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Andrew Bolt's Bolg,28/2/17. News Corp doing the Mexican Wave; All Foul All Favor Bolt Framing the Narrative; The Bolt Report is Trumpland; Bolt the debator and the dictionary; Bolt's day of Manipulation Keysar Trad is the Story not The Catholic Church;

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On my shows - who will topple Turnbull? And covering up for Islam

On The Bolt Report on Sky at 7pm: The four candidates to replace Malcolm Turnbull. A warts-and-all checklist. Plus the Immigration Department head sneers at One Nation for asking about the links between Islam and terrorism - just hours before news of another disturbing  arrest. Plus Senator James Paterson on a government going weak on free speech.
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Bolt's carbon copy of Fox News  a nest of spitting vipers trusted by Donald Trump but mistrusted by 37% of the rest of the Nation. Research by NSW universities have shown only 10% of Australians accept Bolt's interpretation of Section18C and 75% support the laws protecting people from vilification. Andrew Bolt you represent the vilifying minority that's unrepresentative of Australia. 
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Turnbull blaming Abbott just makes it worse

Turnbull blaming Abott just makes it worse

There are three things  wrong with Malcolm Turnbull blaming Tony Abbott for his disastrous polls: "We saw an outburst on Thursday and it had its desired impact on the Newspoll." 1. It's false. 2. It looks weak. 3. The voters who dumped Turnbull will think he hasn't got the message. Oh, and 4: he hasn't. UPDATE: A rubbish excuse, says Terry McCrann.

Bolt can't even spell Tony's name and even his friends don't correct him some cabal he's a part of!!

It's not surprising Bolt, McCrann Markson cobbled together by Peter BH Bolt's troll in fact it's 'emblamatic'. It's strange that McCrann uses the same language as Bolt did in the past few days when referring to Laura Tingle but it's not surprising. He even has a go at Paul Kelly. McCrann's performance seems a mirror of Bolt and Bolt of course loves it I guess he has to however they both do what they accuse Tingle of doing ranting. McCrann is News Corps economic expert well we see none of his expertise these days do we. No Bolt calls in the News Corp opinionators en- mass to support him making News Corp appear what it in fact is one big group think. The same can't be said of the ABC or the SMH that's why they have won the prize for the least trusted news source in the country 
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Liberals announce new strategy: let's just lose

Abbott haters in the Turnbull Government have developed a cunning new plan: "Conservative Liberals angry at Tony Abbott's destabilisation say the government would be better off going down fighting at the next election rather than change leaders again." Better lose than change?  UPDATE: They're even deciding who will be Opposition leader.

Amazing the Greek chorus continues but it's rather the News Corp chorus blinded by the light so much Andrew Bolt can't even spell Abbott correctly in the above post. These are a nest of syncopated spitting vipers. Even when Abbott was being criticized it came from left right and center all the criticism here is from the one direction and it's orchestrated. Markson, Bolt and Latham is there anyone not part of the Bolt Report doing the viper equivalent to the Mexican wave? If the above two posts aren't seen as the purest examples of manufacturing and manipulating the facts by a single organization framing the news for little more than a PR exercise then Australia has lost as a Democracy. Bolt is it seems desperate and no longer hiding the fact the he's ABOTT's ( his spelling of his client's name) man and not a news man.


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Labor's fake poll on global warming

 Victoria's Government has used taxpayers' money to produce a rigged and meaningless poll: "A survey of Victorians has found 91 per cent believe humans contribute to climate change." But I also believe this. The real  issues are how much do humans contribute to any warming? Is the warming dangerous? Is the gain worth the pain of trying to "stop" it?
  Andrew Bolt is such a yo yo on the subject he redefines hi position on a daily basis. Today he's a scientist a sceptic in fact who believes humans contribute to global warming. However take note he leaves out the word global because then he'd be required to address the consensus among global sceptics or otherwise known as scientists and not just doubting Thomases like himself. On most days Bolt's actually calling global science a religion and he the true sceptic mind you his methods undeclared. Global Science doesn't and has never suggested it was the predictor of local events which Bolt falsely tends to conflate with the planet's Climate Change. However Bolt has taken to the word fake with the gusto of the Donald reducing it to the meaningless "I don't  agree therefore it must be fake" that's my argument because I'm a sceptic.  "an ancient or modern philosopher who denies the possibility of knowledge, or even rational belief, in some sphere." Dictionary . So basically Bolt is a sceptic because he doesn't believe in the fundamentals of Science as the best method we have for knowing the world in which we live. Remember he's said CO2 is not toxic that's why we need to exhale it......bright. Fake is Bolt's favorite word these days.
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Did Warren Beatty set up Faye Dunaway? Trump laughs

Did Warren Beatty set up Faye Dunaway? Trump laughs

Warren Beatty knew something was wrong with the envelope meant to contain the name of the winner of Best Picture at the Oscars. He searched for perhaps another card than the one that said "Best Actress". And then he gave it to the over-anxious Faye Dunaway to make a fool of herself by announcing the wrong winner. Donald Trump tweeted in glee.
 This isn't a light bulb going off in Bolt's head that's for sure. However he's grabbing some of the action. Beatty and Nicholson were Hollywoods practical jokers always happy to see a window of opportunity when it arrives. It did.


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Blowout in race law cases

The  Racial Discrimination Act - used even to sue students complaining against segregation - is now a playground for people making political points or wanting go-away money:  "The number of such cases ...  has leapt from 18 in the 12 months to last March to 71 ..., ­including nine “white males” claiming to have been racially discriminated against."
"The IPA policy director Simon ­Breheny last night said " So Bolt is amplifying the IPA the biggest and oldese Conservative think  tank in the country. This is a policy statement and attack on the HRC not a relaying of news. "Good on the Institute of Public Affairs". Given that Australians aren't into the sport of bullying and conservatives don't want to be seen as losers they are now begging for any or even the smallest change to occur so they can say "we won" This is the level of desperation arrived at "Good on the Institute of Public Affairs for fighting this law and helping to drag the Prime Minister into at least considering reforms to it, however tiny and inadequate:" Why does Bolt insist in attaching Abbott to this decision when Abbott hasn't revised his principles has he. I thought principles were the heart of politics the team before self and the principles before the team guess not in the case of Abbott and Bolt. It's all about self  and the principle of self. Blow out 18-71 tells us nothing just how many fake claims has their been and just how many rejections has there been? How many parties will take it to the courts is the real point here. Fake claims are easily found out.

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Turnbull blaming Abbott just makes it worse

There are three things very wrong with Malcolm Turnbull today blaming Tony Abbott for his disastrous polls: "We saw an outburst on Thursday and it had its desired impact on the Newspoll." 1. It's false. 2. It looks weak. 3. The voters who had dumped Turnbull will think he really hasn't got the message. Oh, and 4: he hasn't.

"The fact of life that's what happened" 

It did and it's happened repeatedly with Tony Abbott then rushing to declare his loyalty and Bolt rushing to put him on a pedestal it's an orchestrated opera just as the Bolt Report is. Bernardi, Credlin, & Christensen no foul no favor. It's Trumpland imported to Australia.

There is a Royal Commission into child abuse which has shown the extent of the Catholic Church's involvement throughout history. How children were brought to Australia only to be used and abused throughout time. Do we hear Bolt's denials no we don't. Is that history of use and abuse over more than 100 years on the record no it isn't. We however recognize that it occurred and Bolt doesn't deny it happened. However he denies it happened to Australia's Indigenous where is the logic when it's clearly happened to white children? Media manipulation framing the narrative is all that Bolt does all foul all favor.

George Christensen hints at One Nation defection?

Senator Cory Bernardi says Tony Abbott's plan to save the Liberals was exactly right, but he should consider joining Bernardi's Australian Conservatives now that Malcolm Turnbull has rejected it. Also on my show, rebel LNP George Christensen said it was "possible" he could switch to One Nation to save his seat.

  Nothing more nothing less a PAYWALL
Bolt calls himself a debater not a Liberal to be seen on the Tony Abbott show. Did you hear the roar and clapping from the in house audience. I didn't from this all favor all foul Australian alt right wing show. Bolt's style is to speculate his argument and push it as far as he can and in the last minute back track to say " I was wrong but I gotcha" 
" He said it twice before seeming to backtrack a little, saying he wouldn't "just up and change": Bolt.
 The only people Bolt quotes verbatim and let's us know they are the worlds truth tellers are ISIS. When ISIS claim events around the planet as theirs they are telling the truth despite what anybody else says. That folks is media manipulation the production of fake news live and you see it on the Bolt Report
 Senator Bernardi praised Mr Abbott for speaking out last week about his views on scrapping the RET, cutting immigration, scrapping the Human Rights Commission and reforming the Senate, describing his ideas as “absolutely spot on”. Bolt
1) Scrapping the RET  wasn't that the target created by Tony Abbott that made Greg Hunt famous? After he went from Climate Change denier  to Climate Change warrior with Direct Action?
2) Immigration actually increased under Tony Abbott.
3) Does Australia really want a license to bully or does Andrew Bolt. How urgent is bullying?
4) Remember Abbott's pre election lies No cuts to the ABC, No cuts to Health, No cut's to Education they all turned out tho be lies. He raised taxes and the debt ceiling to $500 bill and began spending. The deficit has now doubled. Abbott passed 100 bills less than Julia Gillard almost breaking John Gorton's record the man who didn't want to be PM. Both he and Julia had to face the same hostile Senate Abbott was Mr Nope Nope Nope unable to negotiate hidden away behind Credlin in his PMO uncontactable even to his own team so they dumped him. Name the times when Turnbull was publicly disloyal like Abbott is today.
Violent Left stalks Lord Mayor

Violent Left stalks Lord Mayor

Melbourne's violent Left has already shut down public meetings. Now: "Documents compiled by homelessness activists reveal an orchestrated campaign to stalk Lord Mayor Robert Doyle... Anarchists plan to litter city streets with rubbish and pursue Cr Doyle, who was forced to call police after beer-swigging protesters gathered outside his home."

Framing the Narrative by Andrew Bolt

The "violent" with the police "just looking on" Isn't this a contradiction in terms or is Bolt suggesting there is a conspiracy between the police and his violent Nazi left? Bolt talks of the good protestors of Melbourne the citizens of Reclaim Australia, the UPF who use the Australian flag as masks intimidated by the mob once again "while the police standby. The SECRET plan  no Dossier no less to disrupt the city. Notice Bolt has a photo of 2 people in violent hug

" As I said on The Bolt Report a couple of weeks ago, if the Left really want to confront the Nazis of our time they should start by taking a selfie." Bolt

Bolt even Redefines the word FASCISM to something that can't be found in any dictionary. If this isn't media manipulation there is no greater example of Gobellian press.


noun: fascism
  1. an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
    antonyms:democracy, liberalism

Liberals tell Abbott not to admit big secret: Liberals are losing

Liberals tell Abbott not to admit big secret: Liberals are losing

Liberal MPs are telling Tony Abbott that if he didn't admit the Liberals were losing they'd be winning. Mad denial: "Furious Liberal MPs have turned on Tony Abbott over the government’s dangerous slump in voter support, blaming him for a ­“destructive” and “divisive” move last week that has sparked fears of a spiral towards electoral defeat."
 Yes and the school bullies are laughing aren't they. This is a reflection of trying to fix the leaky boat with an axe. What on earth does this do for Australian politics and  Australian Media it shows Tony Abbott and his Media spokes person Andrew Bolt giving us the finger. It also shows just how desperate Abbott is because the clock is ticking and time is running out for return. It's now or never.

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How media Left ignored Muslim wife-beating story

Even the ABC's own Media Watch is (briefly) amazed that the ABC and other Left-wing media outlets - The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Guardian -  refused to report a top Muslim representative here confirming the Koran instructed men to beat their disobedient wives.
  Why is this story so important to Bolt? Why has he been all over it as if Keyser Trad were Mohamed himself? Because it's about Bolt and Bolt amplifies all media when and if he's mentioned to try to show just how important he is in his own lunch time. Keyser Trad is neither Donald Trump nor and Imam and if he were he's not the spokesman for all that is Islam. However what Bolt is patting himself on the back for is his racism. Since 9/11 when only 9% of Australians expressed any anti-Muslim sentiments Andrew Bolt has ensured that we now express a 30% bias against their religion. Bolt has managed to turn a diverse culture of 50 nations into a single belief system something he wouldn't and couldn't do to Christianity.  What's more he's done it for no other reason than politics and for Tony Abbott who saw ant-Islam as a political opportunity after Cronulla.
Bolt's distraction trying to turn the focus away from his obvious framing  and bias is to do a Trump and attack legitimate media sources for their realism
1) Ignoring  Bolt for beating up trivia
2) For not being ridiculous and twisting the story like Bolt to imply Domestic Violence is Muslim
3) Ignoring Bolt is biased
4) The most diverse media organization in the country is like News Corp a group think
5) That the Royal Commission into the Catholic Church is less important
6) That the Royal Commission revelations in the Guardian that Catholicism has done more harm  is  biased Keysar Trad is much much worse. 
To declaring all of this to be logical proof that:
" This is one more proof that the Left is so hostile to the faith that founded our society and our values that it protects its most fervent religious rival - a faith that actually threatens the very values the Left claims to hold sacred, from feminism to freedom of the individual."
Is it any wonder that a man capable of this logic got kicked out of university and turned to opinion rather than journalism for a living and has never left Murdoch or News Corp since. Bolt wouldn't have lasted no he didn't last on any of the other programs on which he was a guest because his stupidity was simply too obvious. The above photos shows what media framing is and what Bolt does for a living.

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