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Andrew Bolt's Blog,8/11/16; Triggs is a Professional Mediator and Conciliator; Bolt is a wanna be Trump; Polls and what's left unsaid;

Andrew Sullivan: Trump, America, and the Abyss


I believe history is just repeating. Tony Abbott was as negative as Donald Trump even before the Don was sacking apprentices on TV. TV actually had us believing in reality and Joan Rivers was the canniest of all why? Because Donald Trump had declared Joan the best heavy hitter. Didn't she die within 12 months and doesn't that make Trump the worst recruiter on a reality show? Today he's been recruiting Americans does any one think fo a moment that Joan would give him the thumbs up? She knows a Jewish hater, we know Donald he was always........


Remember when Turnbull used Triggs to hurt Abbott?

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  Who are you most likely to trust here?

"Triggs was then a useful ally for Turnbull in his campaign to woo the media and make Abbott seem a divisive Right-wing extremist:s" Bolt

Abbott didn't "seem" a right wing divisive extremist he was one and like Trump and he split the Liberal Party simply because he found it easier to play politics than actually attempt to confront problems make constructive policies to solve them. He wasn't called Mr Nope for nothing and it became  no surprise he almost surpassed John Gortons record for doing nothing in government. Julia Gillard beat Tony Abbott hands down and negotiated 100 more Bills than Abbott ever did in the same period. Abbott found it easier to sit back and import Tea Party Politics to Australia and read through what the IPA wanted than come up with anything original or even  considered for the country.  His "Team Australia" was original wasn't it helped recruit disenchantment and alienated some Australians  who were told they weren't good enough while encouraging the rise of right wing Australian groups. It was so reminiscent of Cronulla a media manufactured political event.

Yes " Gillian Triggs.  is a very distinguished international legal academic. I knew her when she was the Dean of Law at Sydney University." MT You can't get better credentials than that when have you heard Andrew Bolt or Tony Abbott pay respect to that history. She is a respected expert on International Law and her opinions aren't fabricated the way Bolt and Abbott's are they are not personal but constructed within legal parameters and not for purely political reasons. It's why Lawyers see Bolt as a joke and Abbott little more than a political thug. These two geniuses are the ones who claim D Bjorn Lomborg is a goliath when it comes to Climate Change. That alone says more about their ability for judgement within academic parameters and  should indicate their poverty of ability to judge Triggs

The fact of the matter the HRC doesn't send cases to court it tries to conciliate and arbitrate privately and when agreements can't be reached it' up to the parties involved to decide what to do not the HRC. That's something neither Abbott or Bolt attest to which makes them either ignorant of the law or just playing politics and unfortunately it's the latter. Ask yourselves what would Trump do and you will find exactly same because they are cut from the same cloth.

 By the way let's not forget Abbott lied to Bolt about  promising to reform the RDA and Bolt didn't spit fire and brimstone at him he's posturing. What Bolt loves to call the anti- Freedom of Speech laws they really aren't. These are laws rightly to prevent  the"Freedom to lie and deceive" and  turn us into a carbon copy of America today and the privilege given to NewsCorp it doesn't have here. Why does Bolt treasure that thought  of unshackling his freedom to lie because of the  extra commercial and influential power it gives Murdoch media. It prostitutes any notion of a level playing field where we all have access to the resources Bolt does.

Hedley Thomas is really informative  isn't he when he refrences a quote by Triggs 

  “We kept on with it because we had every belief in the university and the students and Ms (Cindy) Prior (the complainant) that they were acting in good faith and would conciliate. After 12 or 13 months, it became very clear that we could not conciliate and therefore we terminated it, which allowed the parties to go to court if they wanted to.”...

 So why according to Thomas should Triggs be " subjected to searing scrutiny for its abject handling of this case and perhaps others we never hear of."? For hearing and assessing a complaint  in private. Conciliation and mediation isn't done in the public arena.  Why give the politicians anyone uninvolved cannon fodder. How many complaints have been made about Andrew Bolt we never get to hear of? How many are settled privately and  are never made public. We don't know. Do we hear Bolt livid about that privacy? We only do  when it comes to court and like Trump he accepts the decision only when he wins. Oh the noise when he loses. 

 There was 12-13 months not 3-4 days of conciliation Mr Thomas your attempted shot  failed hit the dart board. Conciliation and Mediation are not of public concern which Thomas and Bolt  try to make them out to be.  The Family Court has  a process of Conciliation and Mediation are they meant to be public and thrown into the public arena? Triggs was right and was acting  prudently and in that private capacity  and the role of the HRC was  to try to resolve the differences that had arisen.


IT makes the troll too dangerous

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Bolt's banner is so obscure as to be meaning less ! The fact is technology is fast becoming a public assett and governments are really at a loss to stop it. Drones are becoming a public resource weapons  are as well.  It's why terrorism created, encouraged and incited by the likes of Andrew Bolt  is becoming broader and open to any number of skilled people and not just the uneducated. 

Bolt and creates lists condemning, stereotyping and targeting groups and painting them in negative terms. They are individuals being dared to  push back so he can say I told you so. Facts aren't necessary innuendo will do mistakes can be made and never corrected they all fulfill the purpose  of defining individuals as "them' to be afraid of.  While he supports and encourages right wingers the ones he calls patriots to stand up and be counted. When they do and get arrested he abandons them instantly. He's shaping the very opinions he condemns and says  he doesn't Bolt is worse than vilifiers he recruits them and eggs them on to go further. He has  the resources to stir the pot of violence and  wants to create an atmosphere of fear. He is Trump. It's just what Trumpians have been doing for the past year and Fox News leading the way.


Labor soars as government flounders

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Don't bother it's a Paywall for The Australian. Coupled with omitting one major contradiction Why do Australians still see Malcolm Turnbull as our preferred PM. Andrew Bolt avoids this and more on the eve of the world's biggest poll where he is a Trump supporter. Turning to Newspoll seems as if he can't stand saying he was wrong. Wrong that his dog Ted Cruz isn't running, wrong that his dog Donald  will be beaten and wrong that a woman wont be president. Bolt is so wrong he's turned to give Nikki Savva a boot. Bolt isn't a commentator's rear end. 


How to interpret polls, by Emma Husar

Bolt: The Pot calling the Kettle black. Bolt tends to avoid telling everything polls reveal if they don't suit him. However here he's just attacking a woman. Bolt's said some extremely stupid things over the years and what does he do he too acts like Emma ignores them. Remember when he called Abbott a dog and he no longer had a dog in the race so he wasn't interested anymore. How stupid was that? "I'm Indigenous" he is still saying it and still being laughed at particularly when speaking to a constitutional lawyer. Bolt simply searches for situations like Emma's so he doesn't look as big a klutz.


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