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Andrew Bolt's Blog,3/1/17; Try Correcting Andrew Bolt; Australian Power and Policy How American are we?The sound of Bolt's silence gets us closer to the truth and informed comment. You can feel it when the primative dross is removed.

Try Correcting Andrew Bolt

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 IPA, ALEC, NCPA Determining the source of Australian political policies

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"The Trump team is filling up on billionaires and political insiders, and that suits the ALEC crowd just fine. After all, ALEC exists to maximize the profits of their corporate kings, including Koch Industries, Exxon Mobile, PhrMA, Altria, and Pfizer, who pay upwards of $25,000 to become members. Left in the dust are the working low and middle income people of our country, who only get the crumbs of the trickle down, top down economic system that ALEC promotes and from which Trump has reaped a lifetime of rewards."
" Though several ALEC members borrowed Trump's "draining the swamp" reference to Washington DC, the alligators (i.e., corporate lobbyists) were swimming all around the ALEC conference, ready to take a deep dive into a swamp growing larger by the day."
Basically ALEC is in the business of privatizing everything in America . One only needs to witness the growth of the CCA in the USA and the fact that America now holds 25% of the worlds prisoners and you too can be a shareholder. 70% of Afro American men will be fodder for the system because of mandatory sentencing, plea bargaining and a bail and justice system that prevents them pleading 'not guilty' Disadvantage has changed the face of slavery and cheap labor in America turning prisons into factories. Overcrowding that's ok the CCA can take care of the home detention systems parole and reform and the families can pay. Creation of debt is the fundamental to the expansion of business.
We will be seeing it here privatising vocational education 1) created debt, 2) No jobs and 3) had schools ripp us off to the tune of over a $1 bill. The business was signing people up no teaching or attendance required. Tony Abbott couldn't be bothered to check. Was anyone charged No! Are the schools still operating Yes! Who is paying, you!

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It's been quite a relief now that Andrew Bolt's away you can actually sense the truth of  Multicultural Australia and the ease in which we really live.  Without the Tribalist thinking about identity that Bolt infuses into the atmosphere  on a daily basis at the behest of News Corp what we come to realize is and be aware of is  he is a grim symptom of our underdeveloped and primitive politics and the role the right wing media  plays in it's continuance. The politicians are away is it any coincidence that with it there is a great sense of relief. It's as if we have found a new beginning called 2017. Unfortunately it will be short lived because Bolt will be back to divide us as best he can to tell us who and who doesn't belong among us. Bernardi, Christensen to attend anti-Islam group's dinner
We know the beasts are there but we also know how small they really are. Abbott calls for Palestinian aid cut and embassy relocated  Without their PR machine and News Corp's backing. It's why we wish for longer holidays I guess.

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