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Andrew Bolt's Blog,29/1/17; Is Andrew Bolt's labor of any value for Australia? What does he produce to boost our GDP? Bolt crying Wolf but also fails to mention the anti- Muslim bias in the US refugee program;


Report: Turnbull to dump Brandis, promote Porter

Karen Middleton claims  Malcolm Turnbull is planning his fourth ministerial reshuffle since becoming Prime Minister just 16 months ago: "Christian Porter is set to become attorney-general in a post-budget reshuffle, with George Brandis likely being sent to London as high commissioner."

  Strangely Bolt a regular smearer of  opposition media  tends to get his news from The ABC, SMH, and in this case The Monthly why? After all he believes they are only left wing propagandists and fake news organizations. Yet Bolt gets the majority of his news from them. It is  as if they are his primary sources. It goes to show that despite belonging to Australia's largest media organization News Corp it's celebrity insiders don't seem to think News Corp has the skills or resources needed to be a real Reporting organization. Bolt might be an insider at News Corp but it seems he's not really  an insider anywhere else these days other than may be the Catholic Church because of George. Andrew like the rest of us has to rely on reading the paper for his information or get others to do it for him.



Fake news: Trump has not ordered a "Muslim ban"

Fake news: Trump has not ordered a "Muslim ban"

More fake news today about Donald Trump. The media is raging that Trump has imposed a "Muslim ban". It's also jeering that his ban hits the wrong countries. Both claims are completely  false or misleading.  For a start, there is no ban on Muslims.  Oh, and while journalists rage,  voters will cheer.

Firstly let it be said Bolt's banner here is confusing more so than he is claiming the banners of others to be. Bolt's banner suggests Trump has ordered a Muslim Ban if the Fake News is that he didn't .Shouldn't his banner read
Fake news: Trump has ordered a "Muslim ban" to support  Bolt's argument? He seems to have well and truly stuck his foot in his mouth.
This is about as much stone throwing by a person in a glass house as ever  I've seen. Bolt the master of fake banners is crying wolf. Banners Bolt would argue are little more than drawcards to get an audience to read what's being said. When you do read Bolt you will find that it's he that's producing the fake news. However he is not just running a contradictory banner her but everything he saying here is fake. He does it regularly often qualifying every thing said in the very last sentence. An example "of course you have to assume their innocence until they are proved guilty". How often have you seen Bolt end a post with an escape clause like this enabling him to say" I didn't say that". Has Bolt proved that the media stories as fully reported are fake? The supreme court of America doesn't seem to think so. Trump stuffed up somehow. The person attempting  to beat up a fake story is our pubic intellectual Andrew Bolt.
However the truth in the reporting is the US refugee program will give preference to Christians and other religious minorities over Muslim refugee fleeing terror even if their claims of persecution are born out after the new stronger vetting procedures are put in place. That  alone suggests there will be a distinct  bias put in place against Muslims. It suggests they won't even be considered. Bolt fails to mention that but then that's just Andrew Bolt.
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"Muslim ban" hypocrisy: Left quiet when Obama also halted visas

There has been hysterical media  condemnation of Donald Trump's decision to refuse visas to travellers from seven mainly Muslim countries, including Iraq, for the next 90 days.  But why was the Left silent when the Obama administration  refused to issue visas to Iraqis for six months? What's more,  Obama  singled out those same seven countries.  
  Who on earth is amplifying this notion of a "Muslim Ban" louder than Andrew Bolt who in the post above got so excited he didn't even realize he was arguing against himself  when saying that the Fake News was that Trump didn't declare a "Muslim Ban". Bolt failed on 2 counts English and the argument on what was fake news.  Bright isn't he. 
Has he mentioned the fact that the Turnbull and Bishop deal on refugees made  with Obama has been endorsed by the Trump administration? No he hasn't!  Oh by the way the Costa Rican refugees that we'll be taking are more Christian than even Andrew Bolt. Half the day has passed  with this news delivered by the ABC and Bolt has lapsed into silence.  He has been crowing like a mad lefty about how it wouldn't happen and Turnbull would have egg on his face since before he went on holiday. He was bellowing only yesterday. But he's ignoring it now.
 So when it comes to Fake News  Bolt actually has lead the pack as he so often does and even not realizing he's doing it. The problem is that he's been given the bullhorn and  is loud. It's pity it takes people like Judge Mordecai Bromberg to put Andrew Bolt back in his box when  News Corp lawyers sit up and take over and  tell him when to shut up.
" The hysterical reaction to Trump's decision seems driven in large part by partisan politics, prejudice and ignorance." Bolt Hysterical (affected by or deriving from wildly uncontrolled emotion) refers to an inability to reflect on what ones doing. The post above this one suggests Bolt needs a tranquiliser to self reflect on what he's doing. Arguing against himself above coupled with his eagerness to bury Bishop and Turnbull on  the refugee exchange which didn't work either. Bolt's grabbed the bat and has been swinging left to right in his eagerness to smear the PM and he's wound  up striking out with egg on his face.
 Bolt even  attacked his own News Corp  team trying to look good Paul Kelly and now .au . He's alone snapping at everyone in sight like a rabid dog and he claims to be the man of principle.  He's even become a Trump apologist as he was with Abbott. However there is a difference 3 months ago he made it clear he hated the Donald when he's never stopped loving the Abbott.  Andrew Bolt couldn't walk a straight line if he tried.

Week 1 of the Trump Presidency -Video


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