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The Doubt Machine: Inside The Koch Brothers’ War on Climate Science​



What was "bizarre" about One Nation's presser today?

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 Andrew Bolt wants you to know he's changed tactics

More posts Andrew Bolt along with Tony Abbott were not so long ago "deniers" in arms of global climate science declaring it a "load of crap". They moved significantly an joined the 3% world of scientists and over the majority of the worlds conservative   commentators  with access to the media to advocate that they were now skeptics sufficiently informed to declare the science simply doubtful. One only needs ask are they skeptics at all or paid doubt mongers in much the same vain as those that declare that smoking produces cancer is not a proven fact either. Their job isn't to deny science because that makes them appear cranks but to declare they are now part of the science themselves that happen to disagree with the worldwide peer reviewed research that has taken place. 

This blog post is simply an exercise to suggest to his readers that Andrew Bolt is a considered thinker on the matter when in fact he's not because even conservatives like Abbott moved and changed their position. Abbott turned to Direct Action and tried to recruit Bjorn Lomborg to substantiate and legitimize their shift. Dr Lomborg had been sacked by the Danish government but was recruited until last year by the Koch Bros still practicing under the name of the CCC or Copenhagen Consensus Center with no connection to Denmark. Lomborg lost his $1mill funding from the Koch Bros coal heavyweights in the fossil fuel industry last year to be enticed to Australia by Abbott for $4 mill and championed in the media by the likes of Andrew Bolt. Turnbull cancelled the chicanery immediately.

The fact is MSM media, Universities, and  anti- climate change corporate interests are still heavily involved in financing doubt worldwide as is the tobacco industry and the whaling industry to simply protect their bottom lines. Crass denial of global climate science is no loner sophisticated enough so what we see is Andrew Bolt  waving the flag of a skeptic when he's just a chameleon trying to change his color. He will slip because he hasn't any substantive facts  and we will yet again see him calling 97% of global science just another religion. Pastor Bolt's evidence apparently wont be aligned  with One Nation though.

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Andrew Bolt believes in truths told in colonial history as recorded by the Europeans


Europe’s Forgotten ‘Hitler’ Killed Over 10 Million Africans — But the West Erased it From History


Hanson may have lost a Senator

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You can't trust fucking Greeks their unwanted in politics and non Aryan  immigrants to boot . It's a wonder Bolt hasn't reminded us of Petro Georgiou the Liberal member for Kooyong who defended immigrants and refugees against Howard. He wasn't a Dutchman like Bolt that's for sure. What did Sally Morrel's father actually teach Andrew Bolt about Australia    Petro Georgiou returns to Parliament with a message for the Abbott ...

 Petro Georgiou warns of new 'dark chapter' in history in valedictory ...

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"Culleton will probably be stripped of his seat by the High Court, so Pauline Hanson can hope that his replacement will stay in her tent. Trouble is, that replacement will probably be Culleton's brother-in-law, Peter Georgiou, unless Hanson can engineer a safer successor:" Bolt
Oh dear, will Bolt and Hanson now declare Greeks shouldn't be allowed into Australia after all they are borderline Turks not true Aryans like Bolt.  Alexander was really Macedonian.

The case for Trump

 The case for Trump

Column 6 Nov If Clinton has been a tireless battler for social injustice since the age of 20. Fighting for Universal Health Care against the Insurance Industry. When 50,000 Americans die each year not because of illness but because they have no insurance or 1 million citizens dead over 20 years  to  feed the bottom Insurance companies and Trump wanting to tear down any effort of health care for everyone you know who has a case to be President. If those citizens had been Canadians ,English ,Cuban or even Chilean they wouldn't have faced an early death. When Ventolin costs 0. 10 cents in Cuba and $130 in the USA you know there is something wrong when Americans don't know and have simply been kept in the dark on issues like this by MSM so that they actually believe it's normal. It's when Fox News and the Andrew Bolts of the US are enabled to print lies and call it Free Speech and can sell a Case For Trump where is the informed voter. Politics simply becomes an emotional kneejerk of name calling in the schoolyard with Murdoch making millions selling a candidate he himself isn't about to vote for.A Case Study On Why Fox News Can’t Be Trusted: Bret Baier Edition




Sue the complainer instead

 Leak cartoon

"Some will say that this proves that the Press Council procedures work, but each complaint involves lawyers, money worry and time. The process is the punishment and the disincentive to keep going." Bolt  Andrew Bolt and Tony Abbott think the same way when some 10 NSW Liberals had to step down over accepting cash from developers and not declaring it Abbott said they did nothing wrong they were being unfairly punished by an unjust process that's all it was the fault of the law. Politicians can apparently take bribes according to Abbott.
Bolt is running the same argument it's fine to punch down humiliate, denigrate and stereotype people to make any point you like true or untrue and in this case taking the mickey out of the UN how by stereotyping ridiculing and basically lying about Indians. You see the truth is the Indian governments energy program is to deliver solar power as fast as possible to all rural India so it's has a self sufficient energy supply that doesn't pollute the country as does the fly ash residue caused by coal.  Bill Leak has a tendency to find humour in the ambiguous by stereotyping the victims and then flipping and saying he's criticizing those who are behind the curtain. you be the judge whether the laws is at fault and what Abbott and Bolt are doing is true. Politicians can take undeclared donations and cartoonists can punch down to their hearts content. That we need to be American and turn who ever we want into caricatures as the Americans have done their IndiansAndrew Bolt and some Australians miss these childhood memories that Americans are allowed to indulge themselves in.

Turnbull, arriving late to free speech, slaps Triggs

"Malcolm Turnbull today still refused to argue for changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. He said only that he wants others to agree to changes to restore free speech, but he did not argue for them himself. And that is weak." Bolt The first principal of ultra conservative revenge never blink and praise the enemy better to praise the enemy of your enemy than praise Malcolm.  To argue that the costs involved should determine the outcome of the law would simply destroy the very notion of what British Justice is about. Here is Bolt in total agreement  principles just don't count if your side is being accused. It's why Bolt is against legal aid it's an attack the poor rich.
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Will Zimmerman defend free speech now his is threatened?

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 They say there are no factions in the Liberal Party 
 Imagine that Zimmerman a Jew understands what Bolt finds gets in his way of making a shekel  able to denigrate and vilify anybody you want thus broadening your ability to make a dollar. Of course this stunt by the right wing faction of the Liberal Party will sink and go nowhere very quickly. Bolt however harbors a grudge against Jews who applaud Section 18C because it' a thorn when he tries to say he's a friend of the Jews. He may be a friend of Israel but he's certainly not regarded as a friend of the Jews. Even his support of Israel makes him a hypocrite given that states attitudes to the Freedom of Speech.
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 The FBI have gone from heroes to feather dusters again in just 4 days for no other reason but to show just false MSM media is. It simply shows rather than say we were wrong something Fox News or Andrew Bolt never do. They blame those they were praising for their good work. Better to settle behind closed doors but never say you made a mistake. In America you can do what ever you want. What you want is clicks and distribution and can say whatever you want because you are protected by the first amendment.  It's what Murdoch wants it's good for business but bad for Democracy. The clown show is the media not the FBI who don't and aren't in the business of public defence of what they do.


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"We really must trust to debate and the good sense of the public - as the US does." Who says this and why? Andrew Bolt of course  and  it's his argument for encouraging us to allow what he calls journalism of the American kind. News Fox is the model on which he basis a healthy Democracy misinformation,lies, and extreme vilification and offense. Yes Bolt wants us to be American with Roger Ayles running Sky and Breitbart the model for print media commentary. why? Because Andrew Bolt was caught out as a liar a journalist who paid no respect to the facts but had access to the resources to  widely spread the misinformation for paying clients.  Truth and lies could be treated the same bullshit and a paid PR narrative the goal of clients with deep pockets. It is the money making business model of Murdoch's global media, influence and the screwing up of Democracy. It's why Bolt is so desperate to reduce the trust paid a balanced public network like the ABC.The Doubt Machine: Inside The Koch Brothers’ War on Climate Science



Sure, attack Triggs. But, PM, what about your law?

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What a brat what self interested spoilt brat Bolt is going on endlessly about laws that prevent us becoming a mirror image of America today. Saturated by a media that doesn't  inform but merely dumbs down the electorate with spin. It's being overtaken by the individual comments found on twitter and  social media a cacophony of  knee-jerk opinions without analysis or any verified facts a total senseless blancmange. 

This plays to the opportunity of those with the money to influence by being the only source of more than two line thoughts the sultans of spin and propaganda. Bolt goes on and on and on about this wanting to seize the opportunity to be ahead of the pack. He's yes a spoilt child in the way he goes about it. Basically he's a tedious pain in the arse. How many ways are there to say the same thing?

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