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Andrew Bolt's Blog 11/12/16; Conservatives Hate the Pope more than Liberals; Bolt's mocks the Pope at every opportunity; Humans adjust institutions don't; Fake News Bolt would be a nobody in the USA;

Image result for Images of POPE hateAndrew Bolt hates the man

Liberal MPs "fear" Christians

It says something sad about the ideological drift of the Liberals that Christian members are now seen as a threat and part of a "takeover" that inspires "fears": "Liberals MPs have spoken out over fears church groups are attempting to 'seize control of the party' in a grassroots takeover."

  Conservatives hate Christians more they ar way beyond 'fear'.  Bolt the self proclaimed Agnostic is Anti- the Pope, Anti- the Gosford Anglican Church, Anti - Catholics against Pedophilia, Pro Exclusive Bretheren , Pro Mormons,  and other weird sects. Yet he claims to be non religious but only special one of the elect. He sounds very much a Dutch Calvinist to me. The question unanswered is what does he say the Jehovah Witnesses when they knock?
Somehow "ideological drift" is unexplained. However it appears as far as Bolt is concerned if you are a lefty and a Christian god-botherer your worse than an Agnostic. It says something sad about the ideological drift of the Liberals that Christian members are now seen as a threat and part of a "takeover"  
 I was always lead to believe the DLP the right wing Catholics of the Labor movement  where Tony Abbott sprung were the back stabbers and people like Bolt the Agnostics were the swingers that weren't to be trusted because they tended to be left of the anti- commie Micks. Bolt claims he's Agnostic and not right wing  a traditional independant thinker. That alone sounds a load of bollocks to me "a traditional independant thinker" is an oxymoron and we know Bolt is one. Does anybody actuall believe his verbal shit? He also says his favorite  smell in the the world is shit as well as his wifes it's what he puts on the garden in and outdoors no doubt."I spread 50kg of the stuff around the garden at the home in the tiny town we’re gradually moving to. To me, the smell is of a garden 
 To my wife, all that is pure chicken shit and a stench that creeps malevolently as far as Melbourne, where she will stay until the rains have smothered the stink. "
Obviously his wife bends over backwards for Bolt who spends a lot of time hiding
 Hmm. I know. My life really does lack some outward excitement, yet this is now what gives me maximum pleasure. But I did buy a painting. Bolt has always been a braggart looking for sympathy.


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Pope's academy tells priests to teach global warming

Once the Catholic Church decreed the sun revolved around the earth. Now this mad Pope is at it again:  "The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences   has concluded that global climate change is real and is caused, at least in significant part, by human activity. The new guidelines suggest ... priests .... will share this with their congregation."
"This Pope is trying to turn the church to the worship of a new god: Gaia."Bolt. Thinking about the planet is secondary to Andrew Bolt . Apparently god intended man to think about himself first and be rewarded. Isn't that the crux of the Protestant Ethic. Reap the rewards of the work of others and recieve god's blessing. That's always been Bolt's "ideological drift". There's no contradiction in moving to the country working in the garden with the intent to feed the Koalas. The Pope a wanker, or somebody is.

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Subsidising polygamy

Why are we paying for lifestyle choices we consider so unhealthy and unproductive that we ban them by law? "Centrelink is ignoring Islamic polygamy, paying spousal benefits to Muslim families with multiple wives in an effort to save taxpayers’ money."  
Bolt's found another idea to sell you via his Paywall for the the Herald Sun.  A beat up of  a situation that Centerlink has been aware of for years and one that's not strictly Muslim.   That are polygamous relationships  are ripping off Centerlink. Centerlink however doesn't seem to agree with Bolt these claims are in fact costing us less. But as usual Bolt is selective in his attraction to the story because it's Muslim specific and biased against the religion. 
  Australians in general are doing the same thing if not costing us more money in Welfare and they have probably been doing it in greater numbers for a longer period  than Muslims.
 The fact that Centerlink  know and don't police it tells more about the rationality behind the system than the morals involved in polygamous relationships. Is Centerlink the moral police no but Andrew Bolt certainly is eager to be.
 Humans adjust to survive Centerlink doesn't. Muslims take second wives under strict religious conditions unlike non Muslims. If not adhered to they are Haram or living in sin. Bolt ignores the moral diferences. So if persons are breaking the strict  religious code of Muslim ethics they aren't Muslim. Nevertheless Bolt ignores that these families by the way aren't doing anything illegal. So what's Bolt's bug? Christians Australians are doing the same and claiming the maximum possible off welfare why is Bolt being Muslim specific?  Why  is he so biased? Oh yes we forgot he's just being a normal ultra racist, Islamophobic and  ultra Assimilationist. He has a long list of complaints in his little black book. Basically Andrew Bolt's a second generation Aussie who exists on the fringe of multicultural Australia with which we have and understanding.  He's a prick we don't want and he knows we think so. What can you do with someone born here who has spent over half his life feeling he doesn't belong and the other half pretending he things have changed.
Above is a lesson for Bolt and Centerlink
Andrew Bolt overlooks the very essence of his own profession critical analysis, the social construction of reality and it's testing. The Sociology of Knowledge isn't meaningless to Bolt it the heart and soul of his perspective. Bolt  has chosen a side a a very minority side that says if your not with me your against me. In the main everybody is against him. " Hmm. I know. My life really does lack some outward excitement, yet this is now what gives me maximum pleasure. ".  Bolt even writes of his aloneness and it's not lonliness. His aloneness is his social reality was constructed years ago by the narrow mindedness of his small world upbringing. Travel doesn't break those chains. To agree to a statement that says" That there is an in principle objection to a doctor deliberately helping a patient comitt suicide" and declaring there to be a universal principle is denying that reality is socially constructed and in constant change. Therefore society can be readily changed if realized that the one principle doesn't fit all is taken into account. With the longevity of life extended comes complications that no longer fit this rock solid principle.
 The idea that all doctors even agree to that principle is  a denial of reality a figment of a singular imagination. If reality is so conflicted journalists are duty bound by their methods and standards to reveal that and question all sides of the argument putting it before us. To say that the ABC doesn't do that beggars belief. Whether Bolt disbelieves it doesn't matter it is our most trusted news and information provider.

More Doctors Confessing To Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer To Make Money 

 It happens more often than you can imagine, but more doctors are finally getting caught in the act of misrepresenting their oath and fraudulently diagnosing healthy patients with cancer to turn a quick buck from kickbacks on chemotherapy poisons.

To say that journalists are all just opinionaters like Bolt is the denial of the very practice of journalism itself and all that exists rhetoric without substance.   So Bolt prefers the USA where today the rhetoric about fake news is so strong that it can't be defined. Donald Trump doesn't lie and Bolt who in Octber condemned the man is now normalizing him. That flipping and flopping for vested interests sake is and example of what  Australia could become in 20 years  if the US is the guide to future. 50% living life below the poverty line not knowing the truth but under permanent surveillance a new meaning given to Democracy. The media will be flooded with Andrew Bolt's but he will be a very forgotten yesterday's man. 
As for voluntary euthanasia the electorate might prefer laws that  give individuals more choice but Bolt is arguing for the reverse in Birth , Marriage  and even Death which is significantly different from what he claims are freedoms individuals are entitled to and what he's fighting for. What Bolt doesn't tell you.  Former News Corp CEO wins Radio National slot as full ABC cuts revealed | Media | The Guardian

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