in Cuba it's free Education Health and housing. Nor does he mention the 50 year trade embargo on Cuba by the the USA that forced poverty on the nation. Despite the hardship enforced on it homelessness wasn't an issue in Cuba as it is on the streets of America. Cuba produces and exports more doctors, medical professionals and teachers to third world countries and is the first to do so when trouble strikes. I produces medicines like Ventolin for it's people for  0.10cents where as Corporate Pharma in the US ensures it retails for over $100 dollars. There is no Thunder storm Asthma deaths in Cuba or emergencies on the scale we saw here. Vaccinations in Cuba are free and basically 100% of the population are covered for the essential ones unlike America or even here where we still have to pay.

Jails the land of the free the USA has the largest prison population in the world and Bolt refers to a tyrannical system. When you have an insane CIA and US government out to assassinate you  with comic methods like putting poison in your boot polish  you drive a country with enemies to vigilance. Yes the same sort of care that Andrew Bolt demands here. Nauru and Manus Island the maximum Security at Goulbourn and the call for the reintroduction of waterboarding in America. Cuba didn't have the extremes of Guantanamo bay. Yet these right wing idiots like Bolt declare a regime under attack is brutal while we are careful. We search for and assassinate Australians abroad and celebrate when they are killed. If not we are hell bent on extraditing them bringing them back to be made examples of and incarcerated for life. Can Bolt name one action like that being carried out bu the brutal Cuban government today? Trump is ready to rescind all of Obama's executive orders that normalized relationships with Cuba and eased the economic pain the USA enforced on 11.5 million people. Andrew Bolt is all for tightening the thumb screws. All you can do is laugh at ignorance and what Christians do to each other in the name of "do as I say but don't do as I do" and then call the oppressed the tyrants. Designing a Humanitarian Culture: An Analysis of the Cuban Experiment

ABC cries for dictator Castro

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What does a dictator have to do to get respect from our ABC and its guests? Well, kill, jail, enslave and impoverish enough people and you, too, could get the coverage the thankfully dead tyrant Fidel Castro is now receiving.

Andrew Bolt is a microbe less than a parasite on this planet. He asks what Castro did. Bolt the university failure ,the drop kick  doesn't know. Castro  Liberated Cuba created a country that's  literate more so than Andrew Bolt. It's a country that provides free education so much so it's one of the most literate countries in the world.  Cuba produces and exports doctors to the rest of the world. Wherever there's  a crisis you will find Cuban medical professionals when shamefully you won't find Australians. During the Ebola scare it was Bolt defending Abbott for doing nothing. It's a country where Ventolin is 0.10cents unlike America where it's $110 why? Because big corporate Pharma controls the price in the USA and the government obliges them.  Valeant CEO: Profit More Important Than Helping the Sick

Cuba is a country that exports education Cubans are teaching Indigenous Australians and  they haven't seen worse conditions anywhere than here. Prisons Bolt is so ignorant as to either not know or is hiding the fact that unlike Cuba it's the land of the free America that has a greater proportion of it's population in jail than Cuba.  It has  a far greater rate of gun violence and murder than Cuba.Yes Bolt is an ignorant. 80 million people in America are receiving welfare and that's increasing at the same time welfare is being cut. Nobody has to worry in Cuba. Bolt's truly is a mental midget if he believes Cubans are unhappy. Their poverty isn't because of Castro's Socialism but  the 50 year plus trade embargo placed on it because of America. Get a life Bolt get an education. "kill, jail, enslave and impoverish enough people and you, too, could get the coverage" Bolt Check the stats on kill, jail and impoverish Bolt and check out what we are doing to indigenous Australians. What did Howard accomplish when he sent us to Iraq?

Farewell Fidel Castro they wont be dancing in the streets in Cuba tonight and farewell Che.


Abbott: good that Turnbull's dropped innovation and agilty

Tony Abbott is right, telling Sky News that it's good the Turnbull Government is "no longer talking about innovation and agility".
27 Nov Yes it's Bolt and Abbott call for not only innovation and agility to be dropped but want to ensure math and science in education above the basics be made voluntary and not essentials. Because no doubt the are tools that aid logic and skepticism as approaches to problem solving over and above opinion and morals and politics that then deliver blind values. Compulsory Maths and science are far too Socialist for Andrew Bolt too China too Russian and too Cuban. It's easier to manipulate a dumb electorate without the skills to question the rational behind economic and social policies put foward as necessities in an environment of fear constructed shamefully by the likes of Andrew Bolt. He can then simply when women are raped it's simply their own fault. Oh did I hear Bolt didn't say that the Grand mufti did. But Bolt did say that Aboriginal Culture enables them to live in some of the worst conditions on this planet and it's their own fault. Isn't that the same. You don't hear Scientists saying things like that on a regular basis do you.

Linda Burney: Aborigines did not immigrate here.

 Linda Burney: Aborigines did not immigrate here.

Labor frontbencher Linda Burney, herself with Scottish as well as Aboriginal ancestors, writes a nasty note to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton that reinvents the history of people like her:
History revised 27 Nov
 This is the sort of childish rhetorical idiocy that Bolt turns to that makes him the racist he is. It's why he was treated by the ex Conservative PM of NZ as a simple and naieve child and why the Constitutional lawyer saw him as irrelevant when he attempted to talk about the Constitution. Both people put jack in his box and he went quietly. It's plain to see on the ABCs Recognition Yes or No. Bolt was a total limp Dick.
But like all wind bags he's never empty and deflated for ever and here he is again declaring Aboriginal history irrelevant on one hand because genetics have killed it for the now bastard race. and  anyway 40,000 years doesn't make them any better colonists we are all immigrants and title is rally British law bugger Mabo
Bolt argues Canada NZ, America and Israel are settler nations but they are on the wrong side of history as are all Commonwealth nations . Australia is the shining light the leaders because we are the only country among these that haven't any treaty with their first peoples. Why because Bolt publicly declares he's more indigenous than Linda Burney if she happens to be alive and younger than him and born here. That's all it takes folks to talk nonsense turn to rhetoric and remove the substantive meaning we have applied to history the constitution and our laws and why people who are experts in all these fields including international law look at Bolt and just politely smile and move on without bothering to pat him on the head.
In the photo above Linda doesn't look comfortable and Bolt well he look just as he presents

Carlton turns Christians into Muslims to prove Dutton wrong

 Image result for Images mathematical ignorance

To prove Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is wrong about Muslim Lebanese migration, former ABC reporter Mike Carlton shows us several Christian Lebanese who have made good. Is Carlton dishonest or simply stupid?
27 Nov "To prove Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is wrong about Muslim Lebanese migration, former ABC reporter Mike Carlton shows us several Christian Lebanese who have made good. "  So to has the AGE "To try to prove him wrong, The Age names four successes - three Christian Lebanese and only one Muslim, whose parents had actually migrated here in the normal way in 1969."Bolt 
So what a relief it has nothing to do with being Lebanese it's  about Religion. Dutton and Bolt don't want Australia to have "freedom of Religion " or  I guess "freedom of thought" then either only "speech". I guess given that only 22 are suspected bad apples of the 250,000 Muslim Lebanese here are doing what most great citizens  are doing living here as Australians makes Dutton not to be as stupid as Mike Carlton who got his figures wrong 1 out of 4. That shows Bolt is a mathematician as well as a commentator of astute and fair perception of 2 idiots but Bolt in even trying to run an argument on this basis is even a bigger fool than both of them and including the AGE. Take the prize Bolt and shut up.

Peta Credlin: Turnbull tired

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"Etched in the Prime Minister's face." Peta Credlin says Malcolm Turnbull is clearly flagging and looks tired.
27 Nov Sounds more like the game of "Simon says" than news to me What else could you expect from Peta Credlin who is then followed  by Peter BH Andrew Bolt's "when the work is too hard" troll. giving space to that  ever caring loyalist backbencher Tony Abbott as well. "Hail Hail the gangs all here what the hell do we care what the hell do we care" is the song I can here throughout Australia in response.

Abbott warns Turnbull: keep gay marriage promise

 Image result for Image of a warringah MP

Tony Abbott on Sky News warns Malcolm Turnbull not to break his promise of a people's vote on same-sex marriage.
27 Nov We go to war the public weren't asked they won't be asked again if Abbott ever gets back in power. So why is this the biggest issue the Australian public have to face? Who is making it the biggest issue? the smallest minority in Australia and Bolt is calling to spend the money. Given time is money the amount spent to date is is in the millions and Bolt will encourage even more spent. Yes and he's threatening to sue a gay man for whom this has been a historic issue one that was once little more than a bashing sport fro the people of Adelaide Bolt's home town. Abbott is the MP for Warringah why doesn't he start  with asking his community what they think first and then argue their case not just his. 
There was a time when the electorate was represented by the MPs  not dictated to by them which was certainly what Tony Abbott did. It's why he changed like the weather before the election after the election and during his term in office his electorate didn't determine his policies he did. Nothing has changed he actually needs to address the issues in his electorate and stop being another Rudd

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