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Andrew Bolt's Blog 27/2/17; Bolt proves he's a liar; Bolt wants to help India with Coal; There are more than 10 commandmets in the Bible Bolt wouldn't want the punishments read out; Abbott who?; $500mill gross debt how low is that; 4000 illegal houses; MPs which side is the most corrupt?;

On my shows - Turnbull crashes. Bernardi, Christensen and Credlin explain

On The Bolt Report on Sky at 7pm: Malcolm Turnbull blames Tony Abbott for his worst poll numbers yet. Cory Bernardi, George Christensen and Peta Credlin tell the real story. Plus why is 
 This is a group to defend Abbott when the destructor made a calculated act to  influence the polls immediately lying and declaring his loyalty to Turnbull. Damage control for Abbott of course this is just look at the personalities involved. This is after all Australia's version of Fox News. Read the post below and you will see the making of news and not the investigation of the facts. The Bolt Report will be so far removed from the real story you just might feel Russian. One may well ask why Bolt has never been recognized by his peers for what it is he does. Just a marionette selling News Corp influence by framing stories to organize our view of reality in Abbott's favor. Simply said it's media manipulation and shouldn't be taken for granted particularly commentators like Bolt who tend to fit selected facts to fit the conclusions they want us to agree with.


Fairfax fake news: Trump wrong but right


The Sydney Morning Herald's anti-Trump malice is farcically exposed by the way it's presented the news that Donald Trump is STUPID to claim Sweden has a problem with immigrants and crime because look at the evidence buried deep in the story which ... oh dear .. proves him absolutely right.

Fake Fox News Why Andrew Bolt can't be trusted. Yesterday Bolt was defending Trump on his remarks on Sweden. His information was delivered by Fox News and as expected it's proven to be fake. Andrew Bolt knew this but ignored it. He also knew O'Reilly's segment was fake. He is a liar.
No the Banner should read Fox Fake News: Is Trump's News Fake News? Only 37% of Americans believe him. Bill O'Reilly just hosted a fake Swedish 'advisor' to scaremonger about refugees

The photographer who filmed the documentary Donald Trump watched on Sweden says it was edited 'unethically'


Donald Trump received criticism from a number of news organisations as well as Swedes for his apparently 'off script' comments about terrorism and crime in the country. 

The President later clarified that he sourced the information from a Fox News segment, in which a documentary filmmaker, Ami Horowitz was interviewed about his experiences in the country.
Horowitz portrayed Sweden in harsh terms, saying that Swedes are making excuses for what he sees as an increase in violence and rape as a result of immigration.
The validity of his documentary has been questioned by political scientists and newspapers, who called his claims an “exaggeration”.
Now, one particular part of his documentary is receiving even more scrutiny - specifically a video clip featuring two Stockholm-based police officers being interviewed.
The police officers spoke about crime rates in Sweden and the availability of weapons.
When the documentary was published on YouTube, and later used on Fox News, the officers claimed that their quotes were taken out of context.
One of the officers, Anders Göranzon told Dagens Nyheter (DN), a Swedish newspaper:
I don't understand why we are part of the segment. The interview was about something completely different to what Fox News and Horowitz were talking about. It was supposed to be about crime in high risk areas. Areas with high crime rates. There wasn't any focus on migration or immigration.
Photographer Emil Marczak, who filmed the interview, agrees that the police officers were misrepresented.
He told DN:
To double check that my recollection is correct I went through the raw footage, and it confirms how the police have portrayed events.
They said repeatedly that they had no information which could substantiate this kind of statement
In fact, had he known how “unethically” the material was going to be put together, he claims he would not have taken the job in the first place.
Ami Horowitz did not immediately return a request for comment.

Warming alarmists cost more than global warming

Yet more evidence that global warming alarmists actually cost us more than global warming ever will: "Melbourne ratepayers will stump up almost $700,000 to help pay a Swedish professor who has the job of making the city more 'resilient' in the face of global warming." Do nothing and we'd be better off.  
  Remember the government's $4,000,000, no Abbott's appointment Dr Bjorn Lomborg who he tried to force on universities that didn't want him? The one book academic, the fossil fuel lobbyist whose academic track record was little better than a tutor. The man who wasn't a Professor recognized anywhere in the world.
 $700,000 is almost a sixth for an appointment 1 The University wants, the city wants.  2 Who is already a recognized Professor from a top university.
As for doing nothing Bolt wants to sell coal today it's called 'clean coal' an oxymoron if there ever was one to China and India because it does nothing but help kill people. However they are not Australians and they are colored so Bolt doesn't care unless we Make Australia Great Again

Poor air quality causes nearly 1.1 million people to die prematurely in India each year, the study says.

What "extreme weather", Lisa?

"Extreme weather? " Bolt.    Fake News Bolt is at it again
 Record breaking heat isn't extreme enough for Bolt the third hottest January on record isn't "extreme" enough for Bolt not that he defines what extreme means to him. If and when he does he knows he will be seen as the fool he is living in a world of his own personal definitions. "But it isn’t just Australia that is feeling the heat. Climate scientists have confirmed that January 2017 was the third warmest January in 137 years of record keeping.
 "January was the hottest month on record for Sydney since 1859, and the persistent warmth into February (with many places topping 35C day after day) may topple the New South Wales record of 50 hot days in a row."
These broken records are just the stats for the whole of the globe and not just his backyard and they occurred during La Nina. Every record broken is a movement on the thermometer into areas never recorded before and Bolt is trying to tell us the records aren't significant. It's funny isn't it just how seriously our rural economy pays attention to what Blot flippantly says don't. Predictions are that we are in for some  more heat to come with more records to be broken. However that's not extreme enough for Bolt."but if El Niño does roar back this quickly we’d better brace ourselves for yet more record breaking weather."
What the hell Bolt never holidays in Australia anyway he prefers to spend his leisure time elsewhere largely because the climate is too extreme for him.
  Australia’s summer heat hints at worse to come | Environment | The Guardian

Weatherwatch If the third warmest January on record occurred during a La Niña event, scientists are asking what El Niño has in store

 Turnbull crashes in poll. Hanson surges

Turnbull crashes in poll. Hanson surges

" Abbott's five-point plan, announced last week, is surely a good start." Note the details of Abbott's 5 point plan are the opposite of what Abbott did when he was PM so Bolt no longer lists them. To list Abbott's 5 point plan would be to show up the liar he in fact was.So much so Liberals who Abbott counted on spoke out against him and told him to zip it. Abbott immediately went on the back foot and declared his loyalty again as if the public believed him. The fact is Turnbull never swung like a yo yo criticizing Abbott in the way Abbott is criticizing him. He certainly didn't do it to manipulate Newspoll. Turnbull sat and bided his time and allowed the party to rid itself of Abbott who had effectively isolated himself. Bolt went into PR mode back then and now the only role he has with sole access for Abbott's distribution of the negativity intent on getting himself noticed with some fake but positive spin.
"Mr Turnbull retains his lead over Bill Shorten as preferred prime minister" Bolt of course doesn't mention Abbott's standing in that race where Abbott doesn't even rate.
"Notice how the media Left is much less interested in bad polls like this than it was when Abbott was struggling? And that's when Abbott was clearly a better fighter come election time."Bolt
How stupid is this statement 1) Abbott lost the leadership of his Party. 2) Turnbull won the leadership and the election. 3) Abbott was a better fighter in Bolt's mind and who thinks the media are Abbott's opposition and not his Party. Now Bolt's doing a Trump and saying the media is running the country when he's part of the largest organization in the country that allows him to post this dribble.
What's more amusing is Newspoll is Murdoch's favored pollster and Newspoll in the USA's latest research shows that Trump and Fox News are the least trusted news source in America with a support of only 37%

Image result for Images of plotting back stabbers

A plot! Liberal conservatives discuss policy

How shocking: conservative Liberal MPs discuss ways to push their policies within the party. How sinister: "A group of conservative Liberal MPs calling themselves 'the deplorables' held regular phone hook-ups after last year’s close election result to co-ordinate a strategy to attack Malcolm Turnbull on several policy fronts..."
  No names No numbers Trump's opinion without sources or today's definition of fake news coming from a a Trump supporter that just can't make up his mind where he fits. So let's take on board Trump's truth and call it fake. "How sinister - and note that participants " Bolt " instigated by Mr Abbott and Eric Abetz"  in secret proving Abbott's loyalty because he didn't want to upset Turnbull while  stating  publicly "I'm the loyalist you ever seen" while  conspiring with 12 others given Bernardi has jumped ship. How is it Dutton is left out of the conspiracy of the loyal and the conspirators have been outed for what they are. Abbott in particular the self serving party destroyer how on earth can he ever be trusted. How on earth can Bolt ever be believed as he was always declaring how loyal Abbott was and what a saint the man was. Bolt has again revealed himelf to be two faced and struggling.



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Gallery: Abbott can't return, just as Rudd couldn't

Never trust the Canberra Press Gallery when it's in full group-think - and starts making predictions. Check out the record of the pundits who cheered Malcolm Turnbull into the job and are now predicting Tony Abbott can never return.
  Not included is Bolt's description of Trump. Note he merely wonders how Trump got close. So Bolt fancies he's a member of the press gallery too does he? The man with crystal balls maybe but holding neither.
"The question now isn’t whether Donald Trump is just a moron or an outright menace who could blow up the world. 
The question is why a braggart, buffoon, liar, narcissist and sexist with almost no political principles came so close to becoming president of the world’s greatest power." Bolt


Stop attacking Trad. He just read out the Koran

Stop attacking Trad. He just read out the Koran

  Journalists are unfair to attack Keysar Trad for saying Islam tells men to beat their disobedient wives. He’s right, isn’t he? Why attack Trad when he’s simply quoting the Koran?But we know why, don't we?  
Column  This is all about Bolt however given how easily he finds it to lie is it any surprise he turns on Trad. Simply read the post above see how easily Bolt quotes sections of someone elses article in order to distort it's true meaning. Bolt ducks the issue that Trump collected the information for his comments on Sweden from Fox News who had unethically edited what Trump saw. and that Bill O'Reilly Bolt's Mentor actually ran an interview that was totally fraudulent. Know Bolt is trying to smear Keyser Trad no Islam because of what's in the Koran. How easy is it to find the same punishments dictated in the Bible a not so righteous book when taken literally as Bolt is taking the Koran. Just how trustworthy is Bolt when he's so easily proved a liar?
Turnbull's Abbott attack proves he won't change

Turnbull's Abbott attack proves he won't change

 MALCOLM Turnbull made three things clear by calling Tony Abbott “sad”, just for giving him great ideas to save his dying government. Turnbull won’t change. His government will fall. And conservatives will never get what they want from the Liberals while Turnbull leads.
 What's sad about Abbott's advice is that none of it is true and is the exact opposite of what his government was doing a year ago. It's the very reason he didn't get the support he expected having made his comments. It's exactly why he found himself on the back foot immediately after once again declaring his loyalty to Turnbull. 
Andrew Bolt is doing what Andrew Bolt has always done for Abbott an act of public relations that's really going about as far as his defense of Trump went above, nowhere. It's amazing when truth is of no consequence and it isn't to Bolt just how you can say whatever you want.


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Savings start at home, Prime Minister

The Turnbull Government is deep in debt. It's telling us to tighten our belts. But shouldn't Malcolm Turnbull set an example? His security has been upped from 15 officers to 24; two officers protected his wife even at a Swiss spa; and he won't move into Kirribilli House, so we must pay an extra $3 million a year to protect his Point Piper home.
"Small savings in the context of a gross debt that's nearly $500 million, but useful in selling the message that we all must made sacrifices." Bolt I have always said Bolt can't count and can't be relied on. $500 mill is peanuts given it was Tony Abbott who raised the debt ceiling to $500 Bill and went on a spending spree that's doubled the Labour deficit. You need a proof reader and a moderator Bolt but not for comments posted.




Three frauds on Israel: Rudd, Hawke and Evans

Greg Sheridan exposes the frauds — Bob Hawke, Kevin Rudd and Gareth Evans — calling for Australia to formally recognise a Palestinian state.  Hawke wildly exaggerates Israel's sins, Rudd simply makes stuff up and Evans bizarrely claims the Arabs can't be trusted to protect Israel. Read and weep to see how moral vanity corrupts thought.
All Sheridan has managed to say is the lie common to most rapists "I'll put it in a little if it hurts I'll take it out" " don't worry you will only be a little bit pregnant"  Illegally occupied territories are illegal passing a bill to allow 4000 yes 4000 knew houses on private Palestinian land is not a small forgettable act. It's that sort of bullshit that had Bolt found guilty. Lies don't cover up the facts.

Israel's land theft law is just the tip of the settlement iceberg

Settler takeover makes life hell for East Jerusalem Palestinians

 The home demolitions Israel's media isn't talking about

 PHOTOS: Palestinian homes come down as settlements expand




If it's a resigning offence, where's our cash?

No wonder voters are sick of the political establishment. Two Victorian Labor MPs quit their positions after exposed claiming dodgy expenses for living by the beach. But only one has offered to give back the cash to taxpayers.
  Don't ask the Liberals where the money is they steal from each other. The history of all politicians is shameful not just Labor. Abbott flew down to Melb for a birthday. He accepted gifts for his daughter the questions Bolt's asking nobody wants investigated too closely.

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