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Andrew Bolt's Blog,24/1/17; Oh shit Bolt's back!!! Hypocrisy.... Made in China; The model of free speech advocated by Andrew Bolt is exemplified by Donald Trump,


Trump haters burn Muslim immigrant's car

Here's more proof that Trump haters are the evil they claim to oppose. The limo that anti-Trump anarchists torched during the riot at Trump's inauguration was owned by a Muslim immigrant.

How typical of Andrew Bolt selecting a single event to generalize from rather than the general event to explain the individual case There were more protesters across America against Trump's inauguration than there were attendees and one car was set on fire. That USA's biggest protest in it's history was held the next day and 3 million attended. Yes Bolt is a master at using alternative facts as important and used to distract from this much bigger reality. After all one tree doesn't make a forest but the concept of the forest is a means of explaining the trees within it. He doesn't mention that owner of the limousine company while an Muslim didn't seem to see himself as a victim because he was a Muslim. His car however a stretch limo was a symbol of something quite different and not the way Bolt has amplified his faith.

Trump haters burn Muslim immigrant's car
 Is there an election to be held next week no not at all! Donald Trump was just inaugurated as  President with a poll rating of 32% the worst in the modern American era and Bolt applauds him. Turnbull's down turn could well be due to little more than an Australian reaction to Trump and not Turnbull whose popularity isn't as low. Bolt back and  is as contradictory as ever.  Hilary Clinton should we remind Bolt received 3 million more votes than Trump yet Bolt's enthusiasm for that poll is a  hearty celebration when in October he hadn't a  positive word  for Trump. He wasn't even as harsh to Turnbull as he was to the Donald. The word hypocrite  and loser comes to mind a in Bolt's case shows no bounds.

Why are Trump haters so intolerant?

Why are Trump haters so intolerant?

A Trump hater finds herself sitting next to a (polite) Trump supporter on a plane. Result: abuse, lectures and demands that he move seats. In fact, she is so self righteously abusive that she is thrown off the plane - to the cheers of the passengers.

  Where does Bolt find these singular reports of exceptional instances to distract us from the larger reality such as Trumps inaugural speech describing America in the worst of terms. An abuse of America in order attempt to justify changes and threaten  the majority of Americans identified by their cultural differences only on the basis of protecting a powerful white minority. His us and them distinction has been applied majority of foreign nations allies and enemies  as well. 3million protested and showed their desire for Trump to be thrown out of office.  3 million more voters supported Clinton. 3 million isn't just an exceptional statistic to be disregarded. Bolt fails to pay any attention to the scale of events worldwide against Trump. They are far from statistically insignificant.

Who let them in?

 Image result for Images of anti-immigration

One thing sure has not changed in the month I was away. Here is today's example of runaway African crime in Melbourne, again raising the question: who let them in? Did it not occur to our politicians that they were probably putting Australians in danger?
Towing the Murdoch line
  As expected Bolt's back to suggest 4x16 year olds and a 17 year old alleged to have committed multiple crimes, black Africans are representative of the 36,000 juvenile crimes committed in Victoria in the past 12 months. That black micro minority is of far more importance to Bolt than the question of why so much juvenile crime exists at all or why?  The question why so much middle class youth deviance goes unreported by the media generally isn't mentioned ever by Bolt. He even fails to mention the only juvenile Dutton hopes to deported was raised here for 18 years and happens to be a New Zealander. 
It seems Bolt is more intent on having Africans removed not because they are  Muslim because they often aren't nor because they don't uphold Christian values because they often do . The 36,000 offenses  that have been committed in the main by white Christians. It leaves us with the conclusion that Bolt has focused on the Africans simply because they are black and it suits his political conservative agenda against refugees to distinguish them from others. Bolt could just as well targeted his campaign against Greeks by publicizing every crime or misdemeanour committed by one and had he done that we'd have thought of him for what he is. Right wing racist , anti immigrant bigot. 

Guilty hello

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I did not say goodbye before I went on holidays. I thought I'd blog on my break but it turns out I was having too much fun. So with some guilt I say I am back from next Monday. That's when I resume my newspaper columns, Sky News show and radio show.
 Yes the bullshitter will be back on Monday. This hollow sorry is really an ad for his shows he hopes he hasn't lost any ratings by so rudely ignoring his supporters for 5 weeks. The hollow sorry is an example of the 2017 spin you can expect. 
 Bolt doesn't believe or accept the  excuses of other Australians but expects us to believe in his pretense at 'sorry'.  He was too busy to acknowledge his supporters when he left in 2016 No Merry Xmas no Happy New Year not even a postcard blog sharing of his holiday he was too busy '. Now that he needs an audience he's kow-towing, what a suck.
 One can predict this self declared fair dinkum Aussie didn't even holiday in Australia and that's the most likely reason for his silence. He couldn't wait to get out of the country.  However we are expected to believe this twat with his robotic, pedestrian and weekly job covered by others like Peter BH will snap back on Monday as Australia's public intellectual. He is  still on his 5.5 week  holiday and the best he can do is advertize himself  in the hope his audience hasn't left him.  As there aren't many  5.5 weeks should be sufficient to to realize what a bullshitter he is presenting his opinions.

Why did civilians try harder than police to stop him

Why did civilians try harder than police to stop him

I know it's too early to conclude police failed. But looking at the video of the Bourke St killer doing burnouts at the Flinders St station intersection moments before killing five people, I cannot help but notice that two civilians tried harder than two police officers to stop him. What orders were they under?
Yes Bolt's back and calling for a greater show of strength from our police force, militarize it in the worlds most liviable city. Why because he might feel a little safer. Yes it's the demand of the minority 1% right to feel safe from the unpredictable rabble that surrounds them. We already have a major expansion in private security but Bolt hates user pays in these circumstances.
 Dan Andrews has increased the police force more than any of his predecessors particularly any Liberals and here Bolt is suggesting the  state needs even more policing. The fact is crime in the main has been reduced but Bolt draws these moronic generalizations not reflected in the statistics from amplification of single cases. Bolt unfortunately has returned  to argue 2017 as he did 2016 and avoid the reality of the material inequality that divides the majority from a wealthy minority whose fortune has been handed down purely through marriage, inheritance and cultural exceptionalism rather than any meritocracy or even distribution of opportunity. Bolt's focus this year like the last will focus on attending to cultural rather than economic divisions and avoiding any need for discussion of rights or the unequal distribution of opportunity which might require major social reconstruction or even the examination of his pursuit of delivering moot points and 'alternative facts'.

The Left first trashes free speech. Now trashes democracy

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First the Left trashed free speech. Now the Sydney Morning Herald's Peter Hartcher goes the next step, praising China's dictator above the elected Donald Trump: "Trump is an angry north wind of threats and bluster; Xi is the benign sun promising prosperity."
The Conservatives like Bolt and Trump focus on the negatives while resisting any notion of real change. Trump protectionism fails  to promise Americans jobs with a real livable wage but does promise American Corporations lower taxes, subsidies and protection from foreign competition. The increase of domestic security and the greater policing of citizens free speech. Laws in fact that can fine public protestors by fines as much as $10,000 and or imprisonment.  The land of the free America already houses 25% to the worlds prisoners. 
Trump has said he'd was going to lock out  the press for those promote him and his announcements. Is it a coincidence that it's Fox ,WSJ and Breitbart he intends to favour while cutting any funding from public news forums and even the arts. He intends turning information into sponsored advertorials and calling it  news using Rupert Murdoch to make a financial pig of himself to the detriment of Democracy and journalism.  This is the model of government and media relations promoted in the UK and Australia by Murdoch as well.

The anti-trump Left are the fascists they denounce

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had won the election, and it was Trump supporters taking to their streets to insist she was not a legitimate president. Imagine Trump supporters cheering when one of their most famous faces told of dreaming of "blowing up the White House". Wouldn't the media damn them as "fascists"? So why go soft on Madonna?
 Image result for Images  of madonna in jail
 Is Bolt calling for the jailing of Madonna? Yes he is as was Newt Gringich but American law at the moment prohibits it. Bolt seems to support the Trump/ Gringich argument that America needs laws to prevent not  hate speech but public anti-government protest. Yes there is a difference between the criticism of the Left from that of Right. The criticism of the right is founded on the resistance to any change  that calls for the redistribution of wealth economic ,cultural or opportunity that has allowed inequality to develop over time. The notion of fairness for all doesn't apply and the 'we' is the critique is ignored. Whereas the criticism  of the Left tends to describe the inequalities that help favor a minority over the majority whose need  for change and solutions encourages hope for the 'we' rather than just the 'me'.  Facism is Corporate control and government alliance to define it as other than that is twisting the fact and creating little more than a moot point. As far as Trump is concerned Bolt fails to admit that the social realty in America  is totally confused that Trump has no solid base of support neither left or right.

Bourke St massacre: cheap justice and biased towards offenders

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What role did Victoria's legal system play in the death of five people in the Bourke St massacre?  First we learned   the alleged killer was out on bail. Then  we learned  we   rely - incredibly - on volunteers with no legal qualifications to act as bail justices. Now we find the state  seems to train those volunteers to be "compassionate":
  So compassion is a weakness in Bolt's mind unless offered to conservatives. Yes the alleged killer was out on bail on bail for traffic offenses  and not for any major criminal offenses.  Bolt it seems wants more jails built because sure as hell if no bail was permitted where would Bolt house the increased numbers on remand. He pays no attention to that. Bail justices are there and represent us the innocent. They are neither police lawyers or judges they represent us because we are all presumed innocent until found to be guilty under British law. 
Apparently Bolt prefers a populist show of hands and that accused people should be deemed guilty until proven innocent. The decision made largely on the basis of single cases  as they occur and how angry we are rather than a neutral process. But that's Bolt he doesn't believe in objective processes the science of statistical analysis and science are just opinion the equivalent of religion as far as he's concerned. The feelings and bias that's  generated by a single case, that can encourage mob rule, the vigilante in us all is preferred by Bolt.

Hypocrisy........Made in China
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Newt Gingrich Thinks Madonna 'Ought To Be Arrested'

Newt Gingrich Thinks Madonna 'Ought To Be Arrested'

Madonna joked about blowing up the White House so now Newton Leroy Gingrich wants to put her in handcuffs? OF COURSE he does! 
Yes the land of free speech regrets having the First Amendment and free speech. but has difficulty in preventing it. So the new government intends to boycott free speech. elect the press welcome and lock out the the rest from it's press conferences. It intends to favor media corporations prepared to support it's program of alternative facts Fox News ,WSJ owned by Murdoch and Breitbart previously run by Trump adviser Steve Bannon. It seems that the notion of free-speech seen as protest will have laws focused to repress it. Andrew Bolt favors this system to the one we have and will continue to support the American Dream.

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