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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 30/11/16; Bolt's Call to War; Rhetoric is generally Bolt's only tool; Evidence only to fit your argument hide the rest;


Showdown needed with the violent Left

Victoria has developed a neo-fascist Left - masked protesters who violently confront political rallies by conservatives, Christians and the Right. It's time a stand was made - and police can start with this planned protest against Pauline Hanson in Caulfield.

More posts "I'd like the courts to get tougher, too. We can't have such people make others too scared to meet publicly." Bolt

Read Bolt's banner and tell me it's not a cry to war. Does he ever show photos of  what he calls the "Right" at these events, "his team", no? I wonder why that would be? No we can't have his people who come with Nazi paraphenalia too scared to protest publicly. Read Bolts blogs and he's the right wing publisher the equivalent of sensationalist celebrity trash magazines like New Idea, Who etc  for the extreme alt Right of Australia with Abbott, Hanson and Bernardi as his center folds. However he is also the enabler of street violence posting time place and location of planned events. Just because he wears a suit and talks quietly doesn't mean he's not a bovver boy thug but a coward nevertheless because he won't turn up to the events himself.

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Our racist justice system: apartheid in jail

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Apartheid in Victoria's jail system: "The government on Tuesday reached an out-of-court agreement ... to move several indigenous youths from the maximum-security Barwon Prison back to the Malmsbury or Parkville youth justice centres... The out-of-court settlement does not affect non-indigenous children at Barwon."
30 Nov " The racism is formalised by our bureaucracy and our courts:" Bolt
Well Bolt you are right and that's the very nature of racism the systemic treatment of individuals according to their race whether for good or bad these youths are being treated for their Aboriginality rather than the crimes committed. It's strange though isn't it that two weeks ago these very same kids were described by Andrew Bolt as Africans and he made no mention of the fact that they were in fact indigenous as he is. If you feel confused by what I've just said you should be because that's the nature of Bolt's sensationalism.  Bolt is making a rhetorical claim that what's occurring is a case of Reverse Racism because of what's not being accorded non indigenous kids. It's a word game only because positive discrimination of any sort is negative for someone else. There is never any historic or social context within which actions can be evaluated other than what might win debating points.  
Yesterday he with Hanson asking what makes an Aborigine that there are next to none. Today he's clear on the fact it's those kids transferred out of Barwon. Take his Hansonite  argument and Andrew isn't racist he's just transferring some juvenile offenders from one place to another while considering what to do with others there is no racism or apartheid because those distictions don't exist and so there is no argument. Today that's just a moot point doesn't apply lets just flip the coin. " A debatable question, an issue open to argument; also, an irrelevant question, a matter of no importance. For example, Whether Shakespeare actually wrote the poem remains a moot point among critics, or It's a moot point whether the chicken or the egg came first" It has no relevance to any problem solving history or social facts. It's devoid of substance


Africans outwit bureacrats - rip off child-care handouts

 Melissa Higgins

How hopeless are politicians and bureaucrats in designing handouts that they can be ripped off so easily by new arrivals? First there was  the free insulation scam and now it's child-minding subsidies to Sudanese and Ethiopians.

30 Nov How quick is Bolt to search out cases of fraud committed by Africans when in fact the same acts are also carried out by good old fashioned Aussies he endorses. However Andrew Bolt would bury the case of Melissa Higgins because it doesn't fit his narrative. One wonders how and why he's conflating insulation with child minding? Maybe it's to amplify his vague accusations about crimes exclusive to African refugees? Well surprise surprise they are not. The crack down is on all operators and not just those of non -English speaking backgrounds. Sorry Bolt your wrong and by the way there is no mention in this Paywall blog of any insulation scam.
 "A 29-year-old NSW woman Melissa Jade Higgins who stole $3.6 million from taxpayers forged the testimony of government child-care protection workers, used the evidence of a neurosurgeon and pretended she was a vulnerable foster carer in order to earn millions of dollars in child care subsidies, documents released by the NSW District Court have revealed."
What is self evident however is the execution by government departments was severely lacking as it is in so many other cases. However Bolt hates mentioning that if it doesn't suit his argument. Social Welfare services did exemplary work historically as there were no Stolen Children.  Evidence to be refered to by Bolt must fit the argument you just can't reveal all evidence because it may not support it. Bolt logic  Crime in Multicultural societies is not all Multicultural but culturally specific.

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