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Andrew Bolt's Blog 13/12/16; Bolt sprung lying about poor Pauline; Bolt defends the Victorian treatment of children;


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Essential poll: Turnbull slumps again

Essential Poll has the Turnbull Government falling back again to just 47 per cent to Labor's 53. This was after the Liberals congratulated themselves on finishing the year strongly.

  We know just how much Bolt crowed at the poor performance of the polls recently. He's flipped and trying to tell us just how accurate they are. He never mentions the ones that compare Abbott and MT as preferred PM nor does he like any News Corp or ex News Corp journalists or opinionators that give him a tick. However why didn't he shut Janet Albrechtsen down as he did Nikki Savva ,Paul Kelly, Chris Mitchell or Miranda Devine down. Bolt supports commercial cross selling no value in Tim Blair he's turned to the unmade bed Rowan Dean who publishes him and Quadrant. He advertizes them as they do him in selling "opinion" not giving away information out of necessity but just personal profit. He's such a braggart and can't help himself telling us "I have just bought my country palace and another painting" Does he really expect a chorus of "well done"? 
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Greens' conspiracy theory busted: Trump gains in recount

The US Greens party was so sure Donald Trump must have stolen the election that it demanded a recount of the vote in several states. Most requests were denied as  wastae of time and money, but the results of the Wisconsin recount are now in. Oops: Trump's vote actually went up
  No mention that Hilary Clinton's popular vote is heading nearer the 3mill vote more that Trump or that Trump is in agreement that the Electoral College is a scam on American Democracy. Not a sound from him praising Trump on what he believes. It's just win no matter. That's the world Bolt advocates for Australia self interest to dominate mat the best group win. 




Hypocrisy exposed: A Leftist academic's war with free speech

Cut & Paste does a brilliant job exposing the hypocrisy of academic Nick Riemer. Free speech for him but not for you. Isn't that the Left all over, fighting not for the principle but the tribe? Read and weep.
 When it comes to "free speech" Bolt believes anything goes. No matter how much it costs us the taxpayers to counter the misinformation that it draws. Politicians now along with public service departments Royal Commissions all have PR departments to counter factless spin put out by the likes of Andrew Bolt. Spin and sensationalized media beat ups not given away but sold by  commercial MSM for profit.  Trained journalists are lost falling out of the trees as unwanted fruit to leave experienced liars to write anything and everything that will rate. Ask yourself why the Bolt Report ratings are such a well hidden secret. Because nobody would subscribe or advertise on Sky if they were made public. Proof Channel 10 were happy to wave goodbye even when Bolt's show was gifted to them.


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The real "fake news": that Russians and morons stole the US election

Remember how the Left, when it assumed Clinton would win, jeered that Donald Trump would be a sore loser who wouldn't accept the result? Now it's Hillary Clinton's team claiming the election was rigged by the Russians and by people fooling millions of pro-Trump morons with "fake news". You'd laugh, if it wasn't so sinister.
 Lets face it Mel Gibsons film Hacksaw Ridge got 5 stars from 120 media critics in America and 20 absolute baggings. The 20 smears all from Hollywood the very very business and unforgiving  end of Hollywood itself. The very powerful end of the film business that declared the anti-semite would never get another gig. Well it seems he has and AACTA praised him. Here's Bolt calling the majority of media across America and those that agree even the most powerful Republicans "morons". Whose Bolt's first port of call link to prove his point it's not Breibart that would be too obvious it's The Daily Caller. Yet another branch of ultra conservative  media run by once advisers to war criminal Dick Cheney. Supreme Court Confirms 20-Year Prison Sentence For Ex-VP Dick ...
" In March 2015 Daily Caller columnist Mickey Kaus quit after editor Tucker Carlson refused to run a column critical of Fox News coverage of the immigration policy debate. Carlson, who also works for Fox, reportedly did not want the Caller publishing criticism of a firm that employed him.[ Journalist Neil Munro quit two weeks later.
This is the quality of media organizations Andrew Bolt hold closee 

 One Nation Senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts.
Jews United: Pauline Hanson And Malcolm Roberts Sent Packing - New Matilda
Andrew Bolt was sprung yet again for his false news 

" The Herald Sun loves to claim that white people saying racist things are being silenced for their totally reasonable and legitimate concerns about minority communities. It has already begun to spin the shocking tale of the day that far leftists silenced One Nation and stopped them from addressing a Jewish audience in Melbourne."NS
" What really happened is that a small but diverse group of Jews intended to protest One Nation. Rather than face a few hundred protestors, One Nation cancelled the event. There is no evidence that any violence was being planned, let alone that the heavy police presence would have been unable to contain it."
 What Bolt left out of his narrative was that it was the Jews doing the protesting against One Nation and Bolt was supporting Pauline against a community that didn't want her there. What is interesting is the the invitation was made by an IDF recruiter of Australians to go and join the IDF in Israel and possibly fight in clandestine operations against Syria and protect Israeli settlers in the illegal occupation of the Palestinian West Bank and East  Jerusalem.

Hanson was invited by Avi Yemini to “help Australians join the Israel Defence Forces”. Writing to gym members, Yemini explained that “we help people interested in joining the IDF, by supporting them through the process of applying from Australia and ensuring their training is top notch so that they are physically prepared”.
“People will compare what we’re doing to Islamic State, but people need to remember there’s a big difference,” said Yemini.
Yemini is a big fan of One Nation. And Andrew Bolt. It is hard to know what they might have in common.
About a week ago, Yemini commented on a story about Waleed Aly. Yemini explained “If we’d got our immigration policy right all those years ago, we wouldn’t be stuck with this POS on our TV screens every night. Time to send Waleed home. #sickofhisshit”.NS


Making the offender a martyr, not to be questioned

This is reckless. Dylan Voller is in a youth jail after more than 50 offences, including 23 for assault. He has spat hundreds of times at warders. Yet first the ABC portrays him as a victim of brutality, and now a royal commission gives him a stage and  lets him slander 31 officers without any cross examination. 

  When lies follow lies and which they do, when Andrew Bolt is concerned that public relations is necessary to combat him. He is the one whose simply pushing taxpayer costs up for disallowing due process to occur. Bolt wants to drive our costs up rather than have a  civil society. Our  expense is a measure of corporate media profit by  being able to beat up stories at will for attention, sales, and their bottom line. They destroy truth. TRUTH is something that politicians and media the likes of Andrew Bolt have convinced us to believe rather than TRUTH based on factual evidence, arguments and assertions. They are intent on destroying investigation in their wake. So given Andrew Bolt is a convicted defamer and liar what on earth gives him the accreditation and character reference to declare Daniel Voller a liar? Nothing really except News Corp and age. Both are in suits both have been convicted Bolts a tad more educated but not much more than Voller. The age makes Voller more reckless than Bolt and it make Bolt more afraid with more security. Their biggest difference is their class and with that alone Bolt believe he has not just more money but cultural capital. Frankly that only makes Bolt capable of being the bigger liar as he has a platform.
 Daniel Voller now has one too and Bolt needs to attack it. The  Royal Commission Bolt says is corrupt because our whole society is corrupt and lead by leftists. Bolt's using Murdoch media to claim the position of judge and jury for himself a usurper of due process. The man has never met the parties concerned. Bolt's hypocrisy goes as far as declaring Voller guilty of just being an 11 year old kid. Conducting himself in the ways many kids do. The issue  being why haven't Bolt's kids  been caught for smoking and other things Mary Jane Bolt has kids too but doesn't even begin to sugges they were anything but angels. Was it because they were NT Aboriginal kids busted for trivial things white kids don't get treated as harshly for? This isn't the Daniel Voller story Bolt This is the story of Juvenile Justice and a system in which exceptional behavior has become systemically normalized. Behaviors Bolt declares justified.

Bolt provides a lot of description of  trivial offenses committed by a child that weren't treated  harshly enough  apparently. Offenses if punished by a parent or a teacher in the manner of Don Dale would have them like the caring guards at  Don Dale in court and on charges. It seems Bolt is all for the return of the Victorian treatment of children as in Oliver Twist. Who would you believe given the real story of what happened  to Pauline Hanson or Bolt's narrative a total distortion. The man in the suit a convicted liar and opinionator or the boy in the suit who lacks the maturity and cunning of Andrew Bolt. A boy who doesn't practice the look of sincerity on the Bolt Report 5 nights a week.  Daniel Voller might be an artful dodger wit a hot temper but Bolt is far more dangerous he's paid for his skills to beat up stories and sell them for filthy lucre. Public relations  is a very much needed by all Royal Commissions when you have Bolt's around pushing up the costs in the free market place of media crap
Bolt's the primitive that is happy to chainsaw tree after tree because the concept of a forest just isn't in his interest to even consider. That's the difference between me and we thinking!

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