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Andrew Bolt's Blog,26/1/17; Crime is less in Victoria Bolt says more; Automated fraud is more in Australia Bolt says less; White-anting Bolt makes it a job; Gaggiing America or Murdoch land; Advice from a hypocritical agnostic, Dad Jokes;

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Bolt favors the man he despised little more than 2.5 months ago

And so it begins......

1 Trump silences government scientists with gag orders

2 Trump Administration Puts Gag Order on Several Government Agencies

3 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism


Trump uses charm power while media fumes

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Donald Trump defied so many media predictions, and not just by winning the election. He's assembled a top team, hit the ground running and is now using charm with politicians and business leaders in a way Barack Obama did not. This insight into his first week suggests he will get plenty done.

1 "Charm Power" is this what Bolt call's Trump wandering into the dressing rooms of his Miss world contestants unannounced whenever he chose. Is that what Bolt calls the word fo a snake oil salesman he "seems" to be a force for change? "He's assembled a top team, hit the ground running and is now using charm with politicians and business leaders in a way Barack Obama did not."Bolt What has been noted by white house staffers is that this has been the worst transition in living memory. People who have been appointed haven't a clue what they have been appointed to and the now President is depressed  and watches an inordinate amount of TV. Yes the nations media does fume because all they are invited to is news that they are going to be locked out in preference for media selected exclusively by Trump's team of Breitbart opinionators "Journalists who were allowed into the room captured pictures" expresses this exclusivity and is  reminiscent of the photos taken of that special invitation to "dinner" with Obama and dignitaries that turned out to be a "lunch" at the Alfalfa Club in Atlanta to which he was taken by Rupert Murdoch with a News Corp photographer in tow for the the sole purpose of putting him on the front page of  Sydney's Daily Telegraph to boost him. In truth it was a Murdoch propaganda shoot for  Tony nothing more which turned out  making him look more a fool and a Murdoch marionette. 
 Well Trump had a similar photo shoot signing Executive Orders one changing the abortion policy. He was surrounded by only men all smiling and "using their charm power" to dictate the lives of women and give cause to America's largest ever protest. Any media worth their salt pointing the sexist nature of that photo were said to be fuming Trump haters by none other than "his" press.
 Strange isn't this what's being blogged by Andrew Bolt who only less than 3 months ago was News Corp's leading Trump hater. His 180 degree turn around never explained just ignored


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More fake news from Trump-maddened Fairfax


Yesterday the Sydney Morning Herald spread fake news that Donald Trump had used two Russian prostitutes. Today more fake news, as the Herald  falsely claims Trump's daughter Tiffany is a "fake" voter - voting when
"On November 27, he tweeted that he "won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally". The fact-checking website PolitiFact rated his claim "Pants on Fire"." Is Andrew Bolt suggesting this didn't happen and that this is "fake news" or is he just creating a smoke screen for  why all this has come about in other words the context is missing.
That there was voter fraud of over 3 million votes if Trump is to be believed. that he won the popular vote in the USA. "Trump has repeatedly made the unsubstantiated claim that the 2016 election was tainted by massive voter fraud. He has not provided any credible evidence to back up the claim." What are the odds that this will all come to nothing.
However what Trump said isn't fake he did say it but what he has said has been declared bullshit even by Republicans.  The fact that that he said it and his daughter and some of his staff were registered to vote in two places makes him look the fool. The SMH were reporting on accusations made and that too was true. They didn't report that they were fraudulent Bolt's distraction. Official from both parties clearly stated "We are not aware of any evidence that supports the voter fraud claims made by President Trump,"  a majority of them Republicans, said in a statement on Tuesday. in response to the President's accusation. bolt's going into bat for a man he declared he hated less than 3 months ago. Why he works for News Corp.





Australians remain more likely to be injured or killed by someone they know than by a stranger.

 Bourke Street: Government's focus on terrorism masks the real threats to our safety

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Why no royal commission into this real detention crisis, PM?

Malcolm Turnbull called a royal commission into juvenile justice in the Northern Territory just 10 hours after seeing a biased ABC report on warders allegedly mistreating inmates. So why won't he call a  royal commission into juvenile justice in Victoria on inmates bashing warders - and now running riot outside detention centres as well as inside?

  A Royal Commission into detention in Victoria would be too much of an embarrassment to the Liberal Party and just how much Social Services were neglected by the previous Liberal Government. It would however provide more work for Bolt trying to deny it. Since Dan Andrews has come into power. There has been a drop of 5% in offender under 25 and the largest drop being in those between 15-19. It's not what Bolt wants to present as it doesn't boost his argument. However while fewer are offending those that are are committing or being charged with more crimes. The reasons for this remain unexplained Bolt points multiculturalism but that isn't born out by the statistics either.  So if little of what he says is born out by the statistics what's his motivation other than stirring up the political divide so it doesn't fall focus on the increasing economic division between the haves and have have nots.

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Labor's "victims" owe us Centrelink money


 Labor  can't be trusted to look after  taxpayers' money if most of the welfare recipients it promotes as victims of the Turnbull Government's Centrelink crackdown  have in fact been   overpaid. Embarrassing for Labor, and a worry for the country.

 Here is Bolt  defending the indefensible pulling out a few hundreds and thousands off the Centerlik cake to tell us the cake automated system is fine and correct and the 52 ,000 letters sent out  daily declaring you owe us money  isn't a method of extortion?  Those 18 of 52 people proves the system works.
Well why have Centerlink gagged it's staff who have complained about doing the job. Complained about the stress being generated by a error filled system that assumes guilt rather than innocence and ignores the probability of it's errors.  Centerlink has been accused  of doing the same as others before them who have been charged with with using the law to commit fraud.  Centerlink staff have been silenced on the advice of lawyers because they just might provide evidence of prior knowledge of  error and ignoring it which is what in fact is occurring and is illegal in so many ways. Bolt's just a paid distraction of alternative facts that 18 people on welfare are guilty.
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Trump orders spell trouble for Turnbull's refugee swap

Donald Trump's draft executive orders spell trouble for Malcolm Turnbull's strange and murky deal with Barack Obama to send over our detained boat people in exchange - it seems - for taking "refugees" from Costa Rica.

  Bolt's last hurrah says it all his gloating is for nothing because he doesn't know what it is he's even talking about. If Bolt's right we will be forced to watch him crow. If he's wrong he'll just go silent and let his blog pass to the wicket keeper and be forgotten. You see he moderates his blog so no complaints are shown. It's not news only propaganda with a single intent to prove Malcolm Turnbull an unworthy PM. There are no principles here just on going white-anting by those pretending to be Liberals in a democracy. In other words doing it for Tony What does white-anting mean? - YouTube

  Trump’s Visa Ban is about anti-Muslim Bigotry, not Security





Queen's Chaplain sacked for defending Christianity

And so a civilisation rots and dies. First, the provost of a Scottish cathedral gives readings from the Koran which deny the divinity of Christ. Then, when one of the chaplains of the Queen, the alleged "Defender of of the Faith", protests  he is forced to resign.

 Queen's Chaplain sacked for defending Christianity

 How is it that a self proclaimed agnostic a person who claims to be a Doubting Thomas when it comes to god is such a Calvinist  ideologue when he claims not to be. Can you be both an agnostic and a crusader both at the same time?  He even accuses the faithful of heresy. Has Bolt's conversion  like Paul's taken place while on holidays Hallelujah?
"And so a civilisation rots and dies. First, the provost of a Scottish cathedral gives readings from the Koran which deny the divinity of Christ. "Then, when the Queen's chaplin, the alleged "Defender of of the Faith", protests it is the chaplain  who is required to make a choice simply because Bolt's first love tradition dictates it. Bolt  says he was "forced" his wording actually is he was "sacked" unfairly. Tradition was the reason and tradition is what Bolt adheres to above all resisting change. However Bolt has taken a lefty stance and declares royal tradition wrong and need of change.
Let's get things straight whose who here the Provost of the Scottish Church is Holdsworth and Gavin Ashenden is the Queen's Chaplin. Bolt's jumped in with his paywall link to Mammom News Corp to sell you this otherwise free story about Christendom.
Holdsworth the Provost chose not to engage with Ashenden's criticism of him in the form of meaningless debate  but he engaged with Ashenden according to Bolt politically however it seems it was Ashenden who started the public criticism involving the Queen. According to Bolt it was Holdsworth  because he's gay and invited a Muslim to church. Bolt needless to say has simply put the cart before the horse as to who started the bru ha.  It would seem Ashenden's criticism wasn't as moot a point as Bolt would have us believe and it was a very political one and not from the Church's position but from the Crown's. Ashenden had broken with tradition and knew it.  If tradition is what Bolt believes in so dearly why is he a left winger on this shouldn't he be calling for Ashenden's beheading. The tradition of keeping the royalty neutral was in danger " Oh a Muslim was involved and that takes precedence over everything Christ wasn't just a man and Bolt isn't just an agnostic. Ashenden has excercised his his not so free will because conservative tradition dictated it he "had the choice of remaining a queen’s chaplain and keeping mum about important issues or resigning so he could speak his mind." and he resigned. Bolt's Banner "Queen's Chaplain sacked for defending Christianity" Is bullshit once again. However it's anti gay, anti Muslim and anti tradition and anti monarchist.



Law and disorder in Victoria

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Today's Herald Sun tells the tale. There would hardly be a Victorian now who does not accept that crime in their state  has gone wildly out of control.  The Socialist Left government of Victorian premier Daniel Andrews acts like an authoritarian in every area but the one that counts: law enforcement.

  How typical of The Herald Sun to blame Dan Andrews for  the lack of attention given by the previous Liberal government to the overcrowding in youth detention centers that have been out of control long before Labor came to power. Bolt doesn't actually highlight the fact 36,000 youth juvenile offences have occurred in Victoria in 2015 it would dull his argument. Nor does he mention the need Andrews has to add 2,500 extra police on and the rebuild of detention centers. How bad did the Liberals leave the state of Victoria in it's shocking. How little did they pay attention to social services. The mentally deranged driver was known to all social services but was free and not considered a threat. All this didn't occur under Labor's watch.
Apart from car theft and assault most other crimes have in fact dropped. However Bolt likes to focus on juvenile crime committed by Africans and Muslims which in the total picture are in fact minimal. Law and Order and Jails were a non event for Baillieu and Napthine as was overcrowding and the increase youth crime why? Because the reality of the increasing lack of opportunity among kids would be made evident and much wider changes would need to be put in place. If they lost the election then they could rely on the Herald Sun to put it on the front page and Bolt to boost it."Today's Herald Sun tells the tale. There would hardly be a Victorian now who does not accept that crime in their state  has gone wildly out of control. " Bolt. However Bolt avoids analysis history statistics and any reasoned effort at cause and effect explanations. His preference is hype to boost conservative politics instead  what he focuses on just become a tool.

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