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Andrew Bolt's Bolg;17/12/16; What Bolt said yesterday counts for naught today; Aristotelan debator's flip;

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Who let in the parents of this child wanna-be bomber?

Lessons for multiculturalists. One: you import not just a people but their culture. Two: you can't screen  the future children of Muslim immigrants. And so: "A German-Iraqi boy aged 12 is being investigated for trying to detonate a nail bomb at a Christmas market under the direction of Islamic State."
 Andrew Bolt was raised in a family not only of Dutch Culture but a family from a town that prided itself in hunting down Jews but also being the center of Dutch  Nazism sympathy. Andrew Bolt has grown up to one of Australia's greatest vilifiers of Muslims and something extremely vague National Patriotism the equivalent of Hitler and trumps cry today of Let's make Australia Great Again. Bolt claims he's not Racist and he doesn't believe in causes  like he accuses the left believing in. However his single minded Assimilationist cause has had him pronounced guilty of vilification under our laws. Bolt calls his single principle politeness which has landed in court for defamation twice. His politeness has landed him with more complaints than any other Australian or refugee has got. So when he prides himself on being polite well mannered and well dressed all he is really saying he prides himself as the leading Nazis did on their uniform their manners and their symbols used to divide them  from us. 
Bolt may not be the Jew hunter from Aalesmere today but he is the Muslim African, vilifier as much as the anti Semites were back in the day. He keeps a book and searches out world wide for incidents to report like this one about a 12 year old. Singular incidents to make meaningless generalizations from  for his Assimilationist cause To stigmatize, stereotype and objectify muslims when he clearly said in his interview with Mia Freedman which he posted yesterday claiming he doesn't do because he treats people as he finds them as individuals.
Who let this individual prick in and yes he is the most un -Australian Australian next to some UPF and One Nation Wackos I've come across. 
You know what is significant  suits are a uniform however those in them aren't united. Bolt certainly hasn't a willing mass of followers steadfastly living a life up to his ideals. Nor does the Monkey pod room. When Bolt goes will there be mass mourning  will he be remembered longer than five minutes for his achievements. Not in the life of any body in Australia. Will people come from miles around to ogle over his Art collection or will it simply be returned to the auction rooms to let another ego fight over it? It certainly won't have gained provenance having been once owned by the conservative propagandist Andrew Bolt who multiplied into nobody but  Fidel Castro Has Multiplied into Millions -

 "A man who led a Revolution which has had and continues to have the great majority of people’s support cannot die. He gave Cuba education, healthcare, sports, culture, social equality; he fought all of his life against underdevelopment; he managed to get Cuba to make groundbreaking discoveries in science and medicine on the same level even as developed countries, as well as contributing to improving the situation in other Latin American countries and in other parts of the world with his solidarity and aid.
A man who displayed his exceptional human values, courage and bravery to confront difficulties, unwavering morale, loyalty to the Revolution’s principles cannot die: who sacrificed his life which he could have lived quite comfortably, as he didn’t come from a poor family and was also an excellent lawyer, but he chose to sacrifice himself for the poor. For this reason and for so many others which don’t fit into this article, nearly eight million people have shown that they won’t let him die."
Who in Bolt's small universe can say the same?
 "Cubans, especially young people, have communicated that they aren’t willing to let his ideas die, and that’s why we can claim, without fear of being wrong, that Fidel hasn’t died, he multiplied into the millions."
Who can say the same for what Bolt talks of his "me" compared with the Cuba's "we" ?
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Bid to use race law to silence critics of apartheid

 The debating game of flipping the argument " If you call me a Racist your a Racist" is vacuuos a-historical and used by people who generally have no arugument connected to reality. It defines Bolt to a tee " Anti-racism has become pro-racism." Bolt Just imagine Andrew Bolt Lawyer taking this argument to court and the reaction he'd recieve. He'd be laughed at and patted on the head like a child as he is each time he claims he has more claims to being an indigenous Australian than most Aborigines.

Teachers preaching politics at captive students

Teachers preaching politics at captive students

This sounds almost like child abuse. A Sydney public school has indoctrinated  nine-year-old students, who've now signed a school petition against child refugees in detention after being fed horror stories. Big surprise: the principal is a former Labor politician. What a coincidence that his views are now theirs, rather than those of most voters.
 Not only are adults too fragile to hear News of the day  but children need to be force fed or protected from the news.  Keeping children information deprived and on a strict diet in educational captivity is a necessity according to conservative clarion Andrew Bolt . Isn't that supporting the notion that propaganda is better than education no matter the reality they live in ?  That it's better to force feed children lies than carrying on a debate in which they too can have an input . Bolt complains about tertiary education and lecturers in the same way. When in fact teachers aren't just teaching one side  of the issue. Bolt  failed first year uni in Adelaide because maybe he couldn't digest all sides of the arguments presented on any one topic.
Bolt sounds like a man in a Mackintosh offering the kids boiled sweets in order to show them his true meaning of love. "This sounds almost like child abuse. A Sydney public school has indoctrinated  nine-year-old students, who've now signed a school petition against child refugees in detention after being fed horror stories. Bolt
" Have you wondered what kind of teacher could possibly think it appropriate to wear shirts with political slogans at schools, here is a sample:" Bolt
Bolt seems to believe men in suits like himself with hidden political agendas are far  better educators than teachers who teach all sides and allow students to arrive at their own conclusions given they have life experiences out of school too.  I can assure Bolt not all teachers in any one school wore tees and if they were then the kids were in fact learning that they too could disagree with the government of the day. A fundamental lesson in any Democracy.
Bolt goes further however"Strange. Somehow I just didn't need the slogans to identify the politics of some of them." Bolt as if Australians one and all didn't have that right. His fascism is clear when he concludes"Not punished? What signal does that send students about rules and authority?" Bolt
On any other day he's out there selling us free speech as an essential right . No Bolt that's responsible speech is a right free speech is simply verbal anarchy and the destruction information. Finally at what age are children capable of taking in information digesting it and making up their own minds? Bolt has never really achieved that level yet.

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