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Post-truth is staring Julia Baird in the mirror

Julia Baird, of the ABC Left, complains about "not just about the abandonment of fact, but how ... trust in the media is the lowest it has been since 1972". Baird blames Trump for  her "post-truth" glums, but let me hand her a mirror.
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"So who are these misogynists - these women-haters - whose "visceral sexism" and "anxieties about women and power" were exposed by the rise of our first Prime Minister?
Let's take Baird's examples in order." Bolt
This is the quality of work you can expect from gender hater Andrew Bolt who conflates sexism with the simplicity of gender -ism and the clear cut distinction of both. Women apparently can't be sexists even when they wrote a book like the Female Eunuch. Bolt the dumb C he is sets about naming Women and Leftists trying to respond to answering  Baird's issues.
He  lists a number of women and men who have made disparaging remarks against Julia Gillard proving Baird right not wrong about Australian Culture. When  even the people on
the list get things so wrong Australia culturally does remain a backwater compared to the USA. Dumb gets dumber when Bolt says "Few readers of the New York Times would have known just who  the examples Baird gave were that smeared Gillard but New Yorkers didn't need to know. Baird was talking about us all.

 Bolt who thinks he's an intellectual legend in his own lunch time can't see what it is Baird is actually saying that we are  culturally lagging behind on the issue after so many years. DUH
"Had they
realized those examples of "misogyny" in fact came from a veteran feminist, a female ex-unionist, a female journalist, a speech-coach writing for a far-Left newspaper and a Liberal Senator speaking three years before Gillard actually rose to power, would they have accepted Baird's thesis that women-haters destroyed Gillard?" Bolt
Yes if they understood the article which presumably the did more than Andrew Bolt.
"Julia Baird, former ABC journalist and voted one of Australia’s Top 100 Intellectuals, has no trouble fooling the New York Times about the women-hatred she alleges brought down Julia Gillard."Bolt 
 I think Bolt has an issue with Baird being described as an intellectual on a list where he isn't. However that's just a guess on my part but knowing Bolt I'm happy believing I've hit the bull's eye. But then he is as thick as a brick and believes he's on the mark when it comes to logic and clear thinking.Given Julia Baird is seriously ill Bolt realizes that smearing her won't bring on a rapid come back any time soon. One can only ask is that  his  nature, nurture or a mixture of both. It's living proof however that Julia Baird's argument is right and Bolt not only fails the logic test but the empathy and understanding one as well. He does however pass the public idiot test with flying colors.

As for media distrust Andrew Bolt & News Corp have  taken the Herald Sun and anything Andrew Bolt has to do with to the least trusted or believed media source in the country. Well don Andrew Bolt. News Corp have now taken full control of Sky News no doubt it will mirror Fox News  and take it to the least trusted audio and visual broadcaster in the country. It's ratings are a closely guarded secret. I wonder why?
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Who lets them in?

The evidence is overwhelming that out refugee program puts Australians in danger. There was the Muslim Lebanese intake, and, more recently, the Sudanese. But then there's also the Afghans - like violent gang leader Farhad Qaumi.
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Bolt is like a head master in a Catholic Boarding school walking around picking out the bad seeds bad behavior he see's in the kids ordering them to confession to repent and be punished for their sins. Train and don't spare the rod his philosophy. He's got his black book in hand and his list which he attends to daily. His garden of weeds. 

He just can't figure out why some kids don't seem to fit in. It would never occur to Fr Bolt that the school has active group of pedophile staff and that the very school was the enabler of far greater crimes that have gone unlisted simply  because of it's very existense. Or that Bolt a devotee of Western Christian values is trying to run his school in China, India or the Middle East . Bolt  is a living example of the saying" he can't see the forest for the trees." But then Bolt doesn't believe in the notion of a forest in the first place so he says it's just a nation of trees or individuals. That is total bullshit. However concept of forestry management is beyond him. He's got his book and his list and it tells him which trees need the chop. However every tree has  faults so when does he stop only he knows. Farhad Qaumi is in Bolt's book he's a great example for Bolt's narrative of chop.

Muslim Lebanese, Sudanese Afghan individuals are examples Bolt searches for because Bolt does not  want to prove his case studies are just exceptions to the rule but are in fact the rule  and that ethnic integration is in fact the exception it doesn't exist. Bolt wants us to believe Ethnicity and Creed are the triggers and explanation for his little book of deviance. However the statistics simply prove him wrong so he often calls the the Social scientists, the police and record collectors wrong and even conspiratorial. Isn't that what the extreme Left do?

" Other Afghan refugees: Mohammad Ali Baryalei, who became a leading recruiter for the Islamic State before joining it in Syria, and Numan Haider, the Islamic State follower who stabbed two police in Melbourne. Add to them the rapist who told the court his background was to blame, and the teenager accused to trying to buy a suicide vest."

 Andrew Bolt demands that of himself and says it's wrong when he so easily gets stereotyped. Well what's he doing here if not stereotyping these 3. Bolt switches and changes he's a weather cock,  the misguided researcher trying to fit his collection of examples into his  singular theory to prove a rule when in fact these 3 are exceptions and their Ethnicity and Creed  are not the primary reasons to explain their behavior. History  tells us that there are thousands of integrated Afghanis in Australia  and that  Bolt's wrong. 

That the statistics change over the years and that Afghanis Sudanese and Lebanese aren't just what Bolt want's them to be bad seeds. In fact Bolt is living proof of why we need Section 18C  he is a person charged and found guilty of Vilification, and defamation 2-3 times a multiple serial offender and we can be sure a target of multiple complaints like Haron Monis. Complaints  by Australians of better standing. Bolt his is a living example of his own question who let him in. He is a convicted pest.

 We did because  multiculturalism and diversity is a plus even when we hear Bolt  born here offend us. He told us he's never felt Australian for over 30 years. That's over half his life. He says he does now  but then we know what monkey says this  monkey doesn't do. He'd chop down the forest of the Aussie "fair go " if he was forestry manager that's for sure.

Try beating this anti-Trump insanity

Tim Blair has detected peak ani-Trump insanity: a Democrat fundraiser who checked himself into a psychiatric unit for three days to cope with his grief over Trump's win. And he actually wrote it up.
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It seems shame has brought Bolt to acknowledge Tim Blair the once Bevis to Bolt's Butthead? In the past months he's been replaced by Rowan Dean as his side kick. Yesterday Bolt took Bevi's article and presented it as his own until the very very last minute which could easily have gone unnoticed by his lazy readers who don't demand Bolt verify anything he writes. Today in a kiss and make up to Bevis he's acknowledged him.  Like a Mack, horn blaring and accelerating downhill through an intersection the driver high on ice Bolt has strapped Tim Bevis Blair to the bull bar. 
"People, we now have the single finest leftoid reaction to Donald Trump’s election win. Please pour yourselves a drink and enjoy. This cannot be beat."Bolt 
 It seems Bevis Blair has a doppelganger in print somewhere in NewYork and doesn't realize it. Butthead Bolt on the other hand rarely realizes the truth of anything. One may ask what happened to Bolt's new BBF Rowan suffering over exposure?




Racism banned, except the legal kind

Which of these two Victorian Government advertisements in the  Pakenham Gazette is correct? The one saying it is "unlawful for an advertiser to show any intention to discriminate on the basis of sex, pregnancy, race"? Or the one advertising a job for "Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants only"?
 Bolt actually believes people can read this photo
  Given  racist clauses already exist in our constitution  something Andrew Bolt only accepts when it's convenient for him to acknowledge an argument can readily be made that there is a distinction between positive discrimination and Reverse Racism.  History reveals the institutional racism that has existed since Australia was colonized and it wasn't against Bolt's kind. If he can prove he identifies as indigenous as he claims to he to can apply for the job. However Bolt needs to meet the 3 conditions that go to prove he's a indigenous Australian. What are his chances? That's the caliber of our public intellectual be proud Australia. Only someone trying to sell you something could call him that, Bolt and his publisher.








Hinch says Turnbull suggested his ABCC sabotage

Derryn Hinch was attacked as a CFMEU stooge for telling the Turnbull Government to add a two-year delay in making the anti-union provisions binding on companies in exchange for his vote. Now he says it was Malcolm Turnbull who suggested it to him.
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Given this is little more than a Paywall post for The Australian to con you into subscribing to reading even more Murdoch media bias any further comment is futile. Factless comments do nobody any good and Bolt is a master at the factless comment.

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