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Will Behrendt's own article be banned for errors?

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Will Larissa Behrendt now have a court ban her article, too, for containing alleged errors of fact about her own family: "She was eleven years old [actually fourteen] when she as taken [saved?] and the Protection Board records [record] show that she gave birth to a child when she was thirteen [eighteen]. The child was taken from her [it wasn’t]..."

"Bolt was attacked inside and outside the court for his journalistic adventures in unspinning " Connor Connor like Bolt rely on official documentation for the "true story" yet there no such acceptance of Bolt's official documentation that in fact is regarded as incorrect and false he wasn't guilty what's good for the goose isn't for the gander in this case is it!!

 Banned for errors? Bolt was banned for vilification he pleaded innocence on the basis of public interest that failed because what he had written were judge to be loose facts and lies even now he can't get his story straight. He was caught out by his ex fiance playing Walter Mitty in print declaring he was working as a minder to a belly dancer when he was being kept by his good lady who he was engaged to at the time denying that he had a serious relationship with her. That the Cladder he gave her wasn't a symbol of intent. When sprung publicly he was made to make a public apology for yes you guessed it coloring the truth to such an extent that it was no longer recognizable and here he is on his high horse going for Larissa's jugular.

Who does Andrew Bolt the man in the suit turn to to sledge Larissa but Michael Connor of Quadrant on line. It's a bit of a combination isn't it the Clockwork Orange bovver boys of the Alt-Conservative press doing verbal revenge attack on a woman who they deem not to be an Aborigine. Except gutless Bolt steps back to allow Connor to do the kicking. Both these men caught in public or on the Box wouldn't be caught without their disguises on suits under which is hidden their true selves. They love it tag teaming like this to put boots and all into those they regard as opposition media. It's very American you know, it's Hannity of Fox News joining Steve Bannon of Breitbart to give someone a shellacking. In normal language this is cowardice on Bolt's part getting a conservative gun for hire to do his dirty work for him. Bolt identifies as and indigenous, conservative agnostic humanist who is a multilayered individual. Is that a joke? He expects to be identified as such. He doesn't give that consideration to Larissa Behrendt he does what white men have done for 225 years and defined her on his terms. Bolt and Connor are like two fat public school boys who don't recognize anyone other than their kind. Happy punch the lights out of those who offend them. Stan Grant described them to a tee.

Reading Andrew Bolt's Blog is fast becoming worse than the Gossip Mags who simply say " Ok you don't like it sue me" It's the quality he personally brings to the media.



Why Trudeau licked Castro's boots

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lavished so much love and praise on Fidel Castro, the Cuban dictator who died last week, that the question in wilder parts of the media is: is Trudeau in fact Castro's love child? What else could explain this idiocy?


Is Bolt for real? Irrational name calling from a distance is what Andrew Bolt offers by way of explanation for Justin Trudeau's admiration for  Fidel Castro. Turn to the song "That's all there is my friend" So let's get drunk. Yes that's Bolt. He could attack Nelson Mandela, 3 Popes, and the humanitarian actions of Cuba ready to help the third world wherever needed even in Australia. Yes Cuba sent volunteers to third world Australia  to places we refused to go. Indigenous Australia. Bolt our public intellectual who calls himself indigenous somehow missed them. Cuban literacy program comes to Indigenous Australians

Talk about ignoring human rights abuses 1) a 55 year trade embargo on Cuba goes a long way to explain an island united despite the enforced poverty put on them by the USA. 2) Currently Bolt is crying the we need more security because we are under attack and denies that has resulted in Human Right abuses here. The paranoia here was fabricated by Abbott for political reasons alone. Imagine the USA the CIA were directly involed in clandestine attacks on governments in Guatemala Nicaragua and throughout the Americas. They armed and financed the overthrow of democratically elected governments simply because they didn't like them. Reasons simply because they demanded US companies pay taxes.  Castro's paranoia was based on fact and Latin America's experience of the  reality of the USA's military involvement. Where is the context in anything Bolt says?  The Dulles Bros Secretary of State and head of the CIA, Oliver North,  CIA's insane plans and methods to kill Castro are legend. 3) All Bolt can say apart from name calling about Justin Trudeau is  the pitiful comments of an intellectual midget"This love for Castro was inherited from his parents:" Who is the this person called Andrew Bolt  who regards himself as an intellectual but is just an idiot in a suit? He's is Australia's largest media imbecile who lacks or shows any of the skills needed for rational argument or analysis.You’re Thinking About Fidel Castro All Wrong

Hanson wants debate on Aborigjnal identity
  Is Pauline Hanson for real? Governments need to be objectively involved in determining peoples identity what is an Abotiginal, a woman , a Catholic it seems Australians should not be responsible for defining themselves.  Well I'd agree if the purpose was to shut Andrew Bolt up who keeps telling us he is Indigenous. Hanson would be  Bolt's demonic Fidel Castro in drag if that were the case. She is Australia's extreme despot tyrant without military or the leader of  a one party government. 
Andrew Bolt wanted to debate Aboriginal Identity but went too far lied and was busted. 
 So we know they are on the same page. However why the urgency to restrict the freedom  thought of identity and particularly of Australia's indigenous peoples? Why should it be  determined by the likes of Pauline Hanson. South Africa liberated itself from the shackles of this straight jacket thinking that Hanson seems to believe Australia needs. It really seems an excuse for a further land grab of native title to me cultural genocide and completing the job colonials started.

Somali "refugee" in attack on university

Now a Somali, reportedly a refugee, stabs students at Ohio State University in what is being investigated as a possible terrorism attack.
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  And Bolt says he doesn't believe in Identity politics.  Criminal actions need to be investigated independently of color, creed or ethnicity in a multicultural democratic society. How often have monkey not do as monkey says? Bolt only singles out these criminal acts if they are committed by blacks, Muslims and Ethnics never mentioning the violence an mayhem that occurs on a much larger scale in societies in general. 
Bolt for all the information he actually provides could have used descriptives such as a "student" or a " logistics management major" or "a cum laude graduate"  but no he's excited by the term Somali had the suspect been anyone of those descriptives  and white Bolt would have ignored the incident altogether. He would have let it go to the wicketkeeper What's amazing  in today's 24/7 news cycle Bolt didn't weave "a love of Castro" into his narrative. What reall proves  Bolt's  bigotry is  20 Million Muslims March Against ISIS and The Mainstream Media Completely Ignores It  
an insignificant event for him
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Warming lies, blowing in the wind

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Terry McCrann: "The first and most important thing to understand about global warming true believers and the pushers of so-called 'renewable energy' is that they lie." Lie about the problem, lie about the fix, lie  about the cost.
29 Nov Am I the only one to realize there is nothing here about the latest scientific releases. Release last week on the record breaking Arctic heat wave or the record damage on the Great Barrier Reef. No nothing of the kind will be found here just liars calling others liars. Is Terry McCrann putting all his money into coal? Has Andrew Bolt invested in coal? McCrann sounds the desperate voice of an Industry who seems to have a marginal future. Would you pay 0.36 cents a day for a cleaner energy future. That's what Josh Frydenberg declares is a threat in the next 15 years if we go renewable.


Being of the Left: is it a get out of jail card?


Here's another reason that I don't fancy my chances before any court. A Queensland magistrate  applauds a young Labor president charged for protesting against Peter Dutton’s tough immigration laws, saying, “if one of my daughters was caught doing like you did, I’d probably be very proud of her”.
29 Nov The Coalition has been in government for 14 of the past 20 years. That's a long time however they have spent that 14 years complaining that they can't govern. We know they can't govern. We know they can complain and it's the voice of their media associates that amplify the complaint which makes it sound that they simply don't have a mandate and are simply out of control. Particularly when according to Bolt fines should represent what the police costs were to bring the charges. Given the levels of corruption found in the Queensland Police force when Dutton was  a member that system would take justice right out of the equation. It sound as if the magistrate thought it a trivial prosecution and treated it accordingly and Dutton's association with the police  stood for nothing in the court room while it seemed to influence his mates in blue. Dumb is dumb isn't it any wonder they are still called plodders.

Student reject Labor MP's apology for race smear

I am not surprised student Calum Thwaites is furious about the mealy-mouthed "apology" he got from Labor frontbencher Terri Butler, who smeared him as a  liar and a racist to defend the wicked Racial Discrimination Act. See you in court, he says. Karma.  
29 Nov
Reminds me of Ashby when he was used to go after Peter Slipper. This has the feeling of the Coalition dirt brigade at work more than anything else. Is this what we want from our political parties. Who is funding this given Bolt told us these poor students were sooo broke? 

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