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Andrew Bolt's Blog,6/2/17; Steering away from Australian relevant news; Bolt collecting evidence for a conclusion already drawn it's termed "confirmation bias"; 2 stories same method that's rationality is seen only in terms of the bigotry but that's Bolt; Promises Bolt's been making for years; Vigilante corner be warned; Bolt's joined the fruit cake;

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On my shows tonight: Bernardi quits Liberals, Turnbull now doomed

 Will he ask Bernardi if Abbott leaked a private conversation to The Australian? Is that why he called Cory for a chat? I doubt it!
 How current is Bolt he's not if he needs to talk to the Queen's Chaplin on a dead issue of gay hatred and Islamophobia I wonder if Bolt will raise both issues. One he won't raise in fact is current and that's the extent of child abuse in the Catholic church in the 60s and 70s. When over 25% of the teaching Marists, Salesians and  44% of St John of God were accused of child molestation over 4,500 cases were reported since 1980. Bolt finds today's news too daunting it seems and he prefers a distraction a deflection from something more relevant to Australia why? He's supposed to be a media man isn't he, finger on the pulse and all of that? He's certainly a man with a grip on something but it's not the news. He sort of a naked Bunyip censoring  and  steering away from some very major issues. His silence is beyond shame.

 Will he be asking Cory Bernardi "when was Australia great?' or is that just some Americana he picked up at the UN. Will Bernardi be wearing a red baseball cap and will he be original? I don't watch  because Bolt's as boring as batshit and not as natural.
UPDATE  1,400,000 hits of coke where seized today $380 million dollars worth. Private school kids, lawyers journalists and  upper class Australians along with their children will be disappointed. How close do we think Andrew  his circle of friends are to this disappointment? After all it's the drug of preference of Australia's Galleries, Music and Antiques scenes which Andrew tells us he's very close to. No Africans involved in that crime just a lot of $$$

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Turnbull crashes, Hanson soars. Liberals too Left

The message is unmistakable and spells the end for Malcolm Turnbull: the Turnbull Government crashes to a record low in Newspoll with virtually all its losses going to the Right, particularly One Nation. Just as predicted from the day Turnbull seized power with the media's help.

 Coming back from the summer break the major news has been Trump so it's not unexpected the government starts 2017 on the back foot. It's not surprising that Andrew Bolt takes time to crow about what he calls his achievements. The thing is when Abbott was kicked did you hear Bolt predicting the rise of Pauline H no not a peep. Has Abbott risen in the polls a preferred PM not in the least. Has Bolt benefited Abbott by  his ultra Conservative hate of Turnbull again not in the least. What the polls do show if another election were held Labor would be in power left to clean up the coalitions economic mess started by Abbott some 4 years ago. The economy has always been the primary requirement for any government. Yet the conservatives like Bolt continue to focus on divisive sideshows to fragment lest the electorate unites to the reality that the rich have been getting richer and the poor poorer that the middle class savings have been eroded in the struggle to make ends meet. wages aren't just flat their falling. Corporations have been found to be using Liberal laws and regulations to criminally underpay workers, under employ workers and have unemployment still over 5%. It's that reality put into motion by Abbott's government that Bolt is now happy about saying he told you so. Simply things weren't going to get better. When the polls bounce back wait for the silence.
Why is it that Bolt loves News Poll the Poll exclusive to The Australian. His preferred Poll in the US is Rasmussen the noted most conservative Poll. Isn't that just an excercise in looking for grapes in a vineyard and seeming surprised?
Turnbull crashes, Hanson soars. Liberals too Left

Imam accused of marrying off 14-year-old girl

Another child wedding: "A girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a 34-year-old man she was forced to marry was just 14 at the time, a Melbourne court has heard. Mohammad Shakir, 34, is accused of having sex with the girl between September 30 and October 1, 2016, following their wedding, which was conducted by  former imam Ibrahim Omerdic."
  Child molestation and marriage is not exclusive to the Muslim faith as Bolt tries to make out. I'm sure a search of criminal records would bear me out. However I don't have the facilities that Bolt has available to me. In a multicultural society crime tends to be multicultural. In a multi faith based society crime will be found to be committed by persons of a variety of faiths. Andrew Bolt 's bias is that he merely focuses on one. He has a conclusion he wishes to arrive at and finds only that evidence that will support it. It's neither logical scientific or even rational. On all counts Bolt is an anti-Muslim  ultra right wing white supremacist the likes of  Steve Bannon.  
Andrew Bolt suffers from "what is called “confirmation bias.” This is the entirely human tendency to seek evidence that supports what you already believe or theorize and to skip over or rationalize away evidence that contradicts your thesis." The fact that approx 25% of  Marists , Salesians and brothers from Christian organizations like John of God were found to be child molesters and the practice of molestation was rife  during the 60s and 70s. That it was covered up by the Church elders in order to protect the church escapes Andrew Bolt entirely. That no such evidence on such a scale can be produced on Islam is why his post and the one below are examples of "confirmation bias" and Bolt's arguments are riddled with it.
Bolt is Trump by that I mean " when a candidate for public office would say things that are demonstrably false, where you can roll a tape of him saying one thing, like that China made up global warming, and he still denies having said it. That isn’t the typical politician, shading the truth.”
Lying so brazenly directly in the face of evident contradiction, lying with no apparent shame in being caught out lying — that is new. It also marks a slippery slope." When Andrew Bolt ignores it when it's raised deflects and distorts it well then that's PR and neither commentary or opinion. “These are the hallmarks of authoritarianism: I will tell you things that are not true, and the mere fact that I can tell you them shows that I control information.” . This is the basis of his argument for "free speech" The capitalist need  to control and own it as another product for sale. so because only 10% of people are generally the audience that will swing an election that battle is for the space  the space to be heard. It's why Murdoch's need to control as much private media space as possible and reduce the size of that public space the ABC holds. Who at the ABC or any other forum controls as much space as Andrew Bolt all for the hope of catching non partisan minnows among the 10%  using "confirmation bias" and disposing of independent verification.
The argument above about Muslims is the same as Bolt's approach to Africans and Pacific Islanders. Bolt's got his conclusion and he's squeezing evidence to feed it.  However here  the question of faith is ignored as most of these kids tend to be Christians. So Bolt ignores their faith altogether.  When speaking of Muslims he ignores their Nationality so he can treat them as if they are all alike.  When you actually take into account the number of cases he's refered to over the past 3years you find the numbers aren't that significant in the total picture of crime enabling him make the generalizations he makes. 
The collection is made  to drive a supremacists  conclusion he drew well in advance of the facts. That conclusion is  biased, bigoted and amplified.  When all the facts are taken into account he tends to be wrong and the research right. However there's also proof of Bolt's bias in his  ommitance  of facts "Witnesses have told police the gatecrashers were African youths, although African youths also attended the house party." What's omitted is in fact witnesses said the gang was a mixture of what seemed to be African's and Asians.  However that's no good so he looks for  statements that in fact ignores this and  I can assure you is not a coincidence. Neither is the fact gate crashers  violence at parties is a common event in Melbourne but only the ones where  some Africans are alleged to be involved  take up Bolt's attention and he amplifies it. If proven right he gets even louder if wrong he shuts up and just turns to silence. Yes it's what bigots do his job is to put ideas into the public's mind and truth is inconsequential.

This is your brain on fake news: what’s behind the human willingness to swallow “alternative facts” –

"Have you heard that Obama has used anywhere from four to 75 different Social Security numbers? Those white streaks that hang in the sky, in the wake of airplanes? Those are chemicals that the government releases into the air to brainwash us. And the turnout for Trump’s inauguration? The biggest EVER — and definitely the best ever. And Richard Gere has a thing for gerbils.
If you believe all this, then I’ve got a Nigerian prince who needs saving, shares in a silver mine in Yerachumpistan to sell you, and proof that Hillary Clinton is actually a grown-up Damien from “The Omen” after a secret sex-change operation performed by a Mexican Muslim gun control activist."
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Turnbull's nightmare: Bernardi to quit Liberals

Turnbull's nightmare: Bernardi to quit Liberals

MALCOLM Turnbull’s nightmare start to his make-or-break year is about to get a whole lot worse. The Prime Minister now faces a split in the Liberal Party as early as this week. The high-profile Senator Cory Bernardi is almost certain to quit the Liberals and start his own conservative party.
 So Andrew Bolt reads the Age to get his news. How many years has Bolt foretold of this split. He once bragged he could start a conservative party and win. It's exhausting isn't it to watch this punter putting everything on black all these years and losing and then shutting up about his loss. Predicting again as if this was the first time. It's Bolt who has been trying to hit the barn walls with a shot gun while locked inside and continually missing. Abbott won't jump will he he's loyal is the next we will hear from Bolt.
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Bernardi to quit tomorrow

  Bolt is such an egoist he's making a prediction "his" prediction he owns it and it's not a leak. Having already today written his thoughts on Bernardi he can't make this an UPDATE because an update would appear as if a little bird had whispered in his ear. This like the Steve Price Show has to be his own. That very effort makes it seem Bolt has been given the word. No matter what if a split happens we will see Bolt up front center stage claiming it for himself. If it doesn't happen  you can play "the sound of silence" This is as usual all about Andrew Bolt little more than an opportunity to say "I","I","I".
Jihadists make fools of Trump critics

Jihadists make fools of Trump critics

THE foreign leaders damning Donald Trump for temporarily banning visitors from seven jihad-prone countries are being made to look stupid by jihadists. Take French socialist President Francois Hollande and the Egyptian jihadist at the Louvre. Or Bill Shorten, for that matter.
  Bolt is doing what Bolt does best he looks for a grain of rice and calls it a meal. Yes a Jihadi attacked France with a knife. Meanwhile back in Trumpland Texan Trumpster burnt down a Mosqus and rather than a thunder clap of applause one heard Muslims Jews and Christians unite over Trumps divisive bans. Now that was noise covered up unfortunately by the clarion call to war of Fox News and the other ultra right head bangers who would prefer to blame the Mosque for being there.
'You should kick their ass!... I’m a professor. God f***ing damn it'

'You should kick their ass!... I’m a professor. God f***ing damn it'

Fascists against free speech now run riot at American universities. Comic Gavin McInnes,  co-founder of Vice Media, tried last Thursday to give a  speech at New York University and was maced and shut down  by the Left. Most amazing was  foul-mouthed   adjunct professor Rebecca Goyette, screaming at police to bash him. The transcript is astonishing.

As predicted who does Bolt turn to in moments like this  when students protest.  Powerline, Breitbart, Panahi from his own team and ultra conservative  Steve Sailor who has said " What you won’t hear, except from me, is that "Let the good times roll" is an especially risky message for African-Americans. The plain fact is that they tend to possess poorer native judgment than members of better-educated groups. Thus they need stricter moral guidance from society"

 Even conservatives think " Sailer's statement "shockingly racist and paternalistic" as well as "disgusting" No doubt Bolt supports Dan as well

Michigan GOP Official Calls For 'Another Kent State' For Campus Protesters

"One bullet stops a lot of thuggery," tweets Dan Adamini in the wake of Berkeley demonstration against Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos.

Dan Adamini Kent State

Imagine what Bolt would have done in the days of the Vietnam and Apartheid demonstrations in Melbourne. You get the sense of what he thinks ought happen when American blacks are shot and suprmecist terror reigns. All Bolt can say " it's to be expected and the authorities aren't doing their job "The ultra right comment of "what do you expect we didn't start this" Protest is anger understood terror is prevention without listening.


Climategate 2: Heating data exaggerated by NOAA

Climategate 2: Heating data exaggerated by NOAA

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Another Climategate? Now a whistleblower says the world’s leading source of climate data  exaggerated global warming to influence the historic Paris Agreement on climate change. The NOAA allegedly fiddled data to falsely claim there was no ‘pause’ or ‘slowdown’ in global warming since 1998.
  Here we have Andrew Bolt being Malcolm Roberts  pretending to be a scientist when he's not. Get the news out there truth has no place in lobbying NASA and NOAA are conspirators in false information the 97% of consensus among scientists is a lie say it often enough and a part of the message may stick. keep telling people pigs can fly and capture the narrative and some will believe you Orsen Welles proved that on radio.  Trump backe bu the Fossil Fuel Industries billions will simply close the EPA and pass laws that Science can't publish any of it's results on Climate. Why would that be? How is it Bolt the advocate of "free speech" isn't up in arms. "There is too much money and pride invested in the global warming scare for us to trust the institutions promoting it. But the dud predictions alone should warn you that many of the "experts" are guilty of gross exaggerations, to say the very least." Bolt Scientist's use their their resources in investigation. Deniers use their huge reserves on media. That's the rub for News Corp that's a guaranteed income. Yes Bolt is Malcolm Roberts anti- climate change crusader and well known fruit cake. NASA and NOAA are more corrupt than the FSB.

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Thai floods, Thai drought: blame warming for both

Blaming global warming for everything. 2015, drought in Thailand: "The country needs to understand that climate change is going to cause more crises..." 2017, floods in Thailand: "With the intensification of climate change effects, disasters are increasingly transboundary phenomena." 

  Flipping is what children do when arguing. "your a racist" " no you are for calling me one "
Without historical data or context  there is no rationality and Bolt proves the level he operates on when he says."The UN can't let any weather event go by without trying to flog its religion." Basically Bolt is saying as he always does that Science is no better than a religion. If that's what Science is Bolt prays to it uses it and thanks it on a daily basis. However when it's applies to climate he's like the pedophile priest who says it doesn't apply here. Basically it's the art of self delusion neither science or reasoned thinking or religion a well organized set of beliefs built on faith. It's whatever you can say on the day to seem a winner. However Bolt and his ilk are not very exceptional at any of this even though backed by billions of dollars to disprove Climate Science.
Teacher's anti-white rant: 'We need to start killing people'

Teacher's anti-white rant: 'We need to start killing people'

The Left has become the fascists they denounce, preaching racism and violence. The latest example is a teacher at a Black Lives Matter protest, abusing whites: "Give your f***ing money, your f***ing house, your f***ing property, we need it f***ing all. F*** white supremacy, f*** the US empire, Kill the white house."
How the Left Gosh KKK vigilante's did more than yell angry comments they strung people up. Very different when and official of the state advocates a bullet will fix the problem and Andrew Bolt says nothing to that. "One bullet stops a lot of thuggery," tweets Dan Adamini in the wake of Berkeley demonstration against Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos. GOP public official Dan Adamini. History dictates that there is no Reverse Racism just a conservative attempt to reverse the definition of it and that's called "flipping" it's what children do when arguing and trying to be smart

 Republican calls for ‘another Kent State’ to deal with campus protesters

Marquette County Republican Party secretary and former Chair Dan Adamini just called for “another Kent State” as a potential solution towards...

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