Saturday, 7 January 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog, 8/1/17; Karma, Socialization the connection and context that joins the past present and future that helps us understand and predict a man. Andrew Bolt is not self made;


Eli Ben Dahan believes Israeli soldiers should be allowed to kill Palestinians before, during, or after military operations. Israel’s Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan is reportedly working on submitting a bill proposal that will grant soldiers a license to kill, according to a Channel 2 news report that aired Saturday evening. [tmwinpost] The bill will allow security forces to “enjoy immunity from actions they carried out or refrained from carrying out, and all before, after, and during an operational activity or terrorist attack that was not part of the day-to-day operational activities of the unit in which he/she works…

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 Send in the clowns: Donald Trump, Julian Assange and the enemies of liberal democracy -

In November Andrew Bolt hated Donald Trump and seemed to not follow the Fox News line. In December he did a 180 degree turn around and began following the Newscorp line and started promoting Trump. Trump thinks Putin is ok Bolt can't abide the man. Trump could pardon Julian Assange and he thinks he's great and on the ball. Bolt can't abide the man. Isn't there a pattern of  of hypocrisy revealing itself here. Bolt and Abbott appear to be facing a year of chaos and confusion more so than ever before.


In a bizarre coda to a surreal election, Trump and Assange join forces to show us how badly democracy is broken

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