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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 4/11/16; Coaching from the sidelines; Is it an ABF matter Bolt doesn't know; Bolt wants a nation of converts and he's a Crusader; A probe is a blunt instrument so is a Bolt; Peter from Bellvue Hills revealed; Bolt being turned; Bolt uuses a bolnt instrument on a Labor Minister because she's a woman;

Just say nothing, Bill

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Just how easy is it for Overington and Bolt to coach from the sidelines. The question isn't about what whether or not Bill Leak can or can't draw his cartoons. They would like you to believe that. No the question is does a person whose been offended have a right to say they have and that there is an umpire available to draw that attention to Bill Leak. It's a long road traveled before Boll Leak is even informed of the fact. A long road before mediation even comes into play or even if it's necessary that's why so few cases come to court. Andrew Bolt had a choice to politicize his case and he made that choice on the basis that Section 18D was a shoe in to get him off. But News Corp lawyers as hotshots they thought they were weren't. Bolt did more than just offend he lied and was loose with the facts doing it and that's what Peter Foster was found to be doing apart from just Pyramid selling. So the argument Bolt is running may not have eventuated had he actually accepted his recklessness with the truth. It's why Marcia Langton said he wasn't a racist but very much a liar using race to make his point. Langton you see distinguishes institutional racism from prejudice stemming from ignorance and misguided facts which Andrew Bolt was doing. He was doing that with Adam Goodes as well.

Border force contacted? This could be big

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Is there any  reason Bolt  ignores cases where a good old boy that fits his definition of a solid Australian Christian White and a Patriot  is found guilty of planning to blow up and cause public mayhem. Why don't  these cases  make it to his little list. Australia is a Multicultural country and crimes can be expected to be Multicultural Bolt's list is drawn to suggest otherwise. Statistics however prove his form of cherry picking is statistically wrong Bolt's list is simply vilification by innuendo and is a form of media drawn from the methodology of the KKK  Nazis and other extreme groups who avoid  accepting transgressions as individual acts. The hypocrisy of Andrew Bolt is he demands that he unlike those in his list be treated as an individual.

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Will the other three students get their $5000 back?

I'm sure there is a process that was made clear when this issue first arose. None of this existed in the dark did it Bolt was certainly on the case for his personal interest to extend his ability spit racial hatred out combined with lies leaving his targets under resourced to do anything to stop him.


Brisbane "race hate" three: case finally dismissed

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 We are individuals but Andrew Bolt refuses to accept that difference.

Bolt , Hanson, all those who feel they are on a leash are celebrating today.But let it be said that sorry would have done everything and solved a situation  where somebody saying they have been racially offended have a right to call time out and ask for judgement. The laws shouldn't be ciphered by the likes of Bolt and Hanson who are and do racially vilify but they do it recklessly by lying and bullshit as well. Bolt is actually demanding that right to lie and broadcast that lie with the power of News Corp behind him both legally and with resources that aren't equally distributed. The man who insists on manners is really Dorian Gray. So much so even his profile picture are a lie.


CFMEU's Labor minister gets members to pay her bills

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What is the biggest crime  here? Being a woman in debt? Being a woman Minister? Being a woman and turning to he friends for a short term loan . It appears the crime is  being a woman or who your friends are  because there certainly hasn't been any fraud committed. Unlike the Liberal Party that rushes to get into bed with anybody and even closes it's eye when fraud is actually taking place because it  might just embarrass them. When Ministers do get caught Abbott says it's the law at fault for calling the money a bribe and not a donation

A dozen Liberal MPs were also caught misusing their entitlements and they were allowed to pay that misuse back. Tony Abbott being one that comes to mind and a serial abuser. If he was short of money he could have borrowed it off a mate but no he just didn't want to pay it back. His associations are very suss. His daughter's scholarship, the breaking of her tenancy agreement all at the hands of a political thug called dad who called in favors when the shit hit the fan. He tried desperately to keep these things under the radar.  So what was happening then Abbott was in trouble and called on help from mates in the AFP  and press to fix things up and even stitch some people up.

So lady borrows money from mates to pay a bill. It seems her problem is she's a lady that's all. We know what Andrew Bolt thinks of women don't we just follow him on Julia even today he won't leave her be. He's rarely says anything about Clive Palmer anymore. Poor Clinton she's a woman that's her problem. You need to remember that the Courier Mail and the Liberal Party combined in Qld run a dirt brigade on the look out for anything that can use and it doesn't even need to be the truth. They have been caught with their foot in their mouth on a number of occasions. Now this is real News not just scuttlebutt to distract.  Fresh questions over $2m Coalition grant to Bob Day school

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FBI probes Clinton Foundation over "pay to play"

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Straight from Trump (Fox) News America. Bolt usually hates being so obvious that he does no work but just the boy who push buttons on his pc to deliver the words and work of others. He claims to work 70 hours a week on his writing and "his shows".  Yes he is the Anchr man on one on Sky where he's little more than an over produced adjudicator with an ear piece to keep him out of trouble because when he gets a feisty guest he's all at sea and has to pull the plug. Remember his interview with James Mathison Bolt was so out of his depth he had to bail and promise he'd speak to James again soon. Oh ye we will never see James again he was too smart for Bolt by a country mile.Image result for james matheson I guess the Andrew does work in make up which takes a lot of time. Has anybody noticed all the pictures of our hero Andrew Bolt are ones taken 20 years ago. He truly is the Gloria Swanson of media pretending to be what he's not. 


 I guess the Andrew does work in make up which takes a lot of time. Has anybody noticed all the pictures of our hero Andrew Bolt are ones taken 20 years ago. He truly is the Gloria Swanson of media pretending to be what he's not.

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 Here we have Bolt  broadcasting "probes".  By definition  they are just blunt instruments used to search for things they aren't as yet facts. Probes are things that a lot of people would enjoy using on Andrew because things are likely to be found. He avoids reporting on any real facts that have  have had trial dates set like:






The war on free speech reaches its Stalingrad


Bolt's debating technique is little more than a high pitched whine believed to be enough to drive the bad forces away  Bolt is  the picture of the spoilt child that brings on post-partum depression with it's constant crying. He has the stamina of that spoilt brat.  It's simply mental water boarding and he employs others to do it for him.  However welcome to the Peter BH  the man behind Andrew Bolt the voice behind the curtain.

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"A court may today finally end the nightmare for three students sued under the Racial Discrimination Act for complaining about racism - while the case against cartoonist Bill Leak gets even more stupid. "

There are rules in civil society but Bovver Boy Bolt doesn't believe they are for him. He  wants the freedom to walk over the disadvantaged , dance on the poor, the historically challenged who if they dare protest they can be made to shut up by the elite's access to the resources that amplify speech of whatever kind one wants.  After all the royalty and the higher castes of any society ought not be alone to suffer the slings, abuses  and predjudices of the down trodden.

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Who does Bolt get to speak for him but Peter from Bellvue Hills who employs Hedley Thomas  & Chris Merritt of  the The Australian. If these thugs dared  voice their attack on a supreme court judge sitting on a case they might just be dragged before the courts them selves for Contempt but with gusto and bravado they exercise the very speech the claim not to have and turn it on Gillian Triggs a braver woman than they are men simply because she ignores them

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 They are the voice of even a smaller man behind the curtain Rupert Murdoch champion of Donald Trump and also renowned misogynist. It's quite a club


Communication tips as read read Clinton's emails

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 Bolt being turned left

Does Bolt do any work? The Catallaxy Files  do it for him here. Yes the IPA the family business. Bolt got James his son here without it being an advertised position. Isn't that a form of nepotism at work? It's who you know not what you know that counts. James would probably have a house now it dad hadn't wasted the money on a private school. He'd still have the job that's a no brainer and guaranteed

"I won’t try to summarise it or paraphrase it.  It is to good for that.  And the parallels to Australia extensive – sugar, dairy, cars, banking – and everywhere.  Bugger the consumer and the citizen.  Government is here for the producer.  And many wonder why the political order is under attack." Spartacus

Anybody might just be decieved that Andrew Bolt and the IPA have become left wing. I somehow don't believe Bolt read this.

The Cheesemonger.

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