Sunday, 22 January 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 23/1/17; 'Alternative facts' the meat that gives energy to Pauline Hanson, Andrew Bolt et al and blows up the paper tiger to make it bigger than it really is. Fragmentation and division is their method of opportunity.

'Alternative Facts Are Lies': CNN Fact Checks Kellyanne Conway With On-Screen Graphic | Crooks and Liars


CNN minced no words in an on-screen graphic that accused the White House of spreading "lies" in response to Trump aide Kellyanne Conway's insistence that falsehoods were actually "alternative facts."
He replaced journalism with cheap quick uninformed commentary rapidly delivered to fill the 24/7 news cycle and provide support for the heart and minds of the 1%. After all he's running a business whose slogan has always been 'show me the money'. If you follow the money over a course of time the values and the lies told the 'alternative facts ' reveal themselves in the uninformed comments of the likes of Andrew Bolt and others. Journalism isn't to be expected to be delivered by News Corp in the USA the UK or Australia. Bolt's battle for the 'freedom of speech' is to make us more American more confused and simply give Murdoch the benefit of greater power here as he has in the USA. Do we need it for a better Democracy should we rid ourselves of compulsory voting as well as the ABC news? Bolt loves debating because it's the reality of a moot and 'lawyer's facts only'. Remember Andrew Bolt is acccording to Andrew Bolt indigenous and more so than most indigenous Australians. That's the kind of facts he brings to a discussion on reality and why his stupidity looms large.
" A moot point can be either an issue open for debate, or a matter of no practical value or importance because it's hypothetical. The latter is more common in modern American English. The term comes from British law where it describes a hypothetical point of discussion used as teaching exercise for law students."

Busting Black Myths: The Truth About Our First Peoples.

You could get drunk this Australia Day, or try something different… learn about the real history of this nation. Amy McQuire helps you dip your…More


Why Rupert Murdoch can’t be stopped: The political empire of the News Corp chairman | The Monthly

In late July, Robert Thomson, the suave chief executive of News Corp – the recently separated and financially challenged publishing branch of the Murdoch media empire – announced that Col Allan, the editor-in-chief of Rupert Murdoch’s favourite tabloid, the New York Post, was coming home to Australia on a two- to three-month assignment. Unless Allan’s visit had some political purpose, the return of the native was difficult to explain. Under his editorship, the New York Post has reportedly lost several hundred million dollars since 2001.

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