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Milo Yiannopoulos is a senior editor at, the “alt-right” website formerly run by Stephen Bannon, President Donald Trump’s chief strategist (Bannon is still set to speak at CPAC this year). Yiannopoulos has spent years positioning himself as the poster boy for radical “free speech,” traveling on speaking tours and doing publicity stunts that target, hurt, and harass women, people of color, undocumented students, and the transgender community, among other already at-risk groups and Andrew Bolt loves him and offers damage control on his behalf.

"On my shows: how Milo crashed and why free speech isn't an excuse" Bolt (shows? Is he still claiming Mirand's as his, most likely!!!)

 Just two days after news broke that’s serial harasser Milo Yiannopoulos would speak at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the conference’s hosts have rescinded his speaking invitation after video circulated of Yiannopoulos “condoning pedophilia.” While CPAC is now trying to do damage control, there were any number of reasons not to elevate Yiannopoulos before the video resurfaced. And anyone familiar with Yiannopoulos’ persona -- including the leadership at CPAC -- should have known that continuing to ally themselves with a champion of the so-called “alt-right” would eventually lead to something like this.

On The Bolt Report tonight: Milo Yiannopoulos comes crashing down after videos show him laughing about a priest who abused him, as well as defending older men having sex with "boys". Why the "free speech" cause is being damaged - again. Plus Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, and Michael Kroger on a revolt in his Victorian party. Bolt denies Milo Yiannopoulos advocates child sex |
 Milo Yiannopoulos loses book deal and speaking slot following child abuse comments - Donald Trump's America 
and it seems there are a lot of people don't agree with Bolt who sees nothing in 13 year olds cock sucking much oldermen.

 Defending George, Milo and bullshit peddled as something else. In other words you can say whatever you want and if that causes someone to kill it's not your responsibility because words can't hurt incite or inspire. Yet Bolt has accused the actions of so many who were "inspired" by the speech of he demands action be take against some "inspirers" but not against all because some should be protected by the right of free speech. Anyone advocating ISIS is a worthwhile cause has no right to be protected but should be bombed  but apparently Milo advocating the right of older men to have sex  with young boys is fine "Why the "free speech" cause is being damaged again (and beware, the headline on the clip below is not accurate, since Milo actually rejects pedophilia):"Bolt Bolt take note like Trump is claiming this as fake news" What of the inspiration Bolt it's okay for someone to say "Screw Bolt's daughter" If somebody did it and was inspired by the message it's don't shoot the messenger is that the logic behind free speech? It seems the conservatives in America don't agree with you and certainly not Milo.
What is the man saying above. Bolt says he believes he's entitled to say whatever he wants and bugger the consequences. America doesn't think so. neither does Bolt but he pretends he defends everyones rights to say what they want even for inspiration's sake. I say he's talking frog shit.
" While Yiannopoulos is no longer speaking at the event, CPAC did announce another speaker on Monday: someone who was caught on tape bragging about sexual assault and then managed to win a presidential campaign."Media Matters
Bolt's editorial  Free speech works and Milo has listened and said sorry. No mention of the paid contracts lost not due to the left but the astonishment of the right and organizations that are rapidly trying to distance themselves from him. You say lets think this through "If you can" how patronizing is that comment to your own team. Milo is on the edge of losing his job at Breitbart think that through "if you can" $$$$$ How much is this man trying to inspire going to lose? Can he say enough sorries to make it go away? Your editorial was begging for forgiveness when you have none and go for the jugular when people in the audience of Q&A say things that you find easy to attack when theirs no money to be lost on their part you dig in the heel and grind and say your an advocate of 'free speech'. Speech is free between equals. Debating and it's rules ensure that. Outside of a moot there is no 'free speech' Section 18C goes a small way to improve that. Apparently your umbrage to what happened to you reflects that you you feel entitled  to lie and and you are offended that the protection of Cultural capital was neutralized. When these factors were accounted for and the equality of speeches were evaluated you lost. That's justice in the civilized world Mr Bolt 

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Danger: bank regulator gets warming faith

This is frightening. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, which regulates our banks and super funds, now claims to be expert in (imaginary) global warming catastrophes and declares:   “We see ‘climate risks’ as part of our broader approach to prudential risk management and supervision.”  

Andrew Bolt reveals himself to be a serious Trumpster today Trumpsters are letting the world know Sweden is covering up the truth with fake news. The media and government are hiding the facts on immigrant crime in Sweden. Andrew Bolt is echoing much the same alternative news "It's frightening not just because we cannot actually find proof that global warming is producing the predicted catastrophes."Bolt "the real disasters are produced by global warming alarmists"Bolt
Yesterday Andrew Bolt would have us believe VW was the victim and not the perpetrator of fraud when found guilty. If that were true then yes Andrew Bolt is an indigenous Australian as well. 'JeSuisIkea': Trump's comments confuse Swedes as supporters cry cover-up | US news | The Guardian
Does Bolt see himself as some sort of  free spirit  like Cool Hand Luke  or Randle P McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest character? Well if he does I can assure you he's not because he's much more like Max Candy in Cape Fear or David Koresh suicidal cult leader. His work colleagues while right wing are even beginning to see him as dangerous a Gobellian loon. Miranda Devine has him destroying any notion of journalism reasoned news. She sees him turning the front pages and media into little more than a war of unverifiable opinion all in the name of free speech. 
Bolt is a fully fledged Trumpster who believe in the man and his method that anything said needs no verification because his followers will simply believe it to be true. 
However Bolt is losing respect as fast if not faster than  Donald Trump. We don't have the history of religious fervour the USA has. We don't have a David Koresh like figure who believed himself to be a prophet. Current research has shown we don't ache for the level of 'free speech' that Bolt does. We actually want to retain Section 18C that demands civility and a level of fact. We aren't Trumpsters who find god  in men like the Donald
Bolt won't tell you this but his favorite Right Wing Comedian genius and Breitbart editor  who he promotes on his show the Bolt Report Milo   has been dropped like a burning hot coal  by US conservatives because of his promotion of pedophilia. Will Bolt jump declare it "fake news" and  rise  publicly in his defense  as he did George Pell?  Conservatives Shocked To Discover That Milo Yiannopoulos Is A Terrible Human Being 
 Bolt like Trump is flipping turning the argument to nonsense trying as best he can to obscure any notion of truth.

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How can he be a "refugee", visiting so often the land he fled?

Ever suspect we're being gamed by "refugees" claiming to be fleeing death and persecution? Another example: An Iranian asylum seeker granted refugee status turns out to have since spent more time in Iran than here, and went back to Iran to get married. Now he's been arrested for allegedly smuggling ice.  

How often have we heard Bolt say "I'm an individual treat me like one" My position is no your not Andrew Bolt. Your socialization your history and your patterns of behavior make you predictable and recognizable as a person not of class but of a 'class' in society. The problem however you are totally misguided. You may network with the business and political class but your not one. Yes your a tool in both ways. That however can't be said of newly arrived immigrants that haven't found their place. Yes criminal exist but all immigrants and refugees aren't criminals as you suggest and as Trump suggested  in his dumb remark about Sweden. Are you implying Rita Panahi has the seeds within her that are a danger to us? No well I do for reasons other than her Iranian heritage. She displays the same values that you do false ones that have you kid yourself about the value of 'me' over and above 'we' in social thinking. That criminal didn't commit crime because he was Iranian as you are not a prick because you are Australian it's because what you and he do have in common is selfishness and not selflessness.

"The two are actually incompatible, in the opinion of many students of Islam." Bolt Is Bolt slipping he's actually acknowledged the nature of opinion but supports one by his fact less use of "many" There is 1.6 billion Muslims in the world with "many" differing opinions but Bolt only has a single focus a very narrow focus because he he has a preconditioned conclusion. He takes the opinion of  Hirsi Ali "sharia law is among the most dehumanizing, demeaning and degrading for women ever devised by man:" Bolt avoids revealing or even explaining why of the 50 majority Muslim Countries There have been so many  women Muslim leaders and MPs. Why it has been in fact in the most populous of Muslim nations. Long before Australia had its first. Why is it that Andrew Bolt leaves this hidden in his eagerness to prove Muslim women are all repressed? Does Bolt find that in Tunisia woman's the right to legal abortion since the 70s and their right to equal pay is repressive? Kurdish women fight along side men hardly an indication they are property. It's the narrow and selected focus that gives Bolt away Iran is not the center of the universe of Islam there are more than 40 nations that prove Bolt Hirsi and Lyons wrong and Bolt's refusal to acknowledge that fact just reinforces  that free speech is merely his claim on the right to misinform. As much as Trump did in his claims about "did you hear what happened in Sweden" 
Bolt quotes Miranda Devine for support she is the last person to argue for Andrew Bolt's form of journalism. She is totally against unverifiable fact less opinion taking the place of verifiable news.

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 The Bolt Report



Why do conservatives go before Q&A's feral Left?

After last night I again wonder why conservatives  go on Q&A to be  sneered at by the host, overtalked by a stacked panel and jeered by carefully curated audience of feral haters, primed to boo. As if that's not enough, Fairfax then collates and publicly gloats over that jeering and writes venomous articles abusing the conservative. It's a circus.

"After last night I again wonder why conservatives  go on Q&A to be  sneered at by the host, overtalked by a stacked panel and jeered by carefully curated audience of feral haters, primed to boo."Bolt
This is coming to you form Andrew Bolt whose Bolt Report has a sneering host delivering his opinion piece each night  which doesn't exist on Q&A. Stacked Panel I'd say Bolt's format of Bolt and friends is what's regarded as a 'stacked panel' Bolt can't get an audience because his show needs anally tight production values allowing Bolt to cut his interviewees off if they get too clever for him. What we see here is not self promotion because that is too difficult it's pathetic act of  trying to downgrade the opposition. However Andrew Bolt's fast losing friends even News Corp personnel are turning against Australia's only Trumpster. Miranda Devine, Paul Kelly and others aren't standing too close to the Andrew Bolt style of bullshit



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How CNN "debates" Trump

Via Sinclair Davidson, this demonstration of the commitment of the anti-Trump CNN to debate - and note not just the shut-down but the group-mocking:
 What Bolt calls debate. "After Trump suggests a non-existent terrorist attack took place in Sweden, supporters claim the media is covering up migrant crimes" Reported by Fox News According to Trump the Swedes don't even know what's going on. However in fact the only truth is that there has been an increase in immigration. The crime rate has dropped over the past decade and no terrorist act has occurred. Trump's White House media are in a daily scramble just trying to shore up and explain away Trumps bloopers and Andrew Bolt pretends there aren't that many. because he simply ignores them as he did with Tony Abbott he's practiced. There is no debate if there's no reality there's just mind games.

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Shakespeare back, but why was he sacked?

I'd be even happier if they'd never been dropped from the NSW syllabus in the first place: "The classical works of the Bard, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Joseph Conrad will become mandatory for Year 11 and Year 12 students to study in new back-to-basics syllabuses." Who were the vandals who'd scrapped them?
 Obviously clear thinking was never on any syllabus that Bolt addressed. He wasn't the sort of person to simply drop out of university. Others noticed his lack of ability and his ego stopped him from trying and learning along the way so he failed.



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Give MPs more time in the job? To do what?

Wow. One Liberal MP thinks our Canberra politicians are doing such a good job that you should get even fewer chances to replace them: "A member of the Turnbull government has prepared a private members bill to introduce fixed, four-year terms." That also means that Senators get to keep their seats for eight years without facing the voters.
  Imagine if there was a vote on whether andrew Bolt was of value or not simply imagine if his blog weren't so anally moderated and his Bolt Report so strictly produced. How long would he last if it weren't for the curtain he's behind.

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Scott has to get over Anna

Terry McCrann says the Turnbull Government should stop having a tantrum about the banks appointing a former Labor Premier, Anna Bligh, as their chief lobbyist: "The very reaction announced the stupidity. Do you think they might actually know what they are doing? That they know who [Bligh] was and is? Further, it’s not “always about you”."
  Wait a minute two days ago it was Bolt having a tantrum that Anna Bligh applied and was appointed. Predicting that the banks foresaw a Labor Party win. Today there seems to be some sort of turn around suggesting Bolt is confused. However you won't hear that from him.  " It’s actually something of a (small) compliment to the Coalition." McCrann

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