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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 27/1/17; Taxes that Bolt doesn't want to pay; Laughing at others when it's happening to you is a distraction; Why Bolt's not an Aussie; Bolt says a bigger stick will fix it not bigger rewards; Bolt has a document to prove he's more indigenous than Nova Peris; Bolt redefines reality and ascribes to a Reverse Fascism it doesn't exist;


Our great tax challenge

Treasurer Scott Morrison is absolutely right. We must cut business taxes or "run the great risk of stranding our businesses and the jobs that rely on them, as our competitors and friends continue to move on".  But that, of course, means cutting spending to make room.

 This not a commentary by Andrew Bolt but a paywall to the Australian. He calls this his hard labour, his work.
 Business tax cuts and a reduction in revenue are being called for to be paid for by cutting the Welfare of Australians most in need, pensioners,the unemployed and the growing but unaccounted for under employed. It's easy to cry out about juvenile crime  and blame Dan Andrews for it isn't it Bolt.
 The belief is that the most wealthy who for more than a decade have been receiving a greater proportion of the increased GDP over those years deserve it but the bulk of the population don't. What is of no concern or relevance to Bolt is the economic history or context when it comes to solving the current state of affairs. In other words planning is of secondary importance to Bolt. The issue of the rich getting richer in the good years and the poor just making ends meet  is of no interest even if they are struggling more now. The rich shouldn't feel the pain of being even a short term stop gap to achieve some balance. 
The problem is very few of the wealthy are entrepreneurs most get their wealth from inheritance and accumulate more off interest and capital gain than business. They are hardly the job creators or decision makers. Job growth comes from overall investment in our youth and future through education and innovation and yes we have cut spending on the sciences and Bolt advocates they remain only voluntary subjects in our schools.  The belief that they provide the necessary and required skills  for the future runs secondary to the scepticism they encourage. So investment in education is not happening  today and in fact we are falling behind other countries. Who you know guarantees you more opportunity than any belief in the myth of a meritocracy. Andrew Bolt's personal history is living proof that intellect isn't necessary for the job he does nor the wage he earns but rather luck, who he knew, who he married and who he mixed with at the time. Had all of these not converged  at a particular time we'd have never heard of Andrew Bolt. However the same can't be said of his brother who had the skills and education necessary for the work he does but get's paid less than Andrew a Karadashian of media. By that I mean he thinks he needs to prove himself worthy by sharing his tastes in music, arts, food, and wine but unfortunately like a  braggart because his audience have lifestyles that can't reach his dizzy heights. However at the same time he's  paranoid of them because they are average Aussies. 
Our great tax challenge is not cutting the taxes of the wealthy but ensuring a more equitable distribution of the income and wealth one that benefits us all.
Trump's targets are in La La land and Britain is a geographically smaller place with x3 times the population of Australia the comparison being made here is ludicrous to say the least.In Australia, land of the ‘fair go’, not everyone gets an equal slice of the pie
Our great tax challenge

So, yes, our governments did donate to a Hillary Clinton rort

The Clinton Foundation's  Clinton Global Initiative is being shut down. Here's evidence that it really was less about charity than peddling influence, with foreign governments and businesses donating to curry favor with what they thought was a future president. How shameful that Australia was among those donors.  

Image result for Images of the Trump's Foundation
The Trump foundation was set up before closed before Trump became President. Was there a list of good works it did? If there was we never heard of them because Trump was caught openly using it for himself and we heard plenty on that. It was about to be closed by the government The Clinton Foundation was set up by Bill after he became President and the list of good works are recorded. Donors gave willingly and the liberal government was one. Why they gave  anyone and everyone are able to speculate on but the pluses perceived outweighed the negatives. So much so they lasted years and was among the best and biggest of all Presidential Foundations. If there was any example of a trickle down effect it was seen in the Clinton Foundation Nobody was going to be charged which can't be said about the Trump Charity. The banner simply is an attempt to do what Trumpsters did pre election amplify  an error and call it a rort but not mention or even try to take a rort like Trumps and call it an error. Silence is golden there 




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1  Why does Bolt bust his balls defending the indefensible or even things that are inevitable. The date change will happen and the majority of Australians will applaud it. What is it that Bolt doesn't want to admit. That he didn't achieve the path of his life alone he's not the self made man that he attributes  himself. He's neither a white British colonist nor a prisoner sent here for a term of his life he's the son of migrants who felt alien and un-Australian until his marriage. Before that even Bolt didn't know who he was other than he was better than the seeming rabble about him. Bolt was closer to Walter Mitty than he was grounded and he needed the women in his life to ground him. Although in any biography he'd deny it. Who he knew rather than what was his key to moving on from being a migrant and his marriage was central to that. His father-in law was the genie  the key to allowing himself to say "I'm an Australian"
So why is Bolt so anal about Australia Day so unempathetic to what it means to people of Aboriginal heritage. Why is their heritage so meaningless to him but his so important? Aborigines don't want to deny their Australian-ness  or his Dutchness but he insists in denying theirs as if they are lesser humans "Changing the date will help those of the Left who deny history - specifically the fact that much that makes Australian society so free and rich is in fact the legacy of British settlement. Virtually none of it comes from Aboriginal settlement." Bolt What Bolt  is the social scientist the relic anthropologist who went about with a set of calipers to prove whites were the superior species. He 's relic because public knowledge hasn't ever caught up with human science which would indicate that political and cultural unjust systems are whats preventing social and economic benefits for all of us. Simply the sin Bolt  wants to maintain is the myth but not the reality of a "fair go"
We couldn't have achieved what we have to date  without protest and just held on to Andrew Bolt's cynicism.



Fading Greens divided: Bob Brown blasts Rhiannon

 Image result for Images of distraction by laughing at others

Green guru Bob Brown now blasts Greens Senator and "former" communist Lee Rhiannon, who is undermining Greens leader Richard di Natale. What fun. But here's the real story: global warming is no longer the urgent moral cause, leaving the fading Greens divided over their real moral purpose.

So you heard it here yet again Global Warming is not the Real Urgent Moral Cause. Bolt's proof the Greens are fighting amongst themselves the way the Liberals are. There is no need to turn to Science all one has to do is assess the inner workings of political parties to determine ones moral position in the world  
" It has long been a Marxist tactic to take over more voter-friendly organisations to use them as front for their own hard-line agendas. I suspect this is precisely what's going on with the Greens." Bolt 
It seems exactly why we haven't heard much from the "new" Conservative Party Because Abbott must be a 'Marxist' he believes in their political methodology even if he doesn't believe in their ideology trying to take over the more voter friendly Liberal Party. From there he believes he can do what he did once before  and swing right taking Hanson's policies off her. Maybe he can have her thrown in jail again.
Bolt enjoys laughing but only at others and without humour.


But will the Government back the warders?

Victoria's Labor Government says corrections officers from adult jails will take over security at teen jails to crack down on riots there.  But isn't the real problem not the staff but the restrictions that government and the courts have imposed on them, making it dangerous to be tough?
 Image result for Images of focusing on a part not the whole

  Guess what a paywall to political commentary in the Herald Sun.  Does Andrew Bolt write anything in his blogs other than the banners? You can guarantee that there is no mention that Dan Andrews inherited the rot that set in during the Baillieu and Napthine years. No mention the juvenile crime under Dan Andrews has in fact dropped 5%. That there are fewer kids committing crime but are racking more charges and are sent to detention centers bursting at the seems. No mention that  Social Services were let go to the dogs by the previous Conservative government leaving Mental Health, Youth Unemployment all unable to cope with the increase in under employment in the state. The homelessness we see didn't start with Andrews he's inherited the problem. 
So given the fact that a problem does exist why isn't Bolt drawing attention to the reality of it rather than just a bigger stick being applied to under 18 year olds. Is he calling for child beating laws to be dropped at home? Did he beat his kids into submission or provide them with opportunities that many don't have? There's the stick and the carrot some can't afford the carrot and Bolt doesn't want them to have it.

Advances in forensic science reveal the most famous face in history,Jesus

Nova Peris and fake history

Australia has been hurt more by fake history than fake news. Nova Peris demonstrates the problem, relying on a fake document and a fake definition to promote the "stolen generations" myth and exaggerate Aboriginal suffering.
  History turns to primary sources of all kinds not just ones written or documented from a single perspective. Particularly  as one stated in the colonial or official record. If that were the  case there's be no historic record of the Aztecs and  Inge Cledenin wouldn't be regarded as  a great Australian historian. No doubt  Bolt and Tim Blair are greater historians than her who they only see as a writer of fiction. What these two bozo intellects  fail to realize  is the written word isn't our only primary source of history. According to Bolt he's more indigenous than Nova Peris simply because he's older and his birth certificate proves it. As far as he's concerned end of story.
Fatima was raised as an orphan in the 2016's because she was a Sunni from Allepo (hence her name)  and how some of Jasmine's ( her mother's) 10 children were sent to Jordan refugee camps. They were seperated  in the 2016's.  They were all raised in foster care  because Jasmine was unable to care for Fatima and her siblings due to havoc and chaos caused by the Western and Russian bombs. " If this were true and grandchildren where told these stories in 2070's they to could legitimately say they were part of a stolen generation but not so by Bolt.
So currently as history is being enacted across Africa and the Middle East children in refugee camps declared orphaned  whether they are or not will only have  the history as officially documented.  That they and the thousands like them can't consider themselves as the unlucky victims of  a "stolen generation'. In fact according to Bolt they'd be playing victim.
According to Bolt and Blair  Fatima's ficticious  children would be entitled to be pilloried as they are now pillorying Nova Peris for  even suggesting they were part of a 'stolen generation' or victims when they in fact were rescued from an incompetent mother whose family was destroyed by an invasive war. The history of whatever happened in Allepo or Australia will only be that told in the official record generally that of the winning side at the time. So  Clendenin'sAztec history will be fake because it goes beyond the Spanish record and the only written record of the time given the Aztecs didn't have a written record
What a load of bullshit. The war crimes in Bosnia never occurred there was no policy of Muslim genocide. Why because there was no official record of it. The holocaust didn't occur in Germany either. So yes Bolt and Blair stand as Holocaust  deniers and deniers of Aztec history along with history as handed down by Australia's indigenous people.   Unless found in the written and official record history is fake.   It certainly proves  that Bolt's no fool doesn't it  when he says he's  more indigenous than Nova Peris we all believe him don't we?
 Because he has the documented  proof by way of his birth certificate he's more Indigenous or at least has more right to say so. In some counties if your released from a mental institution your given a Certificate of Sanity. The Netherlands is one such place and it's the land of Bolt's family. Does that mean the majority of the country and his parents aren't sane because if asked for proof they don't have a Certificate of Sanity?
The White Nationalist Colonial History of Australia  is only an 'alternative fact' not as yet a proven one either.
Our new fascists: another Leftist rally turns violent


true news counters Andrew Bolt's Fake News about the violence in Sydney on Australia Day- Video

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Our new fascists: another Leftist rally turns violent

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An anti-Australia Day rally turns violent, once again demonstrating that the Left now tends to be the evil it describes.  Naturally, the Greens and a teachers' union is involved, and once again, police are made the punching bags by people preaching peace.
  Let's apply documented evidence that Andrew Bolt  applies in this blog to that which he demands of Nova Peris in the above blog and see how verified and trustworthy it is.
 1) First of all of Bolt's evidence comes from the Herald Sun 'his team' it's who he works for. Is his stable  to be regarded as the official historic document or a biased one? One thing's for certain it's of poor quality look at the English in this report "The young man who was arrested after an Australian flag was set alight at the rally was granted bail and released from Redfern police station yesterday afternoon charged with assault police, resisting arrest and malicious damage to property. He was surrounded friends and covered his face as he walked from the station in silence." Herald Sun.  If this is the standard Bolt abides by one can question the writers competence and Bolt who was once an editor  for accepting it. Further there is no evidence in any of the News Corp photos or video of police being attacked nor any explanation of how a cop got an injured leg. However there was  a girl on the ground reported to be seriously injured 'when 2 police fell on her.'
 2) It seems a young man was arrested for flag burning no because that's not a crime. The very last sentance in Bolt's blog suggests maybe it was for lighting a fire. The Herald Sun reporter doesn't know and therefore nor does Andrew Bolt
3) Bolt's blog doesn't seem to be driven  by evidence but evidence searched for to fit his story like that of a dirty cop.
4) The definition of the word Fascist  is generally historically applied to an ideology that believes in the alliance of  Government and the corporate elite. The elite believing in a system lead by a dictator a system believed in over and above the importance of any individual.
 All Bolt is doing is what he always does. Rather than addressing reality  he spends his time trying to redefine it so it becomes meaningless or moot. he's redefined the meaning of Fascism the way he has redefined the meaning of Indigenous to fit his conclusion. Fascist here on Australia Day is redefined to suggest those who oppose White Nationalism and forced Assimilation are not individuals driven by their beliefs but merely cogs in a system. It doesn't really apply here as they seemed to be individuals from very diverse backgrounds and not just one. Their aim  seems more to liberate rather than restrict and control all opposites of Fascism as  it's generally understood.
5) The mere changing of rhetoric and definitions is fundamentally an escape from reality and it's  Bolt tends to do. He uses and is used by News Corp to spin a reality that has no basis in fact. It's a moot a redefinition a yarn peddled by a salesman from the point of view of a very small number of  Australians who feel at risk. Isn't that what Nova Peris represents a small number of Australians who feel at risk? The only difference why is one group trying to restrict  and the other to liberate and who has the power?

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