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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 8/12/16; Wow Bolt dares raise Professor Ridd who scuttled himself ages ago; Check his true credentials here; Bolt hates taking off in planes because captains do repetitive checks; I'm innocent sir; Abbott's panic, panic, we fixed it, we fixed it, panic, panic, style is back and being delivered by Bolt; Bolt hates Savva why?

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Don't fall for this mad green scheme

Here we are again the dog with it's dream bone. It's not even a real one the once spoken of REVIEW by a  Democratically elected committee which is a check has been turned into  Policy going forward by Turnbull and then turned around by Bolt whose put the cart before the horse for the benefit of rhetoric
. Remember the days when horses were cheaper and better transporters of goods from A to B. When Ford came up with an idea that trucks could best them. Bolt along with the stable owners and horse farms would have railed against the idea of progress and reminded the electorate just how stupid fossil fuel energy was. The cost was the dirty word back then too after all roads had to be built. Horses and rail were far cheaper. Now the word Clean is the dirty word and Elon Musk is ahead of the race. He is today's nutter like Ford was back then?

Forward costing has been the weapon of clean energy deniers has been done declaring it would cost $2000 for households to meet the reduced CO2 targets envisaged by 2030. Hey I know Aussies are fast becoming backward in math but that's only  0.36cents a day at today's tech levels for  clean energy production. Clean energy for the future  and the price just keeps dropping. What's at stake is a  cleaner future for our kids  much cleaner than one Bolt says we need. That alone makes Bolt a regressive.

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On my shows - the Muslim rival to Peppa. Plus a report card on top pollies

On The Bolt Report on Sky at 7pm - a report card on our top politicians. Who gets an A, who a D? Plus the activist  teachers wearing political T-shirts in classrooms. And Rowan Dean on the Muslim-backed alternative to wicked Peppa the Pig.

Here is a truth that can't be denied Paul Hogan helped make Australia famous Andrew Bolt and Rupert Murdoch  along with Tony Abbott decided to to shrink the world's admiration of Australia to oblivion. Welcome was this country's second name since the 1950's and a place worth coming to. John Howard turned that around  domestically Abbott and Bolt have accelerated it. They have not only taken the prawns off the barbie they are now the only things we are allowed to import.
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Ridd on Reef: don't trust alarmists

Professor Peter Ridd says you can't trust alarmist scientists who claim the Great Barrier Reef is dying, thanks to man-made warming. Watch:

Andrew Bolt is a great fan of Breitbart trusts them implicitly. The post Bolt made here Ridd on Reef has a link to the Bolt Report which has no date attached to it.  Furthermore it has a mountain of unacknowledged information missing that lends more light to what is really happening here.
Bolt is using a very old post by Ridd on which he was severely censured and nearly sacked for using James Cook University's renowned school of Marine Biology as his accredited official support base when in  fact Ridd was seen by James Cook other colleagues a as rogue. However he is regarded as the pre-immanent expert on the reef  by Bolt. 
Who is Ridd 
"While going to great lengths to construct the story, The Australian left out a couple of bits about Professor Ridd that might seem relevant.
Ridd is the “science director” at the Australian Environment Foundation, which claims that wind farms make make people sick and that climate change might not be caused by humans but, if it is, it probably won’t be all that bad. The AEF has historical links to the Institute of Public Affairs, the Melbourne-based free market think tank and key pusher of climate science denial in Australia."

"At James Cook University, Ridd also runs the Marine Geophysics Laboratory, which seems to spend a lot of time working on projects related to fossil fuel export terminals.
The most recent scientific paper posted on Ridd’s university publications page was a paper he co-authored in the journal PLOS One.
According to the paper, which found that dredging can impact corals at distances of 20 kilometres, the research was funded by Chevron Australia, Woodside Energy Limited and BHP Billiton.
Last year in an interview with the ABC, Ridd responded to questions over a potential for conflict of interest relating to his laboratory’s work on fossil fuel projects."
"Do I have a vested interest? Well, all the money that’s raised through the university goes into PhD scholarships, into developing more instrumentation, funding research. If you think that’s a vested interest, then it is. I’ll let you make that decision."

" Peter Ridd raises almost all of his research funds from the profits of consultancy work which is usually associated with monitoring of marine dredging operation ( . Work has recently been done at Hay Point and Abbot Point as well as at Barrow Island in Western Australia. The general philosophy is to use the instruments and analysis methods which are developed by the Marine Geophysics Lab to give a competitive edge for tendering for contract work. Funds pay PhD scholarship and the staff of the MGL (usually  around 7 scientists and engineers)."

So much for  the arms length credentials of Prof Ridd and why he was severely censured by his peers and Bolt's silence on all of this

 James Cook University is seen as  alarmist here by Bolt along with the Centre of Excellence for Coral Studies and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. I suspect today's post isn't even a response to the latest evidence that Coral bleaching on the reef in fact has got even worse. Bolt is simply applying the same old tactics as Breitbart. It's no coincidence that Bolt's videos aren't dated and are posted under the guise of being "hot off the mark" when they aren't It's another example of his lazy Susan approach to old ideas being recycled. What Bolt fails to acknowledge are Ridd's true credentials. I guess Ridd is a substitute for how Abbott hoped to use Lomborg. Below is a response to Breitbart and it's use of "data" by a scientist it could be also a response to Andrew Bolt and other climate deniers who dominate the media but not peoples trust, go Kait Parker.

“Here’s the thing: Science doesn’t care about your opinion." Kait  to Breitbart (and Andrew Bolt)
Source: Weather Channel Destroys Breitbart Over BS Climate Change Story
 Weather Channel Meteorologist Calls Out Breitbart: “Please Stop Using Our Video to Mislead Americans” On Climate Change
Atmospheric Scientist Kait Parker: “To all my fellow scientists out there: Let’s make the facts louder than the opinions”

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Turnbull confirms what he denies: emissions trading WAS being considered

Malcolm Turnbull yesterday confirmed what he'd denied: his review into global warming policies WAS considering bring in emissions trading, or another form of carbon tax.

 Free Speech is demanded bu Andrew Bolt but Free Thinking is apparently a crime. No Barnstorming allowed by governments when moving forward. In every aspect of social planning consideration of everything we have information on is considered prudent. If  business, military medical even family decisions were made on the Bolt formula there would  only be a history of bankrupt decision making. Bolt really is pushing shit up a hill with a pointed stick on this one "Malcolm Turnbull yesterday confirmed what he'd denied: his review into global warming policies WAS considering bring in emissions trading, or another form of carbon tax."Bolt
Imagine the pilot of the next flight Bolt takes skipping some of the pre take off checks that are repeatedly done before the decision to take off is made. Bolt seems to think that Review is prudent given the desired outcome. But not this review. Flip a coin seems to be his method. Turnbull Makes Quick Call To Cory Bernardi Before Settling On Which Tie To Wear Today – The Shovel
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Orner hears my voice in her head

Director Eve Orner, a wild critic of our border laws, yet again gets something wrong:  “The only person who wrote something negative about [her film] was Andrew Bolt. He wrote a piece about it last week and he called me a leftist agitprop agitator."
8 De " All I dis your honour was help spread the idea I didn't do it I swear I didn't do it. Yes Orner was right who on earth reads Quadrant. News Corp is MSM and Bolt is it's messenger. He's been found guilty by a number of judges on a number of occasions and continues to pretend he's not the messenger. He's not a little boy he's old ugly overweight and over 6' "And all I did was to link to Thomas's piece." Bolt. You can always trust Bolt to point the finger at someone else. You see his blogs are all links to others and paywalls he even gets his Trolls to do the work for him. Yet Andrew Bolt says he works 70 hours a week."I do hope Qantas engineers get more things right than does Orner."  Here is Bolt even hoping Qantas Reviews are like Turnbull's and cover everything. What a hypocrite what a joke all rhetoric and fluff but no substance.
Why does Andrew Bolt hate Hoges Paul Hogan so much  he made Australia so admired and less than down under Bolt makes us so shrinkable and  truly takes us back underground.


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Jobs and (no) growth

The promise was "jobs and growth". The Turnbull Government has just delivered no growth instead, and the Budget is in more strife.
 Yes Turnbull has inherited the trajectory that Abbott and Hockey set us on. Rather than punish the poorest Australians  using the jackboot tactics we experienced Abbott doing Turnbull has been travelling the same path but far less eratically. Bolt seems to prefer the Abbott and Hockey style economics of panic panic panic we fooled you there's nothing to panic about. We fixed  the economy we fixed the economy now panic . Bolt's conveniently forgotten that trip Abbott took us on while spending at a rate faster than Gillard. However back then it was always Gillards fault that Abbott was out of control. Turnbull took over after the election and instantly everything has been dumped on him as if Abbott was teflon coated."Moody’s said yesterday it believed the poor GDP result did not mark the beginning of a weakening trend, and predicted investment would recover." Uren
Nevertheless the Abbott panic as delivered by Andrew Bolt hasn't stopped it's only changed and delivered at Malcom Turnbull .
 Just as I said it's the same old same old Abbott message delivered in the same old style as before and the AAA rating is still in place. Bolt has been warning us it's going to drop since Wayne Swann he's just might hit the barn wall one day shooting while locked inside. Read below.


Turnbull blunders. Savva blames Abbott again

Malcolm Turnbull first stirs up a backbench revolt by crazily opening the door to a form a carbon tax. Then he faces terrible growth figures. So his chief cheerleader, Niki Savva, takes a stick to ... Tony Abbott. But you guessed that, didn't you?
8 De What did I say yesterday Janet Albrectsen is untouchable when she praises Turbull and Bishop. Had it been Nikki Savva the brakes are off. Andrew Bolt has just proved me right and himself biased. Savva is simply reminding us that Tony Abbott was all over the shop when he opened his mouth even his PMO desperately wanted to control him.
 Savva and Albrechtsen both worked for the Australian and News Corp. Albrechtsen also admits she loves ABC RN & News Radio but she wears a halo as far as Bolt is concerned. Why is he sucking up to her?

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