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Andrew Bolt's Blog,2/12/16; Bolt is a repeat offender; You were Right the first time it's not true; News Corp has taken over the parent company at Sky News; What seems to be the case isn't; Art of inflexibility; Bolt is quite the new intellectual so he thinks;


How Rupert Murdoch & Fox Created the Fake News Industry

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 Almost 66% of
Australians believe that
newspaper journalists “often get their facts wrong,”
while 56% say the same about magazines, 53% have
doubts about TV stations.The outlets most often 

identified by consumers as “not accurately and fairly”
 reporting the news are the Herald Sun (Melbourne),
 The Daily Telegraph (Sydney).
 80% of the journalists polled either agree or strongly
 agree with the proposition that “the community has a
 negative perception of journalists and the work they produce.”
And they put that down to public perceptions of
sensationalist reporting (79%), inaccurate reporting
(60%), the power of media companies (43%), and the
adversarial nature of journalism (41%).
But journalists think that the perceived bias of media 

companies is another factor contributing to their bad image. 
News Ltd is identified by 40% of journalists questioned
as “the most politically biased media organisation in
Australia. Asked which media outlets are “the most accurate

 and credible,” 62% of journalists nominate ABC radio, 52%
 nominate ABC TV.
The owners use their media to get what
they want. A large majority of journalists
polled (73%) agree that media proprietors “use
their outlets to push their own business and/or
political interests to influence the national

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So look foward to more bullshit from the likes of Andrew Bolt because:

News Corp takes over Sky News parent ANC | Herald Sun






Police play down African problem. Then top ex-cop is victim

Victoria Police once told complete falsehoods about the level of crime by Sudanese refugees. Today they are still trying to downplay it. But the force's former deputy assistant traffic commissioner has just been the victim of attempted carjacking by four African youths. This denial must stop.
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 Here is the proof in the pudding of a bullsitter trying to make a case against black Africans allowed into Australia.
 1) Bolt's whole blog avoids any verifiable statistics that we can turn to that are in any way comprable to data found elsewhere. 
2)  Bolt says the police are committing "falsehoods" what does that even mean? It means they are not liars they are in error of the facts he doesn't show. They aren't using the stats that Bolt says he has but we are meant to believe he has. What we do have is Bolt's white nationalist's KKK opinion and  only that.
 3) He conflates statements made by the honorable ex Minister of Immigration Kevin Andrews who left his ministry post in an embarrassing cloud of the Dr Haneed affair. Andrews at the time was  also pointing to Dandenong and Dandenong only which was experiencing juvenile crime. He too was relating figures in a very localized setting as proof of the problem of the total Sudanese  immigration program Nation wide. So what we see is Bolt doing for  support is defending a disgraced minister in order to raise the stocks and give weight to his same bias.
 4) For Bolt it's  African immigration that is the problem, notice it's African again and not just Sudanese. Bolt slips and slides from one to the other at will so he can duck and weave about what's really being said here. He applies very localized events not all accurate or proved to be what they seem to make extravagant accusations about  a Nation wide immigration program  stigmatizing not only the Sudanese Community but all Africans immigrants those that are black. Bolt is making the Police seem extremely good in there approach.
 5)What the police have found out to date and is not good enough for Andrew Bolt is in their statement “Not just Sudanese from Dandenong. It is the United Nations of offending — we are seeing those of African background, we are seeing Pacific Islands youth, and we are seeing those of a very strong Anglo (Saxon) background and some others thrown in as well.” 
6) Noel Ashby is another case in point.What Ashby saw was  what seemed to be "A 4WD, full of African teens, had snuck up beside him. A passenger in the car was ordering him to pull over." Ashby doesn't mention numbers all he sees black kids and guesses. Were they Pacific Islanders or a mix?  In Bolt's view guessing is as good as knowing sufficient enough to confirm a case of guilty. Had it been a 4WD full of mixed kids or white kids what conclusions would have been drawn? Ashby was influenced by media reports put out by the likes of Andrew Bolt scapegoating refugees in order to push a political agenda rather than investigate the facts. Would this event have even made it to Bolt's vigilante Blog had it been and obvious case of mistaken identity? Even Noel Ashby doesn't know! 
 " police have been under pressure to deny the problem and avoid "racial stereotyping". I suspect arrests have been fewer than they should have been." Bolt This is exactly what constitutes bigotry. 
The number of Sudanese-born and Samoan-born prisoners was 131 and 100 respectively. (Table 21) per 100,000 or  0.1% which Bolt seems to think is statistically significant. When 82% or 4 out of 5 prisoners are you guessed it Australians which Bolt seems to think is irrelevant.  0.1% Samoans seem to get a wide birth in Bolt's math mat be because the very much Christians and culturally similar to us. Bolt doesn't 1) the persons un-sentenced or the % of first offenders as opposed to those with priors. As I said there is no indication whether or not it's localized issue or a community one because the numbers don't reflect the issues in rural areas for one. Bolt merely grabs figures doesn't translate them into % s that shows just how small the problem in fact is. He complains when the police don't beat them up like he does. One could quite easily turn Bolt's Bunsen burner on to the Dutch and come up with reasons as to why they to a curse on the Australian landscape. Andrew Bolt would be a perfect example of 3 cases brought against him an unknown number of complaints but I'm sure when added up would be highly significant for this individual repeat offender. The costs he has caused us and the threat of repeated action is enough to show he's a lot worse than first offender Sudanese.


  No wonder. Not only are they too busy being indoctrinated in Leftist propaganda, their teachers seem too lazy or stupid to notice they are teaching nonsense." Bolt
This enlightenment comes from the mouth of the man who has advocated for maths and science to only be voluntary subjects in our schools as is creationism. A compulsory curriculum of literacy maths and science is far too socialist for Bolt and precludes space for ideological dreaming like Bolt's Maths and Science after all are the true foundations of skeptical and rational evidence based argument. It erodes the foundation on which Bolt's media work is based pure speculation and opinion.
Bolt's support Tony Thomas of Quadrant the Breitbart of Alt Conservative preaching in Australia.


Even Prior's lawyer blames someone else

It is so symbolic, given Cindy Prior's past, that even her lawyer is blaming someone else for having missed the deadline for lodging an appeal after a court threw out Prior's claims against three students protesting against racial segregation.
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" Then there's the wider philosophical question: isn't it up to you whether to take offence? Whether to let it cripple you?"Bolt
How typical is this of the bully with the the foghorn in hand. You can choose to put your fingers in your ears and carry on with life like that. Never mind that it effects your ability to do anything else. The foghorn doesn't stop which lends suspicion to the fact there is a over energetic case trying to convince the world that the bullies are the victims. That inordinate amount of energy has only been coming from one side. The side that's always held the foghorn.




Hinch boasts: Labor would love Turnbull ABCC cave-in

The Turnbull Government promised a tough cop to crack down on rogue building unions. But it caved to crossbenchers. Senator Derryn Hinch now boasts he's gutted this Australian Building and Construction Commission: "It's so good that when he gets back in Bill Shorten can even live with it".

When compromise is always seen as a failure you have a government like Tony Abbott's known for doing nothing and almost breaking John Gorton's record of not doing anything.Tony Abbott will always be remembered for running a government always in opposition on the back foot and blaming Labor for governing and he wants to get back to doing just that. Infact he's doing just that now, opposing the government.

A little lecture on free speech for Leftist idiots

Is Katherine Murphy dishonest or simply astonishingly stupid?: "Strange to see the pro-freedom crowd blast the parly protesters. Freedom can be so confusing sometimes." A little tutorial for Murphy follows. 
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Yes it's the truth Bolt's "little lecture" is certainly a little lecture and it's from and extremely narrow man who lives life on a one way street. 
"Analogy: I am free to say that free speech matters. But I am not free to smash into Murphy's home with 100 supporters and chant "free speech matters".
Parliament is a public place nobody's home was invaded.
 analogy; a comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.
Bolt's analogy is comparing chalk and cheese just amplifies the idiot Bolt is not "leftists". If people can invade homes his would have been years ago.  However the Fascist Departments associated with Immigration like the ABF seem free to do whatever they want when it comes to invasion of privacy. 
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Yes people are allowed to enter public space to express their opinions isn't that what what Andrew Bolt calls "free speech" it seems to already exist and he's complaining. Whys didn't Hanson persist and take Andrew Bolt's advice. "" Then there's the wider philosophical question: isn't it up to you whether to take offence? Whether to let it cripple you?"Bolt 
" Why is the law not firmly upheld, freedom of assembly guaranteed and the streets reclaimed?" Bolt
It is that's why the police took no action as they upheld the "freedom of assembly " Bolt seems to want the freedoms of the past to be upheld like the banning of Jews from Melbourne's private clubs like The Melbourne Club, Royal Melbourne Golf Club etc etc. Even Portsea was once a Jew free zone. Bolt seems very much an exceptionalist.

A politician to respect


 Christensen strips for Fairfax. Cracking pic
 Anyone who finds Christenson endearing, intuitive,inspiring deserves stone cold silence. They are  the  kind of nutcase who can hate Trump in October and then become a fan by November. In much the same way Andrew Bolt is also doing a turnaround on GC. It's pathetic when politicians can simply go to the internet and select a politician from around the world to carbon copy. George Christenson has taken Trump to emulate without the luxury of having inherited the money. Bolt has taken on the image of O'Reilly or Hannity on Fox News. The problem being they haven't the personalities to pull it off. Bolt doesn't have the personality to even convince us he's Australian. Christenson he's simply a dick head at a time when it's fashionable it seems to be a caricature rather than a real person.

President-elect Trump's first big speech: unite!

President-elect Donald Trump gives his first big speech since the election and preaches unity. His message of patriotism, optimism and unity - a looking after the underdog - will appeal to many. Unlock the potential of the millions of Americans left on the sidelines, he says, and how could the Left object?
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For someone who hated and had absolutely no faith in Trump in October Bolt's done a 180 degree turn and doesn't even acknowledge he's ever changed his mind. He's simply head down and move on following the Fox News agenda to normalize Trump and all those he chooses as his cabinet of advisers. These include  white nationalists, billionaires, lobbyists  and I'm being polite. Everything Bolt despised about  Trump in October seems to have never existed and no reasons given or admitted in his 45 day turn around. 
Bolt even admires "Mad dog" who likes to speak like John Wayne the arch-typical American " 3. “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.” Mad dog A leader who has no qualms who he bombs allies and enemies are much the same because America can do no wrong. Self reflection is dangerous.4. “Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.”
That's the calibre of Andrew Bolt a blind follower never never a reasoned one . He loves to talk the talk and walk the walk but when it comes to action Bolt walks away and just keeps on talking. Mad dog on the other hand will be standing next to the man holding the coded red buttons. The new presidency  starts to look more and more like the war room in Doctor Strangelove
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