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Fox News Retools Misleading Jobs Report Spin One Last Time

" Today marked the release of the final monthly jobs report during President Obama’s time in office, and Fox News wasted no time in spinning the document, which showed consistent job gains, new workforce entries, and sizable year-to-year wage increases, by claiming that it’s “not a great picture of the employment situation.” 

The network has exploited the monthly jobs report to attack the president since he took office in January 2009, but its campaign of misinformation will likely come to a screeching halt next month."

"The generally positive outlook on the economy portrayed by these journalists, economists, and other experts was once again absent at Fox News, which painted the report as another example of the president’s failing policies.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney slammed the report all morning on Varney & Co., and he invited several guests to claim that the report was proof of a sputtering and “sick” economy."

Will The Network Continue Its Nitpicking Misinformation Campaign After Trump Takes Office?

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" Trump has maintained that it is impossible to trace hacking attempts, that it isn’t clear who was behind them, and that he knows a lot about hacking and knows things about these incidents that the rest of us do not know, which he would reveal ( he hasn't)" Donald Trump.
 Trump and Bolt come out with these sorts of comments on a regular basis. Bolt claims it's impossible trace man's influence on Climate Change that at best it's merely a position taken up by vested interests chasing money and political influence. It's the "we can't be sure smoking causes lung cancer or is really is injurious to health" argument. Yet Bolt is certain Aboriginal Culture id the cause of dysfunction and Islam is the cause of international terrorism and not politics. Bolt has regulars he turns to to cite as his suppositories of wisdom advisors now to Donald Trump no less

 Trump Adviser Roger Stone: CIA Director John Brennan Is A "Saudi Mole"

A Bolt Regular Source of Quality Information Breitbart

Breitbart Story About “Mob” Of 1,000 Muslims Attacking A German Church Reportedly Dissolves

 The truth of the matter is:

How Donald Trump Could Make Rupert Murdoch Even More Powerful

Source: How Donald Trump Could Make Rupert Murdoch Even More Powerful

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