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Andrew Bolt's Blog,3/2/17; Bolt hated Trump he was berated by some followers so he jumped the gutter when Trump won; Bolt is an advocate of State Sponsored violence which is significantly differen from protest; Bolt phoenixes local news for a global justification his logic and his use of stats is incomprehensible;

 Trump's anger with Turnbull's trick predictable from day one

Why does Turnbull's team make their Trump-hate so public?

Goodness, but doesn't Malcolm Turnbull's heat-tweeting son-in-law despise Donald Trump? So does one of Turnbull's staffers, caught posting a "Tuck Frump" insult. Could it be that they reflect the not-so-private contempt their boss has for the US president - a contempt Trump may have detected and reacted against?

Lest we forget  Andrew Bolt's opinion of Donald Trump. An opinion we all understood but his reversal remains unexplained. Other than by  falling in line with Murdoch media's corporate and global PR program to boost the Donald. As Piers Morgan said "It's a Job"
"The question now isn’t whether Donald Trump is just a moron or an outright menace who could blow up the world. 
The question is why a braggart, buffoon, liar, narcissist and sexist with almost no political principles came so close to becoming president of the world’s greatest power."
Andrew Bolt was lambasted by his followers for following the hate -Trump parade.  Whose the follower here ?Bolt without explanation has never apologized or said sorry he simply did a 180 degree turn like a flag in a wind storm he changed. He's now Trump! Bolt  never apologizes either and in a piss weak way  says  things for effect only. Watch his banners. Apparently Bolt finds that sort inscincere behavior very Presidential even admirable.
 Does Andrew  behave like Trump yes he doesn't support any principles only a side. Now that's group think. Trump is much the same. It's why Republicans hate him simply because he seems two faced and dangerous and they don't know whose side he's on. However  Trump is easily derided. However Bolt is  a tool a Murdoch and Corporate  Lackey he answers to a higher being and that's dangerous. What Trump does comes naturally to him and we are familiar with him from his reality TV shows and used car salesmen we have met. But Bolt isn't  he's manufactured ,practiced   methodologically constructed. There's no sincerity he's been bought. It's why he's difficult to believe and why he seems such a marionette alive. His blogs show much more of him because the tenor of his rants aren't as polite. He was designed to be the voice behind the curtain.

Trump's anger with Turnbull's trick predictable from day one

November 8: Donald Trump is elected president, promising to crack down on refugees from Muslim countries. November 13: Malcolm Turnbull rushes out a deal with outgoing president Barack Obama to take our boat people. November 17: I ask our immigration minister if he really thinks they'll get away with this. 
  Bolt would like us to believe it's been a political trick all along he's mocked the deal since before Xmas declaring it would be a failure. However if it's approved  I've said  all you will hear from Bolt is the sound of silence. As Bolt regularly does  he  crows when he wins and slinks when he dosen't. If Trump rejects the deal he will boast. 
Did you notice how silent Bolt was when he heard  Sean Spicer say the deal was on? There was literally 2 days of silence on Bolt's part. He only began ranting again when it became uncertain and as long as it gave him an opportunity to  disparage Turnbull. He seemed to need to and urgently because Tony Abbott's Aboriginal funding blunder was being revealed. He is about to take a shellacking for how he stuffed up the funding changes for Indigenous projects. Turnbull's Immigration deal has become a distraction a deflection.Abbott government bungled Indigenous funding overhaul, major report finds – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


 Image result for Images of leftist journalists

Leftist journalists urge assassination, assault and smashing stuff

The Left has become increasingly violent, and now even journalists of the Guardian, The Times and Crikey say violence or property damage is now forgivable in smashing conservatives and Trump supporters. This is becoming very dangerous.
Neo-fascists rise  Bolt   Again what we see is the redefinition of the term Fascism for the sake of a narrative a school boy debate. Once redefined you can say anything you want and Bolt does. He dramatizes to create an affect fear. Fear to promote restriction limitation and legitimize government sponsored violence. Bolt denies that with a simple clause at the end of his rant  "Of course, we're a million miles from that, but every journey to hell starts with steps in the wrong direction. And right now, the Left is on that deadly path. Beware, we now have journalists falling in love with violence and a lot of people could get hurt." Bolt
Andrew doesn't  mention the worldwide demonstrations held against Vietnam. The illegal invasion of Iraq and the wholesale bombing of Laos. He's as silent as Australia was when 1 million Indonesians were butchered in the 60s.  The organized movements against Apartheid, the protests in America against segregation by Martin Luther King are all overlooked.The real danger weren't protestors it was the out break of government sponsored violence as occurred at Kent State when the National Guard killed demonstrating students. Criminal actions by governments reap what they sow history and change can be written in terms of those events
Bolt is such a hypocrite when Israeli religious and political leaders declare Palestinian children should be killed like rats he stays silent. He doesn't mention his role model Sean Hannity at Fox News does he who announced " that he would be waterboarded for charity. Hannity has never followed through. He also slammed a football into his desk, screaming “imagine this is Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's head. Dunk it in water so we can save American lives."25 More Things To Know About Sean Hannity
  Bolt says "sure I'd kill a Hitler" but  heritage indicates the opposite. He originates from the notorious  Dutch  town of Aalesmeer which in  history tells a story of worshiping Hitler. The town supported Hitler and was noted as the most anti-Simitic town in the Netherlands.  So listening to Bolt it was no surprise he supported the right of the ABF to stop people on the street of Melbourne for ID checks. Bolt promoted the right of increased  surveillance of Australian citizens and the further militarizing of Abbott's new ABF. One wonders why he now feigns surprise that some people journalists or commentators take umbrage at that.
 The wars we see today in the Middle East are a consequence of  the long time plans to assist Israel in the destruction of the Secular Muslim States that were developing across the Middle East and Africa. States that benefited women, health and education of Arabs none of which Israel wanted to see particularly the growth of armies. They prefered to deal with warring tribes than the fear of united Arabic States. Violence and terror take on a distinctly different meaning to protest when you put Bush Blair and Howard' actions together and the lies about WMDs that justified the invasion of Iraq that resulted in the death of a million Iraqi's
 Child rapists cry "Allahu akbar"
Bolt reposts his old fake news stories that there are areas in the UK and the EU controled by Muslims where Christians fear to go. It was found to be fake news  then  and it remains so today." Blame those who did what they did, not those who are brave and just enough to expose them. I will always fight for the rights of minorities. But I will not defend the indefensible." Only a small minority of Asian men are hunting and hurting white girls. Grooming gangs are made up of all races and classes. " So yes Bolt state the obvious crime does exist in a multicultural society and surprise it tends to be multicultural. Only bigots like Bolt tend to highlight and amplify it when it's Muslim, and or Ethnic. news Corp even tried to convince the public In the US that the shootings in the Quebec Mosque were done by a Muslim. Andrew Bolt hunts the world for events like this why? To distract us from the statistical truths. That no terrorist act was ever committed by Trumps banned Muslims in the USA in 40 years. That Trump's special forces order to the Yemen killed women and children while they were sleeping. Which is the most significant news> That which is a local event or facts that have greater relevance to world affairs? 
 Bolt does the same  here when he concentrates on African crime he can't call it Muslim because it's not. However what he ignores is the statistic that youth crime is 5% lower but individuals are charged with multiple charges such as an 11 year old  who is now 13 and has 77 charges of car theft against him. Bolt in his narrative would suggest it was a case of 77 refugees comitting these crimes. Bolt has access to this information but he has a specific approach as to how he uses it.

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