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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 7/12/16; Joke of the day Bolt protecting a Mundine while smearing him; Bolt using the language applied to pedaphiles on Teachers; Publicizing Rudd to destroy Turnbull; Using Costello; Fake News is good News for Bolt; Albrechtsen unscathed? Austria ignored:


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Leftist white talks all over Aborigine

What is it that makes the Left so rude? Sorry about the headline's appeal to victim politics, but I know just how the Left would report such rudeness if it came from  me, rather than the aggressive Van Badham.
It goes to show just how pathetic Andrew Bolt is stigmatizing Warren Mundine just because he's black and an Indigenous Australian an Aborigine. When Bolt chooses he also says  he's more indigenous than Mundine simply because he's older.
 Imagine Mudine turning around and declaring that Bolt needs protection from a woman who acted like an equal. Bolt hasn't changed has he from visualising himself as a minder to a belly dancer. It's indicative of his relationship with his wife and daughter, women simply aren't equals and not even diverse personalities the days of Rosie the Rivitter are gone and the roles and psychology fixed Van Badham is a mutant as far as Bolt's concerned and Leftist is the easiest explanation for this misogynist.
 Hasn't any one witnessed Bolt attacking guests on his show? Occassionally Bolt confronts guests that not only know their stuff and aren't intimidated by the context. Bolt is the man backed up by his producers in the studio booth never stuck for words as he was on the ABC show on reconcilitation. However  James Matheson comes to mind. Bolt was genderless and looked neither like a man nor a woman just a person out of his depth looking for a way to escape. He's got his out though "we've run out of time we must have you back again James" the subtext "fuck off smart arse your too clever for me". james is never to be seen again.
 Reverse sexism doesn't exist Van Badham responded to a question for the Drum viewers as would a man and if it confuses Andrew Bolt so does Mundine the ex- Fitter & Turner  sitting back and listening. The fact is Bolt doesn't listen he is always  preparing what to say next and when he says it we are meant to be in awe but we are not and it's why his ratings are so low. All this is coming from the man that aschews identity politics.
 Let me point out just how silent Bolt was today when Janet Albrechtsen said the PM and the government were doing a great job!!  Why was Bolt so condescending because JA was a woman? Shit no look how he treats Nikki Savva when she says Turnbull's ok. Because JA worked for News Corp? No because Savva did as well. He's publicly insulted Miranda Devine as well.  Because JA was a regular on his show? That may be that's it who the fuck knows? However Bolt's just proved yet again what a weather cock he is. Because JA was an ABC  board member who has openly admitted  her favorite mornings at home are listening to ABC RN and News Radio. So Bolt simply shows selective prejudice.  He doesn't even respect his wife as much as JA last christmas he "had to " take her and the family on holiday to Bali, what a burden. But it certainly does show he hates the modern woman.
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Teachers groom vulnerable children to Leftism

Why is it that people of the Left are more likely to abuse their power and position? The latest example: "Hundreds of Victorian ­primary and high schools teachers will wear pro-refugee T-shirts in classrooms as part of a national push to close offshore detention camps." 

 Given Bolt can't see a "center" in our political landscape any question of authority is seen as a threat. He appropriates the language applied to George Pell and his protection of priests and applies it to teachers as if they were pedophiles and yes he's scum.
 Bolt is someone who demands to be listened to not conversed with because even conversations are a threat that offer differing views are a danger. His blog is moderated his show is moderated. He's so far right his back is to the wall and everyone in front of him is a threat, a leftist. Just because he wears a suit and speaks in a quite voice means nothing his body language gives him away and shows his posturing. When faced with a guest the caliber of James Matheson Bolt's at sea and waves him goodbye ASAP because Bolt starts to appear what he is a marionette that can't think on his feet. He said he'd have Matheson back and very soon oh ye!!
" This is teachers abusing their authority and their privileged access to students to push their political agenda. This is not teaching but recruiting."Bolt
Teachers are abusing their authority by teaching kids democracy and the right to protest. It's abuse to teach kids that there is a center that isn't simplistically either left or right and everyone has the right to express there opinion. Not in Bolt's world.
We don't hear of activist teachers pushing conservative politics or climate skepticism."Bolt
The reason being protest is against the status quo the position that exists it's asking for change and not protesting for what is. Why is  Bolt so negative and in as much that all our cultural institutions are left wing, the police are liars, and so is the government. Why is Andrew Bolt in a permanent state of opposition in a permanent state of crying "there coming to get us " Simple Conservative politics is the politics of containment and paranoia a means to and end. Just how much security will you find Bolt has at home? Are his wife and kids as strung out as he is? I'm sure it's not an open house. 

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Merkel to the million illegals: leave burkas behind

First the German Chancellor imports hundreds of thousands of adherents of a rival culture. Then she suggests a ban on an expression of it: "Angela Merkel today completed an astonishing U-turn as she formally endorsed a full burka ban..." Importing a people, but not their culture? Doesn't work that way.  

 Bolt's such a liar

Angela Merkel proposes partial burqa ban ahead of German election

What doesn't he understand about the word "partial"?

 Has anyone noticed Andrew Bolt stays silent on the result of the Austrian vote. The vote in which a country with a population almost 5 times less than ours and a refugee intake of almost 5 times more. A country whose intake is real and not just a stalled promise like ours. They voted and yes they voted against Andrew Bolt's dog in the race. He just doesn't mention it why? For Bolt compromise is failure and for Angela Merkel to realize the EU has changed and has settled to a lesser flow of refugees and that change is constant that banning symbols of provocation like swastikas and burkas might be reasonable.  The small things Bolt focuses on show just how small minded he is. No mention that the unemployment rate in Austria has fallen or that their economy has picked up. No he has his little black book in hand and he's found an event among 500 mill people that says it all for him and event in Stockholm that explains it all.  How is it that Bolt continues to call asylum seekers "illegals"in a country that doesn't. How on earth will he ever get his point across to the Germans?
Culture at News Corp Fox Continues To Downplay Fake News And Its Dangerous Consequences


Rudd: Turnbull worst since McMahon

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Kevin Rudd gives Malcolm Turnbull another serve: "The most ineffective conservative Prime Minister we have seen since Billy McMahon."
It's quite logical that Andrew Bolt is a publicist for Kevin Rudd. After all he has been one for ISIS as well. He's publicized their  truth that they are here in Australia and under our beds since Tony Abbott found them a useful support for his politics. I remember the  Gillard days  when fear wasn't a constant in the MSM blown out of proportion for the sake of Right wing Politics.



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Costello to Turnbull: stop wasting time

Peter Costello  warns the Turnbull Government: stop fiddling with warming policies that hike power prices, and stop fiddling with  backpacker taxes while our finances are burning: "The backpacker tax isn't going to touch the sides and yet we wasted a whole week in Parliament in relation to it." 

 It's strange that AndrewBolt is Bill Shorten's  greatest publicist. Bolt prefers a government divided than one we have. However if Austria is an indication of the sentiments of what the electorate really thinks he's a loser. His dream of the return of the extreme right wing didn't happen.



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Global warming backdown: Turnbull drops carbon tax plan

Malcolm Turnbull's everything-on-the-table review of climate policies is going as badly as last year's everything-on-the-table review of tax options. He's now ruled out a new tax - or emissions trading scheme - for electricity generators just two days after floating it, and hours after Tony Abbott declared war.
  Bolt finds it easy selling bullshit because neither truth nor it's opposite mean anything when your goal is simply to create chaos. To say a review is not a review it's policy is fine just as it's fine to say it's not policy but only a review and again to say there's been a back down. No conversation is required and it's what Bolt has been doing since Monday. Even Barnaby Joyce got a shellacking for declaring what government policy is. False news, fake news is the order of the day real news well you need to turn elsewhere for that. However you are more likely to find that at the ABC than you will ever find it with Bolt.


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Albrechtsen's report card: Turnbull B+, Bishop A+, Morrison B-

Janet Albrechtsen hands out her report card on the Turnbull Ministry. High marks for a man who nearly blew the election and has since dragged down his party's vote. An A+ for doing the easiest job in Cabinet. No fail marks for anyone.  
Wow Janet Albrechtsen someone Andrew Bolt doesn't like to offend. What power does Janet hold to deserve this short mention? Chris Mitchell, Paul Kelly, and Miranda Devine don't get this sort arse lick from Bolt. Had anyone of them said the same Bolt would be on them like he is Nikki Savva. Being sent to Punishment Park is not for Janet.


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