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Andrew Bolt's Blog,3/2/17; Government by a Corporation; Bolt would love to see another Kent State University; Saddiq Khan Bolt's excuse; Anti University rant from a reject;

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We did have an equivalent though Abbott couldn't be controlled by his PMO Trump can't be controlled by his State Department. Abbott's troops were sent and did bomb women and children. Trump sent special forces to Yemen and killed women and children where they slept. Both declared the missions a success. Abbott stuffed up the Aboriginal Affairs funding,  NBN  and Science in Australia as we know it. Trump stuffed the EPA and other departments. Both hav a habit of putting their foot in their mouths and need extreme assistance from the media to protect them. We had a Trump and got rid of him or at least his party did.

We can never get a Trump

Barrister Louise Clegg, writing for the Centre for Independent Studies, explains why Australia can't get it's own Donald Trump. Our political system won't allow such  a revolutionary - which means it's either too safe or too immune to reform. You decide.
 I'm not a professional commentator yet I write more than Andrew Bolt does. Cutting and pasting other peoples work isn't a difficult task when all you need to do is ask "what do you think?". Bolt's link and reference is to a very opaque body titled the CIS. Investigations indicate it's an ultra conservative body.The Centre favours a "free enterprise" economy and a free society under limited government.  As classical conservatives members are often critical of government intervention in the economy and personal life. The CIS is funded by private sector donations from individuals, companies and charitable trusts. However it does not disclose the names of donors, and in 2016 received a rating of 'highly opaque', and zero out of five stars, in a survey by Transparify.[5] CIS scholars are often in conflict with other think tanks and welfare bodies, particularly those it considered centrist and left-wing, such as the Per Capita, The Australia Institute, the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, the Society of St Vincent de Paul, The Smith Family, and the Australian Council of Social Service


Trump calls Turnbull's dumb bluff

MALCOLM Turnbull thought he could con Donald Trump into taking 1250 of our boat people. Huge mistake. Turnbull's humiliation was likely from the moment he announced he'd signed this  boat people deal with Barack Obama, just five days after  Trump was elected  president on a promise to stop such nonsense. 

 Bolt actually uses the Trump's word "dumb" and changes it from plan to Malcolm's "bluff". Even Trump didn't refer the Obamah/Turnbull agreement as a bluff. Andrew Bolt in his usual capacity  as a News Corp commentator simply distorts and twists what the Trump administration actually announced and what the Washington Post Reported  was said.That Trump the business man practised not in diplomacy was doing. He was at a loss. Concerned  that he might lose some personal face Trump he was prepared to back out of a deal he had said yes to and scrap a relationship between 2 countries of 70 years standing.
As I asked how was Andrew Bolt going to twist this fact so as not to apologize for being wrong for the past 3 months and how was he going to use it against Turnbull. Well we see how. Andrew Bolt is prepared to not only take the lone position an isolated position of saying Trump was far too bright and far too smart to allow Turnbull the cunning , treacherous and devious Australian leader to bluff him. Bolt has out done himself this is I'd suggest the biggest distortion and deflection of his career, His largest lie in fact.

 One can only asks how has the media been allowed to come to this Bolt's  lowest level of incompetence and how has Bolt been allowed to get away with it? The answer simply lies in the fact that Rupert Murdoch owns Andrew Bolt, Hannity and others like him and for the sake of his business model wants to control the political narrative. However one can only hope that the real journalists in Murdoch's organization stand up Wall Street Journal Reporters Concerned About Paper’s Softer Trump Coverage
Bolt goes beyond softer coverage of Trump to his single minded destruction of Turnbull with little or no care for Australia. As Mussolini  defined the religion of Fascism  Bolt shows it's truth. It's the marriage of Government and Corporations. However it's moved beyond that when Murdoch actually sees it as Government by a Corporation.

Wall Street Journal staffers are increasingly concerned that the paper’s coverage of President Donald Trump is not critical enough and too willing to defend his actions rather than serve a watchdog role. In interviews with Media Matters, Journal reporters say that there has been pressure “to reflect pro-Trump viewpoints” in articles&



Trump calls Turnbull's dumb bluff

MALCOLM Turnbull thought he could con Donald Trump into taking 1250 of our boat people. Huge mistake. Turnbull's humiliation was likely from the moment he announced he'd signed this  boat people deal with Barack Obama, just five days after  Trump was elected  president on a promise to stop such nonsense.


Violent Left now stops Milo speech, Guardian cheers violence

The Left is becoming dangerously  and unapologetically violent. The Guardian has even published a video essay condoning violence against Trump supporters. And now a neo-fascist Leftist mob has rampaged at a Californian university, stopping Trump supporter and gay cult hero Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking.

Column 3 Feb" Damn them. Don't let these Leftist terrorists succeed. Give Milo this hearing - filmed while his venue was under attack:"Bolt  Why?  Because they have become fascists says Andrew Bolt. I guess he'd have said the same against those that marched against the Vietnam war they according to him were the fascists of their day. The twisting and distorting of the meaning of words is what debaters do in a moot a meaningless exercise in point scoring conducted in law schools for practical exercises and no relevance to social reality. The left is an ideology quite the opposite of what Bolt is calling them "fascists". There is no unity of government and business on the Berkley Campus. There is a danger though. The danger is Trump sending in the National guard and allowing a repeat of Kent State University to occur. The shooting of student demonstrators in the name of law and order. Has there been a student protest as large as this on an American campus in the past 40 years? 
Andrew Bolt sees universities as nests of left leaning fascists a jumble of meaningless insults. It wasn't just a bundle of meaningless insults when Hitler called in his troops to burn the books. The ignorance of Bolt  goes further when he claims all this is in Protest of his favorite right wing  comedian Milo who?  "Two hours before far-right Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos was to give a speech at the student union, protesters tossed metal barricades and rocks through the building's windows and set a light generator on fire near the entrance, footage from news outlets showed." It seems Breitbart not just Milo is the issue and Breitbart is noted as the number one fake news outlet in the country. The news outlet most preferred by Trump. There is more than a touch of resistense to Goebbels here.

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Yet again Bolt deflects and distorts reality the reality of the 1 million +++ signatories collected to demand  the cancellation of Trumps State visit.  It's not just one Muslim as Bolt makes out but at the moment over a million people . Further the so called ban by the countries that ban Israelis not just Jews which is not just a distortion, a loose fact,  a lie, an alternative fact put out by Bolt but bullshit  put out by a con merchant a hckster with the full knowledge that what he is saying isn't true and he doesn't care as truth isn't his business.
Rita Panahi and Irani by birth also knows this but stands shoulder to shoulder with Bolt in what is otherwise bullshit. "However, dignitaries from 11 of the 16 countries who permanently block travel by Israeli passport holders " Panahi The fact is all people on this planet with an Israeli stamp in their passports not just Israelis are banned. It's universal and not as specific a Panahi makes out. So many government sponsored terrorist acts have been committed by Israel that they have been banned. She of all people should no better.
"Here's proof that the Left runs our universities and demands groupthink - and has a disrespect not just for political differences but for the facts"Bolt
Well I for one am glad Andrew Bolt is a self admitted non group thinker. He's admitted he's not part of any community, group or nation not even interested in that group think concept that we adhere to in this country we call a Democracy. I for one have always seen him in simpler terms as a racist, a hater of all our institutions a non intellectual a Dorian Gray if you like.  A polite and well polished turd whose ugly as sin on the inside. 
 Bolt's hypocrisy is a beacon a total contradiction to what it is he claims to represent This statement "The recent Executive Order by US President Donald Trump, which restricts citizens of various countries from entering the United States, threatens to impede our ability to support the diversity we champion." Professor  Gardner isn't Bolt The self proclaimed individualist is the Elephant man and cries "I'm a human" when  labelled and categorized himself but freely feels he has the right to label classify and categorize everyone else and he does without fear or favor. Yet he sees no cotradiction in being paid for and bought to do News Corp's bent.
" How many of Monash's most talented staff and students actually fall into that category?" asks Bolt excusing the complaints of Australian universities.
Bolt hasn't a care for any principle here when he says  it's just a few so what!  Would  he he'd justify the return of public executions on this basis  of  "it's just a few numbers" so what? What a ridiculous argument he makes 'How many are effected". 
 There has been no recorded terrorist attack by the 7 banned countries Bolt refers to in 40 years So no Americans have been effected none here either. Yet it's been deemed necessary on the basis of  " you might be effected". Whereas attacks such as 9/11 were carried out  by our allies the Saudis and they are deemed ok.
The notion of "might" runs the gamit of Bolt's post" I suspect now that academics who see no problem with Trump improving the US security will feel inhibited from saying so at their "inclusive" universities now that their bosses have laid down the official line."Bolt  
 Bolt's argument of might is divorced from any reality based decisions and it's foundation only  narrative. The sole substance which reduces Trump's Executive Order and Andrew Bolt's support to LA LA Land but then  that's not uncommon for Bolt.  In fact he has a frenetic attempt  to justify Trumps bans by saying like various other but totally disconnected cases and  yes his energy is Cloud Cuckoo Land.
Bolt  has hated universities and Academia with a personal vengeance since he failed first year all those years ago. If he went back and handed his columns and essays in as his work today that failure would only be be reaffirmed.

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