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Andrew Bolt's Blog,14/2/17; It's Valentine's Day and Bolt's in Love; Paper boy Bolt hates selling The Australian; Bolt has just discovered Woman's Day isn't a reality show;

On my shows tonight 

Fake News : Bolt has "shows" tonight .

He Doesn't he has a show and is a guest on another.
More Fake News:
"And dangerously fake news in Parliament today about our allegedly genocidal past."
The word genocide does not mean the intent to destroy a whole race but large numbers of a race. The colonists did kill and imprison large numbers of indigenous Australians. Allegedly suggests this is unproven when in fact there is an Indigenous record and a colonial record both of which are valid.
Bolt only accepts the colonial record which is in fact dangerous. In the same way if history accepted only the records of the financial advisers of the major  banks  there would be no successful class action or settlement against them for fraud due to conflict of interest and "stolen money". Bolt is silent
Bolt is currently calling police records of youth riots  a conspiracy of lies as according to him they have been labelled multicultural rather than Sudanese. So Bolt is actively denying the official record. Those claiming a "Stolen Generation" existed are also denying the official record. However Bolt denies their right to  claim their narrative but claims he has the right to claim his. That simply makes him a hypocrite and in all probability the creator of fake news


Pauline Hanson: Bill Shorten "picks my brains"

Labor is attacking the Liberals for making a preference deal in WA with the allegedly wicked and kooky One Nation. Yet One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says Labor leader Bill Shorten "picks my brains  for policies".


  Isn't it hilarious just how well Andrew Bolt gets on with Pauline Hanson. He seems just so entertained and beside himself and it shows in his photo together. Their relationship is so unlike that he has with his fellow work mate he once called the Devine Miranda.These days the smiles are all gone the resentment has backed up like a blocked sewer. He's found his new Valentine. When have you seen Andrew Bolt beside himself with delight.  He's thinking of moving to Qld were he says 1 in 4  voters are like him.
 Andrew Bolt has found a woman to love.


Coalition splits over One Nation

The already divided Turnbull Government is now further divided after the WA Liberals sign a preference deal with One Nation. Federal Nationals are sniping at Liberal Ministers Michaelia Cash and the able Finance Minister, Mathias Cormann.
Bolt's d day for being the News Corp paper boy
Andrew Bolt is so excited he's forgotten WA is a State and is not lead by Malcolm but it's an opportunity nevertheless to get Tony's name in print. Tuesday's blog is starting to read like Woman's Day . It's what paper boy Bolt really thinks of the Australian.

Who are Woman's Day fake "sources"?

Who are Woman's Day fake "sources"?

Here's proof that Woman's Day makes up its sources. It prints what it claims is a picture of Noelene Hogan (former wife of Paul) with her second husband Reg Stretton and adds: "‘Reg’s simple nature and easygoing attitude is perfect for Noelene,' sources say." But Reg has been dead for years. The man shown is Noelene's son.  

Bolt's actually telling the world he's just discovered that Woman's Day is fake and he's breaking it. Australia's public intellectual I don't thinks o public toilet. He's doubling up and taking the mickey out of Nolene simply because he can and he thinks it's funny . They call him a prick because its where he hides his IQ. Imagine the TV shows he watches.


Grammy stars routed by the Joy division

The stars savage Donald Trump, but when singer Joy Villa, a Filipina immigrant, turned up at the Grammy's in a Trump dress  her album rocketed up the charts to number 3 on Amazon. People admire courage.  They also have had it up to here with being hectored by the elites.  
 Tongue in cheek SNL also rates highly world wide Bolt and Blair love it too Bolt in particular he studies the humour but to date has been a slow learner. However it's true remember the days when anything Trump made it to No 1 instantly. They are now saying he's falling in the ratings in the US and it shows. However Joy is oh so Trump isn't she. Reminds me of the Benny Hill Show. Today is really Andrew Bolt's Woman's Day moment and he's suggesting we listen to his new favorite song if you dare.
 Why is Andrew Bolt making such a big noise over something so small? What he could and should be saying is that budget blow out to $500 billion is all down to Tony Abbott. He raised the ceiling from $350 bill and has even declared it his biggest mistake as PM. That's the story of note here not Xenathon's generosity. Xenophon wants real cuts made and Defense being a place to start.
" But the blame really lies in the Senate. It now operates as a barrier to leadership and reform. The way it rewards saying "no" means any government will struggle to honor its electrion promises, making worse the cynicism voters have for our political system." Bolt
What Bolt fails to remind us of  is it all started with Tony Abbott Mr Nope Nope Nope and the hostile Senate. Despite that Julia Gillard negotiated 100 more bills passed than Abbott who during his time was incapable of passing wind.

 James Chessell on Muck Rack

 Does anyone else find it strange just the degree of attention Bolt gives the ABC, SMH and The Age. They certainly don't give him the same attention. Janet Albrechetsen admits he favorite mornings are wandering around her house in the mornings listening to the ABC's RN. It's as if without the media Bolt loves to hate he'd be out of work. Andrew Bolt is meant to be a professional and as one he's never won peer respect at best commercial respect and at worst been found guilty in our courts of being a liar. Those people who he lied about had the option to sue and they didn't because they stood so much taller than him.
 Bolt who claims no editors have control over what he writes doesn't seem to make that claim for anybody else. A new editor has been appointed at Fairfax someone it seems he'd choke if he said he liked however he comes from the Australian Financial Review and tends to deal in issues foreign to Andrew Bolt. Issues far closer to reality than Bolt ever deals with. Economics and the material world is what Bolt avoids because they tend to be real politics. Basically Bolt doesn't know who he is. 
 The 59th GRAMMY Awards - Roaming Show

Lady Gaga sings with Trump defender

Lady Gaga is hysterical in attacking Donald Trump. Little does she know that the man singing a duet with her at the Grammys, Metallica’s James Hetfield, says he perfectly understands why voters chose Trump and his haters should chill.  

Bolt treats the Arts as traditionalists once did in Dicken's times  on the same level as whores and prostitutes. It's one of the reasons we the public shouldn't be sponsoring them. Remember how chuffed he was when Brandis was made keeper of the arts purse and how wounded he was when it was taken away from him. The arts for Bolt was one step closer to satan and it's another thing he has  in common with ISIS. It's basically why he admits to being a poor joke teller and needs to ride on the backs of others for a laugh. "I've never listened to Metallica. Now I feel I should."Bolt Funny he's not listening now either "
“I can only say that Donald Trump as the American president won’t change my life. Not even a bit,” he said." Hetfield  He isn't trying to convert anybody but he's very aware of the power of his voice. The man is clearly saying he's sitting on the fence and Bolt has dragged him right simply because neutrality is a shameful right wing position. To say Hetfield is right of Gaga says nothing. But to say Hetfield is therefore a conservative Trump supporter is desperate and Bolt is clutching trying to be  cool but just a tryhard.

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Killing ourselves with stupidity

Australia today: "Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison will hold urgent talks this morning with a delegation of business leaders warning that companies are starting to shed jobs due to the South Australian energy crisis and crippling company tax." We're being held back by nothing more than plain stupidity - perfectly described by Nick Cater.

  Paywall   And it's written by none other than Menzie's Research Center's Nick Cater. Firstly there is no evidence about jobs being shed because of the  "S.A Energy Crisis" that's merely spin formatted as fake news.  Secondly there is evidence however AEMO acted with a conflict of interest and refused supply. That's not fake news. Nick Cater well he's doing what he's paid to do lobby in an ultra conservative manner for the fossil fuel industry. "When governments are capable of errors of judgment on this scale it’s little wonder the public has grown weary of experts. We should not be surprised at this distrust of politicians who outsource vital decisions to mediocrities and act on sentiment rather than evidence." Cater 
Nick Cater in a single breathe is attacking everyone he's calling science a religion that experts are little more than shamans. What he isn't addressing is why all this is being done in the first place Climate Change. Cater is like the stable boy who laughed when he saw a car being pushed. He was the the first to cackle when the Wright Bro's plane just made it to the end of the field.



ABC host shouts at Lambie about her peaceful faith

 Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied has been promoted by the ABC as the acceptable face of Islam and given her own TV program. I am not sure that her style of arguing with Senator Jacqui Lambie - herself not a pleasant debater - does her or her faith any favors. 
  Here's Bolt having threatened to walk off the Night with Miranda Devine show telling two more women what the rules of debating are or is that the laws of debating. He's an advocate of not so free speech it would seem. Does Bolt know what Sharia is does he even begin to equate it with Cannon Law. Aren't we a Secular  Nation? Canon law is the body of laws and regulations made by ecclesiastical authority (Church leadership), for the government of a Christian organization or church and its members. It is the internal ecclesiastical law, or operational policy, governing the Catholic Church (both the Latin Church and the Eastern Catholic Churches), the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches, and the individual national churches within the Anglican Communion.[1] The way that such church law is legislated, interpreted and at times adjudicated varies widely among these three bodies of churches. In all three traditions, a canon was originally a rule adopted by a church council; these canons formed the foundation of canon law.
Judaism has it laws as do Indigenous Australians but somehow Lambie and Bolt take umbrage at that and infact it's as if he and Lambie see the need for making Australia a non secular Christian State.
As for women Magied failed to show just how many more Muslim women there were who lead Islamic states . Lambie and Bolt fail to even begin to understand the difference between Culture and religion. Her frustration is completely justified in the face of ignorance. Tunisia under Islamic rule has had legalized abortion since the 70s has equal pay  and other rights for women that Australia still doesn't today. Tunisians know more about the West than Bolt knows about their culture. Dumb is ignorant and is no invitation to a discussion or a debate.



Labor broke Hazelwood. Now it should own it to keep on our lights

Victoria's mad global warming policies have helped to drive its huge coal-fire Hazelwood generator out of business. Terry McCrann says the Labor Government now must own what it broke and run the generator itself to save the state from blackouts.
  Running Hazelwood out of business is recognition that the future of Fossil Fuels for the production of energy for the past 100 years is backward a system as as Cob and Co was once for transportation. The argument for the transition to other forms was a positive step and not a backward one.  The move to reduce reliance on tobacco as a state revenue source was also a progressive choice not a retrograde one. All we are seeing is not arguments regarding transition but arguments amplified for the purpose preventing change altogether. Not having an integrated national energy policy isn't and argument about change at all. It's a distraction that's about as necessary as arguing that Australians don't need to do something about obesity. The states and the commonwealth should be running our energy system as they should be running our health and education systems which are currently not being ru for us all.
Reverse Racism hasn't just been just a thought for Bolt it's been an excuse put forward by those resisting change generally. Reverse victimization simply doesn't exist as doesn't reverse sexism.  Bolt  simply focuses on abuse and anger and declares it racist. In fact he avoids any acknowledgement of why socially institutionally and culturally racism does exist due to the social history and the patterns of power that developed over time throughout a nation in this case Canada. Bolt avoids history and context when it comes to analyzing social realities. He actually believes in the myth of the individual and meritocracy the basis on our social existence today. He dispels anger ans simply the result of an improper upbringing that it's dangerous simply because it questions the validity of his social position as earned.

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