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Andrew Bolt's Blog,31/1/17 Proof of Bolt's ignorance and his lies; A neutral Bolt; Creating confusion to distract from Trump; Bolt doesn't defend Julian Assange Donald Trump seems to? Bolt is the gutter press;

Trump’s Chief Strategist: I want to bring everything crashing down – » The Australian Independent Media Network

 Does Andrew Bolt even know who it is he's supporting?

In a revealing 2013 interview with The Daily Beast, US President Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor, Steve Bannon, gives insight into his long-term goals: He never called himself a “populist” or an “American nationalist,” as so many think of him today. “I’m a Leninist,” Bannon proudly proclaimed. Shocked, I asked him what he meant.…

Bolt asks to be fair to the Donald Trump fires acting attorney general who said travel ban was not lawful – live 
The Donald bans law in America

Sally Q. Yates, the acting attorney general, during a news conference in June.

"The international legal position on this matter is clear. The US must permit entry and afford refuge to anyone it has recognised as a refugee or to whom it has granted asylum. Moreover, it cannot return any person to a country where she or he may suffer torture or other persecution. No ifs, no buts, no qualifications on national security.
Merkel will have reminded Trump that the United States is a party to the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees. This prescribed the continuing application of the 1951 Convention relating to the status of refugees which was adopted to address the aftermath of World War II. That original convention was agreed in Geneva so it is sometimes referred to as the Geneva Convention.
As the US voluntarily accepted the 1967 protocol to the refugee convention, it is legally obliged to implement it. Despite Trump's personal complaints about these "rules", all other states party to the protocol and convention can legitimately expect the US to comply – hence the expressions of dismay from other heads of state as Trump announced his executive order."
Bolt like Trump has no regard for such international agreements either

Trump's visa freeze hits six countries that ban Jews.

Donald Trump will stop visitors from seven mainly-Muslim countries with jihadist armies or leaders for 90 days. The Left and the media go mad. But six of those Muslim countries - Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Yemen - ban all Jewish visitors, permanently. So why does the Left say nothing?

 Bolt's first lie is that six countries ban Jews which is false they ban Israelis not Jews.   They ban even those other nationalities with Israeli stamps in their passports. Experiance has shown  Mossad has a habit of using Australian passport holders  to cross borders and assassinate people. So no there is no ban on a persons faith but there is a suspicion of Israelis who are not all Jews.
How do you identify a Jew Andrew Bolt? Bolt's very statement is the sign of his ignorance. There are Iranian Jews and Jews living in most of these countries Bolt calls out as "banning Jews".Iran's Jews: It's Our Home And We Plan To Stay What is significant however and is a further sign of Bolt's ignorant intolerance is he prefers it to be an Australian policy that to be Aussie is to be Christian  and if  not  you can never be Australian.  That's  what he and his hero Geert Wilders would  hope for over time in a perfect world
Iranian Jews
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Mosque attack: killer identified

 The killer responsible for the terrorist attack on a Quebec mosque has been identified as a white French-Canadian university student, acting alone.

  Isn't it strange how Andrew Bolt reports the "news" the real news when a white Christian kills 6 Muslims in an act of terror. There are no rapidly and eagerly jumped to conclusions like there are when a Muslim kills Christians. When  murder and mayhem is committed by a Muslim it's his faith, his spiritual connection to a Muslim brotherhood it's planned, it's evil etc etc If none of this is put forward by police investigators Bolt is on the front foot forward attacking police ,the government whoever in an eruption of frenzied accusation. It's quite the reverse when it's a Christian isn't it all that fake reporting and opinion slips into the shadows of calm reasonableness of let's wait and let it go away. 
 In reality we are social beings and deserve explanations and they take time. People never really act entirely alone. we are very much products of our environments the very ones we have been socialized in. Understanding what happened doesn't generally come from just a single report in a paper. There's more to come and it seems Bolt is only willing to wait if it's white. However what Bolt doesn't tell you and it started with Rupert Murdoch's Fox News.
 Far Right Media Cite Rumors And Fake News Outlets To Erroneously Report Canadian Mosque Attacker Was A Muslim
Bolt's brothers of opinion at Murdoch's Fox News prefer reporting alternative facts

Mosque Shooting Misinformation By Right-Wing Media Highlights The Plague Of Fake News


Australians claim Trump ban hits them. But does it?

More  suspect claims from the media and the Left about Donald Trump's temporary ban on travellers from seven main-Muslim countries with jihadist concerns. An ABC presenter is among those claiming they can't now go to the US, but the evidence suggests they may be   wrong.  

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Creating confusion with intent
 Bolt's taking the opportunity to make hay while the sun shines isn't he? Fake is his banner . Truth is there's confusion. Confusion in Australia even more confusion in the land of Trump. The new leader of the USA and the free world has created a state of confusion. He has changed the inscription found on the Statue of Liberty. He's issued executive orders that are against the the American Constitution. He's created a state of chaos and Andrew Bolt  Murdoch Media's  lackey in Australia is paid to draw attention away from blaming Trump to blaming everyone other than him. He's flipping the issue altogether but that's PR isn't it.

Former US ambassador to Australia Jeffrey Bleich is concerned about America's reputation.

'Hottest places in hell': Former US ambassador slams Trump

Poll: free speech no "niche" issue

Free speech is now a popular cause, despite  many journalists   of the Left dismissing it as a "niche issue". A Galaxy poll shows 48 per cent of Australians approve of removing a ban on words that  “insult’ and “offend” others on the grounds of race - a ban interpreted so widely that it's dangerous to question, say, race-based laws.  
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  Bolt continues to fight his personal battle to create a rudderless boat. His either or arguments that wanting us to be the singular nation in the world  without laws on speech are being rewritten as we speak. America Bolt's model of speech freedom is at war and it's government is at war with none other than the press. Bolt himself argues against the press in America 6 journalists have in fact been arrested for reporting Donald Trump's Inauguration. If that's not the government using the law to intimidate the press what is. Do we hear Andrew Bolt say anything no we hear him praising Trump without indicating that since Trump came to power pressure has been increased on those wishing to reveal the truth in favor of those trying to distort it.
Freedom of speech doesn't exist in Bolt's blog which is strictly moderated. It doesn't exist in Bolt's home which is strictly moderated. It doesn't exist at News Corp which is strictly moderated. However potty mouth Bolt who claims politeness and manners are trumps in a civilized society wants the rules torn down because he and a few others have been brought to notice for crossing the line in civilized society. Bolt in particular for being declared a public liar using false facts to vilify Australian citizens for nothing less than their heritage.  The question of polls is irrelevant when so much more money is used to tear down civil society that is available to protect it. Abuse and freedom of using it is  power that restricts liberty on an unequal playing field and Bolt the barbarian wants it unleashed.
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Explaining the fearlessness of Victoria's youth crims

Victoria has a huge problem with violent young criminals with no respect for the law. It now seems to be a social failure, not least because modish magistrates are too weak in upholding the law. Here are some  astonishing examples.
" Car theft in Victoria drives up national crime stats" Gary Tippett

 "Jake is like a lot of young people; he loves cars. But where Jake is different is that the cars he loves belong to other people.
After falling in with the wrong crowd, he broke into his first car two years ago. He soon graduated to stealing cars for joyriding and soon his only friends were fellow car thieves. The more Jake pinched, the greater his status in the group.
When he gets in those cars and guns them, Jake has no fear of high speeds, driving on the wrong side of the road or running red lights. He’s oblivious to the fact that he might kill himself or someone else.
Since he began his crime spree, Jake (not his real name) has been arrested 29 times for 77 offences. He has done time, but doesn’t care about that either.
Jake is just 13. He stole his first car at 11 and he not African.
Unfortunately, he is not alone: A recent report from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) notes: “In larger Australian cities it is not uncommon for a ‘proficient’ young thief to have stolen more than 300 cars by his or her late teens.”

Back to Bolt's "list" but what's strange there is no mention of colour or continent of these "violent criminal youth" no mention of "who let them in" by Bolt here. No claim that youth crime is an immigration problem. Has the leopard changed his spots I don't think so?
 It's about institutional failure failure brought about by years of neglect by successive governments.  Attention drawn to it for the sake of politics. No mention is made of how Dan Andrews has reduced the numbers of youth  committing crimes but raised the number of crimes they have committed or being charged for. It seems the courts have little choice but to let these repeat offenders go. However one aspect fails attention that the problem isn't just one aspect of the justice system alone.
 It isn't just detention centers but the whole of juvenile justice prevention and social system. that has failed to invest in our young .When over 20% of Victorian youth feel they have no opportunity and their parents are both working having to leave their kids unsupervised  trouble will happen.Where is there any insight, attention given to prevention and other human services. The breakdown is obvious homelessness, youth recklessness, domestic violence and underemployment are a consequence of successive government failure to stem the increasing wealth and income gaps. Businesses are fraudulently underpaying the desperate and the consequences are felt down the line. This has been  allowed to develop in the state over the past years. 
Why is the ice epidemic so much larger in rural centers youth unemployment is so much higher. Crime is the only means underprivileged youth have to get money and they are the ones policed harder . Middle and upper class use drugs more than the poor but it's not reflected in arrests but the growth of private recovery centers at the cost of $14.000 ++ . We have allowed for a trickle up while being sold the myth of a trickle down.


Shorten lies about Trump's ban

It is grossly irresponsible for an alternative Prime Minister to tell vicious lies about the leader of our most important ally.  But Labor leader Bill Shorten, under pressure from his party's Left, tells a whopper about Donald Trump, falsely claiming "Mr Trump's ban on refugees [is] based upon their religion".
Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Bolt blog today distinctly claims the seven countries being referred to have a blanket ban on Jews is he about to tell us he's offering the truth or confusion? Nowhere has Bolt drawn attention to the fact that the Federal Court of America has deemed Trumps Executive Order as unconstitutional. All Bolt is doing is taking the heat off Trump when the rest of the media are amplifying how ill advised the Order was. Bolt is in the act of being Trump's Media PR man down under. Acting on behalf of Trump's PR organization News Corp. The other news organizations are in fact drawing attention to what goes wrong when you have a head of state shooting from the lip and the hip.
Peak Trump hysteria at Sydney Morning Herald

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Peak Trump hysteria at Sydney Morning Herald

Yesterday the Sydney Morning Herald's website ran 21 stories savaging Donald Trump, and not one defending. Today it's another 20 to nil, in what must be the worst vomit of hate in the paper's modern history.
 This coming from the man who had absolutely nothing good to say about Trump in October. Bolt's running where the money is and it's there in massive reserves in America to promote the Fossil Fuel Industry, to promote the Industrial Military Complex , to promote Guns domestically etc. That promotion has to be spent on media  and the promotion of politicians that that support those interests. Murdoch's business model is designed to stand shoulder to shoulder to provide paid support for that just cause of money. The News Corp banner globally says there is nothing wrong with greed. How Trump is that. 

France needs swamp drained. Who is its Trump?

France needs its own Donald Trump, promising to "drain the swamp". The conservative candidate in France's presidential election, former prime minister Francois Fillon, is being investigated over alleged scams involving $850,000 paid to his wife for work she did not do.

Bolt claims France needs a Donald Trump a 4 times bankrupt that ripped off the tax payers by getting a $1 bill tax subsidy paid by the taxpayers while dodging payments to his workers and subcontractors at the same time. Bolt somehow sees the man as heroic. Charging and sentencing criminal is what France needs not a Donald Trump and that applies everywhere were corruption exists. It's called fairness and equality of the state not just who rules. It's certainly not Marie Le Penn or a biased press throwing accusations at an opposition MP as if he's guilty which is the tone of Bolt's Blog and miles it seems from reality at the present time. "Mr Fillon has denied any wrongdoing while his wife has not yet responded publicly to the allegations." 
Where would Bolt be if it were illegal to spread malicious rumor his most favorite word in English is obviously "alleged" it helps protect him while vilifying others and is generally used by the gutter press. What is of note here however is just how corrupt the press are. Remember the inquiry into Murdoch's SUN in the UK and the phone tapping that saw Rupert Murdoch do a fine impression of Alan Bond  when questioned. Boy did he play demented well then. That's the calibre of the man who pays Andrew Bolt.
France needs swamp drained. Who is its Trump?

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