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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 28/11/16; Some people Bolt calls Idiots Steve Price ought to head the list; Have you met a Dutch Gorilla? Bolt makes no comparisons just an opportunity to attack; An idiot cries idiot that's Bolt's IQ; Reverse Racism does not exist;

Idiots cry for Castro........ Some of Bolt's Idiots

What his supporters say: Castro stood up to the United States, which had exploited the largest island in the Caribbean ever since it won independence from Spain in 1898. A fiery champion of the people, he ended years of corrupt rule and ushered in an era of access to education, health and housing. Despite all efforts by the USA to cripple it economically wit a 55year trade embargo.
What his enemies say: Castro has turned Cuba into the world’s largest open air prison, with all forms of dissent stifled and travel, business and freedom of thought forbidden.
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  Image result for Images of International Castro supportersImage result for Images of International Castro supportersImage result for Images of International Castro supportersImage result for Images of International Castro supportersImage result for Images of International Castro supportersImage result for Images of International Castro supporters 

The idiots in this narrative are media persons that simply find it so easy to make statements that without any context. Steve Price finds it easy to call Castro a Despot no tyrant and murdering bastard. How did the Cubans give rise to on man? Unless they rose up against a Military Tryrant and despot who was even worse than Castro who provided some hope for a change. Batista gets no mention from Price who hasn't a clue how many people were disappeared and killed by the military dictatorship either directly or indirectly. Neither does Price actually know how many people died due Castro's takeover. So I'd quite confidently declare Steve Price to be the idiot typical of a Cuban who fled because he faced somewhat more than just wealth redistribution. Why do the stories of 100,000 capitalists hold more sway than 11.5 million Cubans today. They have housing, health education, music ballet sport all available to them on even a greater scale than than we have in Australia or America.  Yes Steve Price speaking like an uneducated idiot failed to mention the Cuban revolution was a movement and not just the response of one man. It was a movement against the clandestine influence of America and the despotic generals it supported throughout the Americas.

 The poverty Price mentioned on The Project was shared by all Cubans and it was poverty enforced on them not by Castro but the 55 year trade embargo enforced on them by the USA and it's allies simply because their companies were nationalized. Cuba's exports sugar coffee and tobacco and tourism. They were all forcibly reduced by Price's heroes in the free world, however the Cubans endured. Even when the Soviet Union broke up and the Cold War  ended the American embargo on Cuba held but  Cubans  still endured. It's hard to comprehend why America had that strict embargo on  a small island like Cuba because it didn't on other socialist countries like China. All this complex history is reduced to one man by Steve Price and Andrew Bolt. Who pray tell are the idiots?

The idiots like Bolt and price attribute history to the actions of great men rather then the movements they often become leaders of . These blinkered morons are ready to malign the Catholic Church for it's acknowledgement of Castro not one pope gave him recognition but 3. Nelson Mandela did  and these less than educated broadcasters stand up and call these leaders of billions idiots simply because they are able to explain and put revolutions like the Cuban, the Vietnamese into context that in Castros case liberated 11.5 million Cubans from some 30% of the country from which they try to say represented the real and well off Cuba. Sorry Price Cuba didn't fall to privateer bandits as you would like us to believe. Yes Price believes Franco was the savior of Spain, Pinochet of Argentina, and Pepe Mijica a disaster for Uraguay. By the way there's far less Racism in Cuba or racists a legacy that the revolution also guaranteed. Yet another aspect of Cuban life that goes untold. 

Price's idiocy never buckled when he even turned to  Castro's disaffected daughter  for his evidence that Castro was a despot. She lived in Florida along with branches of the family that were part of the inner circle of the Batista government. She wrote a book and Price turns to  for his proof  that Castro was an arsehole " book created a rift even among Castro relatives in exile: Juana filed a suit in Spain in 1998 arguing the book defamed her and Fidel’s parents. A court ordered the publisher to pay Juana Castro $45,000." It seems a family already divided  was divided even more and it's so called truths turned to by Price as evidence are very much questionable.It turns out they were regarded as mere fantasies of a bitter  child one of a near dozen who made no such allegations that would support her. Among these kids were a nuclear physicist, a surgeon who headed the world basketball association. It would seem Price is clutching at straws. What sort of radio producer was he with that sort of respect for evidence or context?Divide and rule: Castro family torn by dysfunction and disagreements



FitzSimons' 'gorilla' vs a child's 'ape'. Spot the hypocrite

WHAT’S worse? A 13-year-old girl who calls a black footballer an “ape” in earshot of maybe 10 people? Or a 55-year-old Fairfax commentator, Peter FitzSimons, who last week called a black sports official a “gorilla” in earshot of tens of thousands? 
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Andrew Bolt started with this as a blog last week and then turned what was a stale idea into his column. I'm sure it became part of his discussions on The Steve Price Show on which he rides like a kid on the tail of Price,s conservative comet. Bolt without doubt would have doubled down and used it on his Bolt Report as well.  Repetition is hardly work it's a lazy Susan of ideas that started with Bolt being put in his box when he attacked Adam Goodes way back when was it last year? This one trick pony tells us he works 70 hours a week ho ho.

It's all about Bolt's ego and little or nothing to do with the circumstances or context of what  Fitzsimons said. Bolt raises the issue of color because he's a "racist". Fitzsimons was describing an overseas official by the way not even in Australia as a "gorilla" for being a bully a thug and not for his color. The circumstances are grossly  different from the case of Adam Goodes.  To repeat  Andrew Bolt yet again shows he's an out and out  racist drawing  attention yet again to the issue of color being central and like a dog with a bone or possibly a gorilla Bolt has  gabbed hold of it only to show what a dumb arse bully  he in fact is.  It helps that Fitzsimons is a Republican and works for the opposition but that's just a bonus.

ABC: sour on Trump, sweet on Castro

IF only Donald Trump was a dictator who killed and jailed his opponents and enslaved his people. Maybe then the ABC would give Trump the respect it’s now showered on the belatedly dead Fidel Castro. 
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Column 28 Nov Bolt's a singular minded idiot that grabs whatever he can to deal with attacking his opponents today if he could he's would swing with Castro and have the ABC closed down and it's broadcasters prevented from working. Bolt serially cries for journalism schools to be closed down or reformed in his image. Bolt is a great supporter Of Israel and "free speech" He never mentions the fact that people are jailed for satire on facebook in Bolt's great example of a nation state. He never does a body count on the numbers killed and the 1000s even children held in jails without charge. Yet he talks about the brutality of imprisonment in Cuba. The island on which the land of the free has Guantanamo.
 Bolt wouldn't even consider a discussion of Cuba before and after Castro just as he'd doesn't entertain discussing China before and after Mao yet Bolt is the man the man who demands conversations and when they are forthcoming he ducks for cover. Revolutions don't occur because one man orchestrates them. They occur because 84 men began a movement that ousted a military dictator Batista from a true Banana Republic supported by US companies that controled Coffee, Tobacco,and Sugar and treated  rural Cubans as slaves.
Unlike Castro's Cuba the US creates poverty, destroys health, limits education has homeless on it's streets but has scores of empty homes  and has the largest prison population in the world shhhh Bolt won't tell you that. But he will tell you Castro redistributed the wealth of Cuba created a world exemplary health and education system all while suffering a 55 year trade embargo put on it by America and the loss of it's largest trading partner the Soviet Union. Cubans unlike Americans are not rushing to leave Cuba.



Idiots cry for Castro

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 “ ... (the idiot) will still gyrate in excitement like a dog seeing a bone if during a visit to Cuba he finds before him the hand and the bearded, exuberant and monumental presence of the “Maximum Leader”. And, naturally, being a perfect idiot, he will find plausible explanations for the worst disasters created by Castro. If there is hunger on the island, the cruel US embargo is to blame; if there are exiles, it’s because they are incapable of understanding the revolutionary process; if there are prostitutes, it isn’t due to the poverty on the island but rather because ­Cubans now have the freedom to use their bodies as they wish.”

More tears for Castro from Left-wing politicians, and a perfect description of exactly this kinds of idiot.
28 Nov This is all Andrew Bolt has to offer as rational argument on the pros and cons of Cuba and his supporters call him a public intellectual. Heaven help the Australian education system if Andrew Bolt is the pinnacle of wisdomVladimir Putin HUMILIATES Trump For Pathetic Response To Fidel Castro’s Death (TWEETS)

So according to Andrew Bolt Mandela was an idiot too  while Reagan was as astute as Trump

 When Reagan backed S. Africa Racism and Castro inspired Mandela





Race law defenders vilify whites

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The man with the Mona Lisa Smirk can't be believed

It seems defenders of the Racial Discrimination are actually OK with vilifying people - as long as they're white. Labor frontbencher Terri Butler defames white students - and only grudgingly now apologises. Meanwhile activist Noel Pearson is accused of twice calling women a " white c...".
28 Nov Andrew Bolt says he's an indigenous Australian and more so than racists like Noel Pearson and Terri Butler are. Bolt insists he's a "White Indigenous Australian" systemically and institutionally oppressed today because here  in Australia there is now a transition of power from a once equal institutional system to one that favours blacks, females, Muslims Gays etc.  It's called  positive discrimination and he can't rail against it verbally or physically as easily as he once could. This  discrimination is set on changing the natural balance that they claim was the white males imaginary sense of privilege. 
" I'd believe that supporters of the Racial Discrimination Act really were against abuse if they weren't so free with abuse themselves.Right now it seems that they are not defending a principle but a side." Bolt
If that doesn't incriminate Andrew Bolt for not knowing or understanding that we still live in an institutionally white male dominated society that's been institutionally protected for years and as such has become culturally ingrained and acceptable then nothing will. It simply indicates just how regressive Bolt is the slightest of changes to help soften discrimination in a positive way become and enormous death threat to his kind. There is no Reverse Racism there is positive discrimination and it's inherent in our RDA and Section 18C. No matter how offended Bolt is by it.  The man who advocates color doesn't exist sure as hell draws our attention to it often enough

Why must farmers pay to save Turnbull's IR hide?

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This can't be right: "Malcolm Turnbull has agreed to a key demand from Senate powerbroker Nick Xenophon to amend the government’s workplace relations reforms in a major step ­towards a wider deal on Murray-Darling water flows ..." 
28 Nov This is all coming from Andrew Bolt who declared there is no issue with water desalination plants are a waste of time . Droughts are a natural way of life in Australia we actually need do nothing. It seems a good opportunity to just attack our PM who he calls Dr Doolittle. Remember the good old days when Bolt use to declare PMs of Australia should be treated with respect and not just maligned. They were the days of Tony Abbott. Strange how Bolt rules change at the drop of a hat.
 "If Joyce is right, that means Xenophon's water will come largely from farmers." This sentence alone seems to indicate that Bolt is just flapping his chops because he can. It's not a conclusion in any sense of the word, what farmers, Bolt? Obviously Bolt doesn't know it must be something green like saving the lower Murray from extiction along with the fauna and tourism that relies on it. Bout then you wouldn't know form Bolt's Blog a have a go at Turnbull event. The Pit Bull seems smarter than Bolt 

The Age casually smears Pell. Again

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Just imagine if George Pell in this case was Hilary Clinton and the Catholic Church was  the Clinton Foundation. Bolt finds it repulsive how Pell is attacked by association alone that he was just innocently sitting above all the mayhem innocent of what was going on below. Hilary wasn't given any such leeway by Bolt No such character references for Hilary from him. However there was and is an enormous amount of support for Trump  and how unfair the press is treating him. Is that the left or right press Andrew?
 It seems Andrew Bolt believes there no justification whatsoever in crucifying Pell he's like Trump. But there is every justification for burning Hilary at the stake. One need ask is Andrew Bolt really a judge of good character? If the answer is as obvious as I believe it is that makes Pell guilty just stop the investigation now. Bolt has proved the case against Pell. Remember how he even suggested as did Trump that the FBI was hiding evidence on Hilary's behalf. Should we believe anything Bolt says or just let the police do their job and allow the SMH , the ABC and any others just report on it without the hysterical character references fired by Andrew Bolt in panic.

Frydenberg: counting the cost of Labor's green madness

 How To Lie With Statistics is not just a book useful for people who know what they are talking about but an obsession for those that don't and want to appear smart. Andrew Bolt Australia's public intellectual, I haven't a clue who gave him that title but rest assured he's not and he shows it here when he says the cost of Labors clean air policy is going to be $2000 to each Australian household over the next 15 years or 0.36 cents a day. That fails to take into account 1) the speed with which the technology is advancing 2) The health benefits of the anti pollution programs and the savings made 3) the long term infrastructure costs by simply households going off the grid. 4) The savings made by the fact that households will be producers rather than just users of energy. Bolt simply runs much the same argument put forward as was once delivered and called a threat when desk top computers were arrived on the market. They simply got cheaper and cheaper and joblessness was a threat delivered by politicians back then as well.
Frydenberg whose far more educated and smarter than Andrew Bolt has the impossible task of echoing the negatives of clean energy not because he believes in dirty energy but because he's been handed the unforgiving task of spruiking it's negatives because he's simply batting for a side and it's donars who are simply not interested in the morals and logic involved but only the bottom line and the responsibility they have to a minority of Australian society called shareholders.
How quickly did we see the Conservatives change their tune form deniers like Tony Abbott changing to recognizers of global climate change and the need for action. But turning that action to the minimal if not almost disguised action in order to keep the electorate on side. However no such care was needed when it came to the media who slipped into the role of strident advocates for cash as they did for Tobacco. Their job wasn't to prove anything just maintain doubt for as long as possible.
Today Bolt can be whatever he wants as long as he's making out the science is no better than a religion, it's wrong, and even that 0.36cents a day is too expensive for clean air and it will get more expensive. Abbott said that about the NBN and he sure fucked that and turned it into Frankenstein's monster. They have driven the price up and delivered a cart with square wheels. Frydenberg and Bolt aren't playing for the world or even Australia simply a side.

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