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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 24/12/16; The Fake News industry is weaker without Bolt; ABC tops polls of trust; Anti -Simeteic Vigilante Murdoch Media;

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Melbourne's Xmas Terrorists and then there were 3 maybe with no connection to any overseas groups.

Chicago at Christmas

Anyone got an ideas what a visitor with a couple of sons can do in Chicago on Christmas Day? Apart from eat and skate.

  Emergency the father of two men Andrew Bolt doesn't know what to do with his adult sons in Chicago at Xmas. Guess they lost touch years ago.  Too old too sophisticated for Leggo Land and too Christian for anything else. It simply doesn't sound as if they are friends anymore. It's seems a case of feeling trapped in Punishment Park together at Xmas.  They are in the USA and have picked up an extra day to have fun waiting. Perhaps dad could buy them some Art on a stick.
 Hey guys you could leave him in the room to blog and I'm sure he'd be happier. and you two could do whatever you wanted. 
Yes like last year Bolt talks of his family as if they were baggage a problem to go away with. As if he'd be fancy free and footloose without them. It's what cultural feeling Bolt wants all Australians to aspire and assimilate to. It's his Aussie way of life and he's broadcasting the spirit of it. The fact Bolt has to ask for moderated comments   shows just what a sad dad he really is. Totally a man out of context and a context that could well do without the man.
 This will brighten up Andrew's day, he must  know by now that  Melbourne's MSM Fake News industry is at a loss without him. The 7  deadly Muslim terrorists he was celebratin yesterday are now only 3 and going down. Melbourne's witch hunters were obviously an over excited lot and have found it  difficult  without Andrew Bolt's narrative to back them up. All they seemed do was help fill news space  with news about "what could have been if." Something Andrew Bolt is an expert at. Isn't that the perfect storm  of a successful Fake News Industry? Or is it just the sign of a fucked up city chasing down ghosts and minorities for the sake sowing the seeds of paranoia in 4 million people and alienating some youth for the sake of seeming to be in control.  His two sons must feel really thrilled to be with dad to be able to talk these things over in the days before Xmas seeming to feel a great family. A Xmas to remember and you even picked up an extra day of fun to enjoy a white one together.
Inspiration comes to the young from various directions which Bolt fails to understand 
 Bob Marley - Get up, stand up 1980 - YouTube
 Yothu Yindi - Treaty - YouTube  
The Internationale in English - YouTube

The biggest mistake in the history of science

Science is one of the most remarkable inventions of humankind. It has been a source of inspiration and understanding, lifted the veil of ignorance and superstition, been a catalyst for social change and…
Source: The biggest mistake in the history of science
" But race theory  wreaked untold misery and been used to justify barbaric acts of colonialism, slavery and even genocide. Even today it’s still used to explain social inequality, and continues to inspire the rise of the far right across the globe."
" From the very beginning, the arbitrary and subjective nature of race categories was widely acknowledged. Most of the time races were justified on the grounds of cultural or language differences between groups of people rather than biological ones."
 Andrew Bolt still continues to apply a cultural differentiation to justify his demands for a one way street of Assimilated progress rather than  a multicultural one. While science has given up arguments of a racial hierarchy Politicians and Conservatives haven't and continue to use it to justfy their social position in a Capitalist society denying any need for fundamental change.
  ABC most trusted news source, poll shows, after Turnbull minister accuses it of 'fake news'
 What can't be said of News Corp the most intense media focussed  lobbyists in Australia.
People trust the ABC more than any other news source and would like to see it given more money and protected from political interference, research shows.
  Jewish Family Flees County After Fox News Falsely Blames Them For Canceling Christmas Play
The Bolt Squad at Fox creating Fear and Fake News

A Jewish family had to flee a Pennsylvania county after Fox News and Breitbart reported untrue stories that they had shut down a school Christmas play. Centerville Elementary School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania canceled their annual production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol this year primarily because the production requires 20 hours of classroom time to […]

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